February 21, 2018

Male conservative writers never discussed female solidarity. As far as they were concerned, women were far more connected to the earth than to each other. But they were worried about women’s growing independence–whether or not it resulted in their cohesion—and it fueled a serious discussion about the decline of patriarchy, the origins of gender roles, […]

Liberte, Egalite, Fratenite

Raymonde Machard declared that Liberte, Egalite, Fratemite must be lived out in the broadest sense. But she did not represent the majority opinion. Most writers argued not for a universal notion of citizenship shared between the sexes, but for a particular role that women alone would fulfill. They wanted to enlarge women’s “natural” housekeeping abilities […]

Identity Politics

Certain strands within the women’s movement, on both sides of the Atlantic, have blazed the trail of identity politics. Cultural feminism (bom of identity politics) has emphasized the essential link between the way women think and act and the fact of their sex—which, in turn, separates them from men. Its theorists speak of forging a […]

Allies in Arms

The belief that women philosophers and writers are the sole representatives of French feminism has obscured feminism’s heterogeneous theoretical composition, not to mention the passionate debates of the past twenty-five years. It has also served to decontextuabze and depoHticize a complex and highly political movement and its internal conflicts. The loss of political background is […]

Parle Vous Francais

The history of the French feminist movement is the history of French women’s claims to the individualism and citizenship already granted to their male counterparts, at least on principle, in 1789 and more realistically in 1848 with universal male suffrage. In trying to achieve the recognition or equality that many women believed matched their participation […]

Awfully Attractive

When I began the study of beauty, I had the sense that the ability to perceive beauty and to create it were indicators of psychological health. While I still tend to believe this, I also see that the situation is more complex. The beauty of aesthetic arrest, the appreciation of the beauty of form and […]

Japanese beauties

Beauty is inherent in the world and we have only to tune into it. Some beauty speaks particularly forcefully, other beauty exists in quiet delight. Great beauty may reside in forgotten places. Wherever it is and however it presents itself, thinking of beauty as resonance gives us new ways to find and appreciate it. Walking […]

Getting Engaged

The perception of beauty requires an extraordinary level of engagement with the world. As beauty is inherent in the world, we discover beauty when we are most in tune with the world, when we are in resonance with it. To resonate with beauty, not simply to recognize beauty from past experience, involves entering an altered […]

The reality paradox

While popular psychiatrist Maslow saw the progressive satisfaction of lower to higher needs as a pre-condition to self-actualization, Albert Hofmann (1990), synthesizer of the drug LSD, described a more immediate path to the higher spiritual realm through the experience of other realities. While noting the dangers inherent in taking the drug he developed and recommending, […]

True Beauty

Early in my study of beauty through experience I came to realize that to truly see the beauty of an object, a vista, a piece of music or a person, I had to value it enough to come into a depth state of resonance with it. I felt that same resonance when a comment, a […]

Values of culture

Gregory Bateson (1990) proposed three ways of evaluating aspects of value in a culture. None of these approaches is found in textbooks, but we resort to them nevertheless when we encounter a situation and need to decide whether it is good. One approach to valuation is the pragmatic. Because change is usually painful, conditions that […]

Huxley on beauty

What follows are a number of different perspectives on beauty and on art used to express beauty. They serve to illustrate and expand on the definitions of beauty provided in Chapter n. Their selection, of course, is a matter of personal choice. Huxley’s Hierarchy of Perfections In examining art and the beauty within it Aldous […]

The face that launched a thousand ships

Aldous Huxley (1990) asked whether we are not compelled by the very nature of our being to conform to the natural forms and rhythms within and about us? In our appreciation and creation of beauty, we resonate with and borrow from the forms of nature. The natural world is the template with which we resonate. […]

Equality for All

February 20, 2018

Historians generally agree that anticlerical republicans deliberately stymied women’s acceptance as full citizens, refusing to sacrifice what they felt was their tenuous hold on power to women who they believed would give their vote to the Catholic Church or to royalists. While feminists were considered unnatural women and disloyal citizens, women on the whole were […]

