Hi, my name is Sheena and I’m a beautiful escort in London. I’m well known by some of the city’s more distinguishing punters for my excellent companionship skills and gobsmacking looks. I know how to charm the best of them, which is why I’m the perfect companion for dinner parties, events and any occasion where you’re looking to impress. Just ask any of my satisfied customers what they think of me: I’ve been blowing men away for quite some time now and I certainly never hear any complaints.

Favourite drink?

A cosmo. I think it’s a bit like me: a little bit naughty, a little bit adventurous but at the end of the day it’s also sweet, reliable and sure to bring a smile to anyone’s face.

Favourite place in town?

The London eye. It’s a romantic getaway from the smoke and the sound of London. Perched in one of the pods, looking down on the city, I can’t help but feel myself fully relax and appreciate what a wonderfully diverse and accepting place the english capital really is.

Ideal companion?

Someone caring, above all else. I want a man who thinks about my needs as I’m thinking about his. That sort of mutual respect for each other can turn a run of the mill experience into an utterly amazing one.


Dress Size10
Bust Size36D
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Price: £110 Per Hour + Travel Cost

To Book - CALL 24/7 : 07715 371 377 OR 0203 551 7240 OR 0203 551 7250


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