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When you get a lady in this city there’s one thing that’s more important than everything else. Even more important than the beauty and even more important than her body type. It’s something that trumps even her skills and her knowledge of companionship, something so utterly essential that any girl it is in the highest demand.

The answer is attitude. A girl with the right attitude will please any man, make any fantasy come to life before his eyes. She will be willing to learn and more than happy to see her own skills improve. It’s a way of looking at the job, a passion that burns deep inside her and make it fun to meet new fellas. Ladies like me, those blessed with this gift, set the world on fire. We take everything you think you know and change it. We show you the true joys of life. What other girls can even hope to make such claims?

Favourite drink?

A good white wine is always a bit of a winner in my book. It has to be balanced and definitely not too tart, other than that I’m pretty flexible. From apples to apricots, wine seems to do justice to a whole multitude of flavours.

Favourite place in town?

The London eye is fantastic. The views, the atmosphere and the sheer spectacle of it.

Ideal companion?

A man with confidence.


Dress Size10
Bust Size36C

Price: £110 Per Hour + Travel Cost

To Book - CALL 24/7 : 07715 371 377 OR 0203 551 7240 OR 0203 551 7250


  • October 21, 2013 11:47 am
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