The golden pitch

Writing a perfect pitch is not easy, and an elevator pitch is even more difficult. The essential idea is that you have as long as it takes an elevator to reach its destination. That’s it. Say you ran into the CEO of Apple today in the building where you work. Could you convince him your idea was great in 30 seconds? If not, you’ve missed an opportunity. Below you’ll find a great elevator pitch we’ve mocked up for you. It’s concise but informative, blending summary and detail with ease. If you have a budding business idea, having one of these ready to pull out of your head at a moment’s notice is going to be key.

Example Company Name quite simply “Connects people that need stories with people that have”. Our system has been developed to allow publishers to have direct contact with their readers, giving the reader a real sense of being part of the publication they feel so passionate about.  


Publishing has changed over the recent years with the introduction of Facebook and Twitter allowing audiences to constantly be aware of what is happening with their magazine and being able to comment and participate – Example Company Names platforms goes a whole step further by allowing the readers to download video, audio , photo or text with the USP benefit of being, publishers are able to edit and use these files. Plus these files sit on the Example Company Name server thus not clogging up server space at the publishing company.


The system has been designed to be easy to use for both Publisher and readers alike with the key features being  

  1. Plug and go system that lets the organisation’s start using the system within minutes of embedding our “widget” into their site, very simple and hugely effective
  1. The use of our API (Application Programming Interface) gives publishers the opportunity to build news sourcing solutions in their website by taking elements of our platform and adapting it to their specific needs
  1. Our Android app lets the audience respond to requests and provide “Hot of the Press” stories as they happen
  1. Schedule requests for automatic release – tell your readers new issue on sale today, give them a taster of what is in this month’s issue  
  1. Make public requests for the world to respond to or private requests that are only viewable to your trusted users
  1. Lock and approve stories, images, audio and video for commercial use
  1. Source the stories that maybe relevant to your magazine using demographic or geo located content.
  1. Verify stories by directly messaging the source of the story


At Example Company Name we are proud to boost that our system is truly unique and provides Publishers a tool that will create much needed media content and help develop the relationship between the publication and its readers.  


January 11, 2018


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