The Real Men’s Guide to Aromatics

Romance is in the air. The two of you met a few weeks ago, you’ve been seeing each other at bars and restaurants ever since. It’s gone from shy batting of lashes and holding hats to full out make out sessions in the dark corners behind these venues, longing touching of lips and hands that cannot be restrained. That tension has been building, that desire and immense urge to just be together, to share everything, to indulge every dream and fantasy and completely open yourself back up to someone. You have been waiting for the moment you take her home, and so has she. So much anticipation, talk, flirting and effort has all lead up to this moment. You fumble for your keys, your other hand in her hair as you struggle to kiss her and unlock the door at the same time. You stumble in, fall on the bed together and…


It’s dark. There’s a general smell in the air. It’s not unpleasant, just odd, the smell a man gets after living alone for so long. It’s intimidating. She was all sweetness and roses, but now you can see her nose crinkle a little. You start to worry and pull back. You might not realise it now, but the night has taken an odd turn. Sure, you’ll still have a nice time, but the mood has been somewhat upset. Now imagine instead, you come through the door, and instead there’s the soft light of a flickering candle and a gentle smell of vanilla, or pine, or hinoki wood. Not only will the ambiance be infinitely better, but she’ll notice that you’ve thought ahead, that you’ve made an effort. It’s a very flattering thing to have someone do that for you. For most, it’s enough to have them wanting more.


So that’s where candles come in. They’re not just for women as so many men tend to think, but instead can be your dream ticket to achieving a great deal of success with the ladies. All it takes is a little planning and some taste. Picking out one that’s right for you and your character is essential.  Musty little flat full of dark wood? Then choose something suitably dark and aromatic, enhance your brooding masculinity. Big, bright flat with high ceilings and white walls? Something simple and clean is sure to work with that. Hell, you can even get away with something floral.


It’s the small things in life that make all the difference. Imagine you run her a bath, and line it with rose petals. A great thing to do right? And to make things even better, you light a few scented candles. The smell, the sight, the atmosphere, the gesture. It’s all going to have her feeling weak at the knees and who will be there to catch her as she falls? Exactly.


Most of all it shows that you actually think about these things. That you consider things outside of yourself and indulge in some real passion and thought in your relationships. Women love that, love that you’re willing to do just that little bit more. That you can offer them something that no one else really can. It might seem almost insignificant, but to her there’s really nothing better. So go the extra mile tonight. Stop thinking about the easiest or more efficient way to do things and actually indulge a little. Trust us when we say that it can make all the difference, especially when your female friend is watching. Nothing says great boyfriend like doing all the extra bits and pieces she loves.

June 27, 2018


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