Changing views of pleasure

It’s not exactly that much of a leap to say that this industry is one of the dominating forces when it comes to trends, marketing and to emerging markets. It’s single handedly been waging a silent war of liberation on the high street, fighting for the chance to show what would otherwise be considered somewhat obscene and to make it normal. It’s a pioneer, a massive grower and honestly one of the more impressive feats of modern marketing. It’s changing the perceptions of many every day people and has gone from being a source of shame to one that’s just quietly accepted.

What industry are we talking about? Is it the vegetarian movement? Is it sportswear? Tech-watches? Nope, none of those. It is in fact the sex toy industry. There was once a time where the closest you would come to that in the UK would be to see the classifieds for escorts in London, or to look at the top shelf for a bit of smut. Otherwise it was all very much taboo and hidden away. The chances of actually being able to enjoy the delights on offer from the pleasure industry were minimal. It was dirty, uncultured and unbecoming. The idea of being caught in one of those shops was not one that people were comfortable about. It was something that your neighbours would giggle and gossip about in church or over biscuits and tea. Now, it’s pretty much normal.

So what happened? Well that’s a complicated question, and we don’t have the time to go into the entire history of sex and sexuality becoming demystified nor look at how they got that way in the first place. So we’ll spare you all the talk of puritanism and european liberation and instead focus on this one specific aspect. What was it that took sexy undies from something buried in the department store, way back in the women’s section and put them in shop windows? What was it that made the sharp rise of women buying AA batteries late at night an everyday occurrence.

As much as we hate to fall back on lazy stereotypes, convenience really did play a huge part. We know that it’s all the rage to blame or praise everything for it’s convenience and talk about how we all take the easy route, but in this case it’s justified. Much like finding a London escort in the days before technology, so too was it a bit of a nightmare to find a good sex toy in the past. It meant going to a specific shop which would naturally be shady as all hell, and praying.

Now, you can just open Amazon, choose the colour, girth, rotating head, vibration module, and whatever else you desire with the same nonchalance that you might pick out a new skirt or order a loaf of bread. It went from being difficult and shameful to buy sex toys, to being easy. Suddenly, it wasn’t a matter for you to handle discreetly by sending the hubby out in a trenchcoat, but one you could fit in between yoga and getting ready for work.

So it’s no wonder the industry exploded, and women’s libidos with it. Sex went from being something secret in the eyes of society to what it actually is: normal. Almost humdrum really. Something that two people can do that they’re sure to enjoy and have to feel no shame for it. Viva la revolution in our opinion!

April 22, 2018


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