Call Girls Confess

Ok, so this is so cliched. I know, I know, it’s been done before. Done so well it got a tv show and seemingly everyone seems to know about it now. Done so well it’s actually become ingrained in social culture to the point where no one even bats an eyelid if they see you reading that sort of thing. But that’s the thing, it’s become so normal that really, most people have stopped caring. Well, that’s where I’m going to be different, and why I’ve volunteered to write this blog. To give an insight into the world of callgirls and escorts that never normally gets shown. The truth, for what it’s worth, without all the shine.

So what can you expect from me? Well, when I talk about the life of a London escort, you can rest assured that I will not be sugarcoating things for ratings. Thankfully, there’s no book deal in this for me, just a chance to let people see into my world. So if something goes wrong, expect to hear about it. All the best and worst parts of the job, laid out there to be seen. The pure naked truth and a chance for you, dear reader, to get an idea of what it’s like to be a real girl in these situations, without the filter of an editor, a writing team and plenty of execs saying that we need to tweak this or that. There’s a great quote in one of the old Only Fools and Horses (great show in it’s time btw) about this, about what happens when you tweak and replace. Sure, it’s only a broom handle one day, a shaft the next, some bristles another. But replace enough and over time it stops being the same thing entirely.

Now you might be wondering why I’m doing this and that’s why. Because the popular conception of what this job is like, what it entails, how glamorous it is, and how sometimes it can just be the worst, drama filled thing in the world is a distorted version of the truth. And that’s just madness for us, and I’d hate for someone to become an escort in London expecting to have champagne

90% of the time, and incredibly jealous boyfriends making her feel like crap for the other 10%.

There’s not going to be any complicated plots, any ridiculous situations, any made up stuff. It’s all going to be absolutely real, which means sometimes lads, it’s going to consist of me talking about how actually I just want to get home from my shift, which is why I won’t take the booking. Not because I’m in some spat with another girl, not because my family have found out and are trying to send me off to a convent, not because all I do is seeing blokes and I can’t possibly squeeze you in. Purely because sometimes I’m not feeling it, and all I want to do is head to the supermarket, pick up some biscuits and lounge. Believe it or not, we’re all real people too.

So sit back, strap in, and prepare for daily doses of the truth, straight from someone who sees everything that goes on in this industry and has done for years.


February 26, 2018


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