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Having published a pretty comprehensive write up on ethical eating yesterday, it only seemed right to go and put our money where our mouths are and actually provide you with a list of places worth going. Especially with the annual Easter meet up, bane of your festive life, sneaking up on us . The only thing more awkward than the small talk is getting half a dozen people to agree on a venue. Worse still, there’s always that one friend who has developed an all consuming allergy or ethical objection, just to make things difficult. This year though, there’ll be no need to tragically come down ill the night before. We’ve got you covered with 5 venues that even the pickiest friend is sure to love.


Yes, even the vegan.


Goldbox Bayswater

Two words: bacon; jam. On their own they’re tempting, but together? That’s the stuff dreams are made of. Which is why Goldbox are serving delicious homemade bacon jam on toasted bagels, with a generous smush of avocado. This wedge of sticky, umami goodness has got hangover cure written all over it. Washed down with coffee that’s as amazing as you’d expect from a cafe that boasts its own roastery, and you’ve got yourself a real winner.


Granger and Co

Founded by one of Australia’s most popular chef’s, Granger and co is a small chain of London restaurants offering relaxed, affordable and generally excellent dishes.


Their menu offers a wide range of healthy options, including: toasted rye with avocado, lime and coriander; fresh fruits with greek yoghurt and seeds, and nutrient enriched smoothies.


Petersham Nurseries

Perhaps unsurprisingly for a cafe located inside of one of the city’s most respected garden centres, Petersham Nurseries place a serious emphasis on the quality of their ingredients.


Organic produce is first and foremost here, as the entire nursery operates under that ethic, even when growing decorative plants. Diners will also be pleased to hear that efforts to work with small suppliers and keep their carbon footprint low ensures that this cafe lives up to high standards of sustainability.


Nectar Cafe

Offering a wide range of vegetarian, gluten free and raw foods, Nectar Cafe is the dream destination for healthy eaters or those with dietary requirements.


Natural ingredients and bold flavours are the order of the day here, serving up food with as much love and care as finesse. Whether or not you buy into the much trumpeted benefits behind their carefully crafted beverages, these cold press juices beverages are undeniably delicious.



Koshari street serves up a deceptively simple Egyptian crowdpleaser to hundreds of people every day.


The dish in question is the restaurant’s namesake: Koshari, the national dish of Egypt. Absolutely ubiquitous in its home country, it’s something of a rarity here but may well be the next street to catch on, judging by the success of the falafel. A range of salads and sweet treats is also available, and all are free from meat.


Portobello Organic Kitchen

Situated in the heart of Notting Hill, Portobello Organic Kitchen offers an all organic menu for diners conscious about the effects of artificial pesticides on their food.


Everything on the menu here is completely handmade on site, and draws heavy inspiration from traditional Italian cuisine. A range of vegetarian options is available, although they meat dishes are also served.



It’s Corbyn and King so every new venture they open is exciting. They’ve been on a bit of a roll recently and Alsace cuisine is ripe for some more representation. You only have to look at places like Barrafina to see what happens when you give rural, rustic food a bit of polish.


Snowflake Gelato

Proper Italian gelato that’s got serious flavour, perfect texture and a whole range of options. What’s not to love?


Clapham High Street can get pretty crazy, so it’s great to get away from it and escape into a spot like Baristo. It might be tiny, but this buzzy little tapas bar feels so much more relaxed than many of the restaurants round the corner on Clapham High Street.

Eat at the bar counter and watch as manic chefs pump out tapas from the open kitchen. Since it’s opposite Clapham Picturehouse, Baristo makes a great spot for chilling out post-film with a glass of wine and a Spanish cheese board, which they do very well here.



Our favourite dish at the moment is the Iberico pork selection from Lobos. We see a lot of it cured, but the untreated meat is something of a hard find. It’s just as incredible as you think it would be too. We also really like Aidan McGee and his down to earth attitude. He’s refused to get carried away in the hype and has kept his restaurant very down to earth. It’s nice to see a pub not disappear into lofty ambitions the second it starts serving good food. His sourcing ethics are top notch too.


Silk and Grain

Our favourite drink of all time is the ethical, bottle conditioned cosmo from Silk and Grain. The ageing really helps the flavours to blend properly and makes it wonderfully smooth. It’s also priced competitively, which is nice for a conditioned or aged cocktail. Their food is definitely fine dining, but there’s a little radical streak to it all that intrigues us. Top chefs often take themselves way too seriously and their food suffers for it, but Silk and Grain was willing to take a risk with a pretty distinct concept. It’s paid off and now we’re excited to see where they’ll go next, as they doesn’t seem like the type of restaurant that will rest on their laurels.

May 29, 2018


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