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There’s a question that is always asked of us, so much so that I think it’s the perfect way to start off this series properly. That question is simple but so essential to what we do that it’s amazing to hear people actually ask it, yet they do. That question is whether or not we enjoy our work.You would not believe the number of clients that ask me this as small talk, or the concerns you’ll see for it online. In many ways it’s pretty odd. If I were tending the till at the supermarket, no one would say I was doing a bad job if I didn’t look like i was having the time of my life, but here? One slip of the smile and suddenly the client is deeply unsatisfied.


Thankfully, yes, we do. It’s not a job that you do if you’re not passionate about it. You just can’t really. If you were anything less than happy with it, the hours, the variety, the pressure to perform each and every time… It would simply be too oppressive. That’s why unsuitable girls get weeded out so fast. Great agencies like VLondonCity do their part of course, monitoring girls’ reviews and ensuring that only the best get to stay on, but even if they didn’t a lot of the unsuitable ladies would be out on their own volition in a matter of time. It’s just not a job that you do if you don’t enjoy it.


So yes, we do very much enjoy it. You might wonder how, given that all the power is with the customer. It’s not like we get to pick and choose, and we can’t control our own reactions to people right? What if we see a perfectly nice man that just doesn’t do it for us. Out there in the wilderness of the dating world, you’d politely decline, but here? Not so much of an option. So how do we manage that and keep things professional? Well, it’s actually quite simple. It’s not about the client, it’s about the job. That might seem a little odd but think about it this way, you can do with a co-worked that doesn’t suit you. Sure, every now and again you’ll meet one you love and fond a special bond. In general though, you’re just sort of ambivalent to them. You work for different reasons.


And we’re one of those lucky groups whose reason is because we’re so passionate about what we do. We do it because we love it, and because it makes us happy. So to find the perfect guy to get us to be their companion, well that’s just gravy. At the end of the day though, any London escort is going to have to love what she does, and that’s why she’s there. There’s a reason why we’re always able to deliver, why our clients are always pleased. Because, and believe us when we say we mean no offence on this one boys, you don’t matter so much as the general act itself.


Now if you’re the perfect gentleman and treat us right, well then that’s an added bonus and you’re sure to see some gratitude for it, but it isn’t the be all and end all you might think that it would be.

June 12, 2018


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