The Modern Man’s Guide to: Dieting

With summer just around the corner, many of us are looking to get our beach bodies back. And by that, we mean look fairly decent at the beach. The chances of us getting that chiseled 6 pack are, let’s face it, tiny. If you looked like the Greek heroes that grace the cover of sports magazines, you probably wouldn’t be after London escorts in the first place: women would throw themselves at you. Of course, if you looked like that you’d also like an incredible strict and boring life, dedicated to maintaining a tiny body fat percentage. Personally, we don’t think it’s worth the trade off.

You know this one. It’s all salads and juice and a complete lack of anything fun. Chocolate, red meat and anything else that might resemble an enjoyable evening is thrown to the wayside. The pub will begin to suspect that you’ve died, so rarely will you have a pint. It’s the kind of diet that basically goes into absolute overkill, ignoring nutrition and education and taking a scattergun approach. If you’re only eating healthy food, you will lose weight. Don’t get us wrong, it works, but then so does using a nuclear bomb to clear an ants’ nest. If you really want to lose weight and get yourself looking good, we recommend opting for one of these diets instead.

You can eat as much fat as you want, within reason. We really do mean that: people on a keto diet have been known to add butter to their coffee just to increase their intake of fat. Before you start drooling over all the potential steaks and the great things this diet offers, bear in mind that it is basically carb free. And we really do mean carb free. No cheat days, no saying it’s just a little. You need to be very very careful with your intake here, which means looking into things in much more detail. We wish all things could be as simple as hiring a London escort from us, but unlike us, most companies don’t show everything about what they’re offering upfront. You might think that things like broccoli are ideal but you’d be amazed at how many carbs they actually have. Don’t even get us started on fruit… Ultimately, Keto is the diet for those that are both disciplined and can’t live without the joys of fat. If you have a sweet tooth it will be torture, but if wolfing down plenty of red meat is you dream diet, this is the one for you.

The diet’s name refers to the balance of days that you will experience when you’re on it. 5 days of normal eating, 2 days of fasting. On the normal days, you can eat whatever you’d like up until a point, which means the odd bit of chocolate or a fatty cut of meat is fine. Going overboard will obviously kill its effectiveness, but otherwise you’re alright. On the fasting days however, prepare for a challenge. You can eat 500 calories, all day. Yes that’s right, 500. That’s about a 3rd of a pizza. Eat more and you’ll be breaking the rules. As diets go, it’s a difficult one. It’s one that with busy lifestyles like to enjoy: everyone from models to London escorts to men with hectic jobs see the benefits. If you’re going to need to socialise and eat out with friends on a regular basis, it’s ideal because it gives you multiple days a week where you can do so, unlike Keto which requires discipline each and every day.

September 28, 2017


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