The Little Things Part 2

  1. You’re freaking hilarious. No one else makes me laugh so hard as you do when you’re in a silly mood. No one makes me smile that much or genuinely gets so big laughter rumbling out of me.


  1. You can always light my day up, even when it’s been a bit of a mare. You can always get me to crack a smile, whatever else is going on.


You do this wonderfully. You don’t care about half the shit I ramble on about, but you humour me so well. You never make me feel boring or stupid, and without that I think I would be a lot less inquisitive and willing to learn about new things and take on new situations.


  1. No really. I’m not talking about the ballerina kind because, lets be honest, you’ve never eaten a pudding whilst on the phone to me without spilling it everywhere.


No, your grace isn’t that dime a dozen co ordination crap. It’s looking at your face, at your eyes, at your body and your soul and seeing someone exceptionally beautiful and wonderful there. It’s the real meaning of grace:  A characteristic or quality pleasing for its seemingly effortless charm or refinement. Oh I knoiw you try, and don’t get me wrong. It works. When you really make the effort you blow men away. But what you don’t know is that you quite often blow me away by just being you.


That’s a truly special gift, but then you are a truly special girl.


  1. Yes you may have your parents’ opinions on some things, but you’re never afraid to change them to reconsider things. There’s a huge difference between being dogmatic and having simply been told wrong things.


You’re always willing to listen and think about what you’re saying is correct or not. Not many people are like that, and it’s something I admire so much.


  1. You are so bloody strong it’s unbelievable. You have to put up with so much shit in your life. Most people would crumble away into nothing after half of what you’ve been through, or be destroyed by it.


You have faced it all and stood tall. Crazily, you have come out of it smelling of roses and sunshine. How, I have no idea. I’m just glad that the hardships never took that spark that makes you so very special. It’s how I know you can do anything, it’s why I always have faith in you. If you’re ever in doubt, think of everything that you’ve got through in the past.


January 11, 2018


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