French Ladies

When The Newly Bom Woman, by Helene Cixous and Catherine Clement, was published in the United States in 1986, many readers believed they were witness to a startling new kind of feminism being pioneered at that moment by women in France. It was a feminism that was psychologically astute, grounded in a sophisticated knowledge of […]

Worrying Developments

There’s something oddly addictive about worrying. For whatever reason, we like to do it because it’s a habit that none of us can truly shake. It gives us a chance to really burrow down into our own minds and escape from whatever thoughts we might otherwise have. Those might seem like contradictory statements, but think […]


February 13, 2018

Beetlejuice?   The people of London have always been renowned for their ability to adapt and accept in the face of change. Our language, our culture and much of our philosophy is heavily influenced by other nations, albeit with our own spin put on things. The culinary scene has always been a prime example of […]

A Great Scottish Tradition

A Great Scottish Tradition   Fair fa’ your honest, sonsie face, Great chieftain o’ the pudding-race!   These carefully chosen words, that ring out in happy halls across the British isles every year, were dedicated to the mighty Haggis in Robert Burns’ playful Ode to a Haggis. A few years after his sad demise, a […]

Oriental Landscapes

February 8, 2018

  While Western art takes as its template geometry and the human body, the Japanese template is nature. “Sabi”, the Japanese word describing the well matured, the mellowed, the object with the patina of age, describes beauty of the highest order. The traditional Japanese sense of beauty is probably the central element of Japanese culture […]

Ideas of the self

February 7, 2018

James Hillman (1992) in The Practice of Beauty was convinced that one of the reasons for the repression of beauty in our culture is that beauty is supposed to be good for us. The repressed in our society, said Hillman, “is not what we usually suppose: violence, misogyny, sexuality, childhood, emotions and feeling, or even […]

Consumerism consumes another

February 6, 2018

In today’s consumption driven society it has become custom to buy products not for what they are, but for what they mean, causing so their role to extend far further in our lives than their original function. This notion of wanting more from products has brought about a search amongst consumers for an authenticity in their purchases; […]

Quest for authenticity

The consumer’s quest for authenticity could be said to be largely driven by the awareness of the increasingly inauthentic modern world. In such a time of global and uniform culture people look back to traditions and what they trust in order to gain a sense of ‘the real thing’, just as Baudrillard states, “In an […]

To be, or not to be

In Hamlet, Ophelia is presented as an important contributory character to the overall theme of tragedy in the play, in which juxtaposing interpretations can be drawn from her character. She could be viewed as immensely passive, therefore a victim and simply collateral damage, caught up in the corruption of everyone around her. On the other […]


One of the key reasons the idea of alternatives is so integral to both plays is because the audience themselves is also affected by the multiplicity of interpretation. They have an near omniscient view of events and this gives them the ability to place events in context with on another, and thus appreciate the dramatic […]


February 5, 2018

Arthur Miller also allows the audience to view Abigail Williams as a tragic victim. It can be considered that due to relevant background details she could be portrayed in a more sympathetic light. Abigail’s parents died when she was young, hence defining her as an orphan. A traumatic experience such as this may well have […]

Salem and witchcraft

February 4, 2018

The main female characters of the dread Crucible, who accuses many villagers in the town of Salem, of witchcraft. Arthur Miller skilfully allows the audience to see her as both tragic villain and victim, through the means of stage direction and language. Abigail Williams could be seen as a tragic villain throughout ‘The Crucible’. She […]


February 3, 2018

  The use  of multiplicity in language- a technique derived primarily from Medieval morality and Terentian play-  was a defining aspect of Elizabethan drama; so much so that Jonas.A.Barish defines the period as an attempt to ‘jam a whole linguistic universe into a word or a phrase’  Its use is particularly apparent in the plays […]

Girls, girls, girls

February 2, 2018

There is a relationship between beauty, magic and creativity for which a few words are in order. There is something magical about beauty and the creative process which produces that beauty. Unfortunately, magic is probably even less understood than beauty. In its common connotation, magic implies getting something for nothing, a manipulation of physical reality […]

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