Christmas in the capital

Break out the reindeer jumper, hang up your stocking and break out the mulling kit: Christmas is (nearly) here! Yes, it’s that time of the year again when you get start drinking in the early afternoon and indulging in fattening treats without a care in the world. This week we’ll be guiding you through all the events that are sure to put a little festive joy in your life and leave you feeling rather good about yourself.


We start with a true classic: the Southbank christmas market. Wandering through the frosty air, with the smell of caramel and sizzling pork in your nostrils, you’d be forgiven for thinking that you had stepped out of London and straight into a provincial German hamlet. The wooden huts that line the area are some of the most iconic symbols of Christmas in the capital. It just wouldn’t be the festive season if you didn’t indulge in a little shopping in this village of gifts and stunningly delicious food. Particular highlights include Bratwurst with a real punch of flavour, rich Iberico chorizo, warming craft beers and, of course, the many candied nuts and treats available straight from the pan. If there’s anything that says Christmas better than honey laced cashews with a liberal sprinkling of cinnamon, we’re yet to find it!


The next event is one that is as much about the atmosphere as it is about the food. Any seasoned restaurant goer will tell you that the general ambiance is almost as important as the dishes when it comes to enjoying all the wonderful treats on offer. Well, if you’re planning on browsing the selection of traditional delights on offer at Kew Gardens this December, you’ll be pleased to know that the event is best described as magical. This stunning set of lights stands heads and shoulders above all the others with its incredible display. The lights are all subtle and stylish in a way that’s incredible to witness, so anyone wanting to get into the festive spirit sans the commercialism will love it here.


Those that are hoping to go a little bit artisan will be overjoyed to hear that this year the best of the best are being assembled in the O2 for a truly wonderful weekend of homemade joy. The Handmade Christmas event is sure to put a smile on any shopper’s face, after all there will be no better place to get a unique and bespoke gift this festive season. Of course, there’s also a huge selection of gorgeous food as well. Beautiful handcrafted tree ornaments made from gingerbread, mulled wine, fruit cakes that shine so very brightly when compared to those from the supermarkets. It’s all here, however it’s only for one weekend so be sure to get there early. These sorts of events are usually well stocked, but the dual combination of food’s perishability and the brief sales window for the period means that none of the stalls are going to be having excesses. Getting there bright and early on saturday is a safe move.


October 25, 2017


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