The Modern Man’s Guide to Coffee

Coffee. That dark, bitter, potent brew that gets you through the toughest of mornings. If you’ve had the good stuff though, you’ll know it’s so much more than that. It’s something to be savoured, something to love. A good cup of coffee will make even the darkest of times seem bearable, and give you the kick you need to press on. In the modern world, with so many choices and options and experts thrown at you, it can be hard to know where to even start. Follow our simple 5 step guide though, and you won’t go wrong.

Buy good beans
We really shouldn’t even need to say this, but apparently we do. Buy good beans. In the same way that you wouldn’t get a discount London escort and expect good service, you’re not going to have good coffee if the beans you buy are cheap and cheerful. It’s a simple matter of quality: if you’re going to do something, do it right. Don’t scrimp on what is an essential part of the process.

2. Find a coffee you like
It’s no use buying amazing coffee if you don’t like it. There’s a whole wide world of tastes and flavours out there: dark roasts, light roasts, fruits, treacle, nuts, chocolate. All these are notes you can expect to see in coffee, so find one you enjoy. There’s nothing wrong with enjoying a lighter roast: not everyone has to be chugging down double espressos made from the darkest roasted beans you can find. Just go for what appeals to you. It’s like with what we do, there’s a great variety so choose one that will make you happy.

3. Check roasting dates
This does not mean check expiry dates. Coffee with an expiry date is something you want to avoid, because that is not the information a good coffee brand will give you. They’ll tell you when and where it was roasted, which is what is key. Coffee hits its peak between 4 days and 3 months after roasting. After that, the beans begin to lose the natural oils that make them taste so great. In the same way you wouldn’t get an escort in London without being able to see her stats, you also shouldn’t be picking up beans you don’t have info on.

4. Buy a good machine
This doesn’t mean you have to spend a fortune, but what it does mean is don’t buy capsules. Plenty will disagree with this, but in the end the slight bit of work you put in with a normal machine pays off a hundred times over. We really cannot stress this enough. The increased control you have over grind size, pressure, blend etc, will really make a massive difference.

5. Have fun with it
The golden rule of great coffee is just enjoying it. If you’re getting too bogged down in all of the technical details, take a step back for a bit. Relax. Remember that the goal is to get that perfect cup of Joe and to love sipping it. Go to a good coffeehouse, have them make you a drink and remember why you’re doing it in the first place. We have plenty of guys coming to us with the same problem: they get so caught up in finding the best London escorts that they forget the whole thing is meant to be a blast.

September 27, 2017


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