The Little Things Part 3

  1. Seriously. How you could emerge as such a beautiful person after all that is beyond me. I realise that you don’t think this is true, which is why you get a second letter.


Think back on everything you’ve got through. If it was anyone else, wouldn’t you think that they were a hero? Wouldn’t you say that they were so strong and brave?


Have faith in yourself and in your ability to shine.


  1. You’re not just a sheep. You might think that you are because I can convince you of things but hey, that is like my greatest talent in life. If I couldn’t consistently convince you of things I would be worried.


You’re always more than capable of arguing back and challenging me. Why? Because you have your own mind, your own opinions and you’re own views. I love that.


  1. Everytime I look at your work, or discuss ideas with you, I am amazed. You have such a free, creative mind that can come out with some of the most original ideas. You don’t feel the need to be “quirky” like all the other creatives; it’s all about letting your ideas speak for themselves.


  1. It’s rare for me to ever think about you without seeing how compassionate you. You understand the struggles that people go through and you can relate.


You often protest that you’re not a good person, but those words seem hollow. When it comes down to it, you always care, you always try and help.


  1. I have so much fun with you. It’s not even just lovely romantic contentment and happy fuzz, it’s proper laugh out loud, can’t stop smiling fun. Doing things with you is genuinely so enjoyable and wonderful that doing them without you feels empty by comparison.


When we’re silly together, I feel privileged to be that open and close to someone. We’re just able to be goofy without ever worrying about being judged.


January 11, 2018


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