London chef serves bacteria

Ethical eating and sustainability are already predicted to be red hot in 2017, and fine dining has a great online presence when it’s presented in the right way. The two are combined in this feature on Virgilio Martinez and his restaurants, which take farm to table to a whole new level of obsessive exploration. Martinez’s food is visually stunning, and he has 2 restaurants in London that would allow me to source photos directly. Plus Martinez’ rather unusual set of ingredients (bacterias, molds, bizarre roots and tubers)  is sure to lure people in just out of sheer curiousity.


As well as tapping into the internet’s obsession with bacon, this is a great way to introduce people to the world of making their own charcuterie without needing too much equipment or sounding too bourgeois. It photographs well and a step by step guide with some rustic visual props is social media gold.


Popular using beet noodles instead of pasta (considerably better pairing for the common tomato based pasta sauces than zucchini); using coconut/yoghurt products over cream and coconut milk, which retain the core flavour and texture without the calories; replacing peanut butter with homemade peanut butter (sans all the sugar and palm oil that is normally used)


It’s January and post Christmas binge people are looking to be healthy, save money by not eating out and lose weight. These all combine into a serious spike in interest for home cooking at the moment, and giving readers an easy, accessible way to adapt dishes and snacks they already know and love is always going to be a winner.

January 17, 2018


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