5 Top London Trends of 2017

  1. The perfect tonic: gin!

Fans of Juniper berries rejoice because this year gin is most definitely back. Blended in cocktails, this wonderful concoction lends a depth of citrus flavour and clarity to any drink. Rising combinations include a mixture of gin, bitter lemon and fresh lime juice. That might sound like a face wrinkler, but with the right combination it’s a crisp, delicious treat that equally delightful beside a simple plate of white fist and it is at a top end bar. There’s also a growing trend of drinking it neat. Chilled ice cold, and served in a crystal glass, the comparisons to vodka are inevitable and there’s certainly a similarity in the clean tasting liquors. Gin though, has a much more interesting depth of flavours and notes


  1. Burgers

As mentioned last week, burgers have gone upmarket. Specially seasoned, juicy pucks of fine meat have found themselves at the centre of one of the country’s biggest crazes. The arrival of American brands seems to have sparked the interest in gourmet burgers, however it’s the existing British companies that have really sustained that passion. The capital’s best burger joints have been striving to provide the perfect taste sensations ever since the summer began, and now that Winter is well and truly here, they have showed no signs of stopping. Having established the culinary excellence that is possible with something as simple a piece of meat between two slices of bread, they’re now looking to breathe fresh creativity into their products and the emerging flavour combinations are delightful. Particular highlights include the reverse burger: a slice of breaded, fried cheese, sandwiched between two slabs of beef, all wrapped in a fresh green leaf. It sounds a little out there, but the inversion of the ratios is an interesting (and thoroughly meaty) take that shows just how inventive the capital’s chefs are getting with their efforts.


  1. Odd bakery hybrids

Ah the cronut. The odd combination of croissant pastry and the shape of a donut, glazed and then baked, it went from being an quirky New York snack to a worldwide sensation. The taste is actually rather good due to the method of cooking, which chooses to bake rather than fry the dough to ensure that it stays light and fluffy. More robust than a croissant, more delicate than a donut what initially seemed like a fad now looks to have a solid future in bakeries.


  1. Mexican food

Although there is a lot of South American influences in many high street chains, the rise of real Mexican cuisine this year is remarkable. There is a depth of understanding and appreciation that goes beyond our love of spiced food, one that explores the most esoteric elements of this fantastic culture. Chile con carne in a mole sauce for example, was once a rare sight on many menus, but now it is abundant. Much as Pakistani food came into its own at the start of the decade, so now is Mexican cuisine showing that it offers something a little bit different.


  1. Seeds

Super foods are so 2012; this year everyone was trying to get their hands on seeds. Long consumed as a healthy nutritious snack, this was the year when people realised that they could be used for such much more. For vegetarians, they provided a great alternative to nuts when wanting to inject a dish with rich, healthy fats, and have proven to be a particularly good for pastes that can be used to replace meat. For many others, the addition of seeds into baked goods was delightful, with the returning poppy seed reigning supreme. Commonly used to garnish muffins, these delicious black specks are equally suited to both sweet and savoury products.


September 14, 2017


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