Hidden gems of London

From the title, you no doubt have a picture in your mind of exactly what we’re talking about. The hidden gems as they’re so often called, places that most people don’t know about and are underappreciated. Then comes the list of trendy popups and various indie stores and you’re expected to go to them and see what new delights they have on offer. It’s a nice idea in theory, but it so often proves to be a dud that we’re not so keen on it. Which is why this is actually a hell of a lot different. When we say hidden, we genuinely mean hidden. As in, the kind of place where you could go with your beautiful London escort when you’re looking for a spot to hide out together. The kind of place where you simply won’t be disturbed.

The Parks
The parks in London make for serious amounts of green space that is enjoyed by all. But large parts of them tend to go undiscovered throughout the day, especially now as winter draws in. Even in Hyde Park, the most popular of all of them and easily the most well trodden, there are places where you can be truly alone. Avoid the side towards marble arch, where there’s currently the annual winter fair going on. Instead, head deeper into the opposite side and down, where few people tend to go. The stretch between the river and the Royal Albert Hall is largely dead during most hours, and after dark it become an absolute ghost town. If you and your chosen escort in London need some privacy at an impromptu moment, this surprising spot might be perfect.

The City
After a certain hour, the City dies off almost completely. As the commuters head home, all that’s left are the people working hard in the glass towers and those out for drinks and dinner. As such, it’s only the main roads that tend to be busy. In those dominated by the office blocks, you can quite easily find a dark little spot with no one around. It’s ideal for when you’ve been out on the town with your beauty, feel like getting away from the crowd but don’t know where to go. Simply duck down near an office, and see what we mean. It might sound a bit shady, but honestly it’s one of the most consistent ways to get away from it all in the city.

Garden Squares
In the west, or in Central? Well then you might be in luck. These luxurious garden squares, built to give their wealthy inhabitants a bit of private space, are the ideal places to go. Normally beautifully well maintained and atmospheric, they’re so intimate that it’s so easy to get lost in a London escort’s eyes when you’re there. The only issue is that many are for residents only. Now you could pull a Hugh Grant in Notting Hill and leap the fence, but we obviously don’t endorse that. Instead we suggest that you look for those that are open to everyone. They’re a bit more rare than the private spaces, but they’re certainly around and few people tend to realise it, making most of them deserted, especially in the early evening.

May 22, 2018


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