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Visit London City 2020Welcome to V London City!

Welcome to VLondon City! You might have heard of us, after all we’re swiftly becoming one of the greatest resources when it comes to learning about the many attractions on offer in the capital.

So, you’re no doubt asking, what is V London City? Simply put, we’re a site that details some of the great sights and sounds available in London. We’re well known for our expert guides and recommendations, covering everything from the best restaurants to unusual shops and locations within the city.

A Complete London City Guide- Visit , Know & Explore London

Our primary focus is on visitors to this fair city: from the streets of Bayswater to the cafes of Marylebone, their influence is felt everywhere. They represent a huge commercial interest and much of the city is geared around giving them a truly special experience unrivalled by almost any other capital in the world. Targeting them is sensible: after all, there are plenty of them, they have disposable income and they want to have the city at their fingertips.

To us though, tourists are so much more than easy targets. Every day tens of thousands of people pour into London and flood her streets with excited conversation and dazzled eyes. They bring the city to life with their enthusiasm and their passion for its many attractions. Without them, it just wouldn’t be the same and few others share our sheer joy at the many spectacles that capital can offer. It’s not hard to tell a tourist apart from the common men and women, after all they stand out. Not because of their foreignness or because of any naiveity but because of the way that they hold themselves. The apathetic nonchalance of the Londoner is surpassed entirely by the brilliance of the tourist.

They look at everything with fresh, hopeful eyes. The tall buildings of Paddington aren’t just the backdrop to their walk to the tube, they’re incredible examples of Georgian architecture. Tower Bridge and Big Ben are astonishing; freed from the restrictions of routine it’s tourists who see the city for what it really is and they love it. They flock here in their millions and long may it continue.

We’re passionate about London. It’s one of the best places to live in the world, and it’s full of a whole range of different attractions. What we found though, was that many of the better aspects were overlooked. Of course, the big hitters like the Tower and the Palace should be recognised, but what about the plethora of smaller attractions. Many of these are what makes London great, so they needed a little more exposure.

Why we founded V London City?

That’s why we founded V London City, an alternate guide to this fantastic city. In it, you’ll find the usual excellent coverage of popular attractions mixed with bold and exciting explorations of the capital’s more unique elements. From restaurants serving insects, to hidden museums and incredible community gardens, we got it all to show you.

Our team of expert writers are all natives of the capital and they know its secrets better than anyone. They can tell you the best place to get a killer pizza, or where you should go if you need that ultra rare bottle of whisky for a posh dinner party. They have the inside scoop on many of the London’s greatest adventures and now they’re sharing their knowledge with the rest of the world. They’re experienced, having previously worked at newspapers, magazines and websites providing their expert opinions. Our lead writer is a successful and talented content creator with a particularly deep knowledge of London’s social and culinary scene, and a keen advocate of its many lesser known treasures.