Worrying Developments

There’s something oddly addictive about worrying. For whatever reason, we like to do it because it’s a habit that none of us can truly shake. It gives us a chance to really burrow down into our own minds and escape from whatever thoughts we might otherwise have. Those might seem like contradictory statements, but think about it for a second. In reality, we tend to hide from the thoughts that trouble or challenge us. This is not the same as worry. We might worry that we don’t have enough money, that our job isn’t secure, that this and that and this and that. In truth though, that isn’t really the same thing at all as thinking. It’s an often irrational fear, it’s the sense that we might be too caught up in our own worries to actually do some real thinking. Thinking is looking where you are in life, where you’re going, what it all means. Thinking is being creative and adventurous and taking risks. In today’s world, thinking is done all too little and instead we tend to worry instead. We furrow our brows and think that we might not be able to make the rent or see the future that we want.

Why we want that future become and irrelevance, a relic that we uncover systematically to use as a prop to keep our dying beliefs alive. We think that actually, we want this thing and we will do what we need to in order to achieve it. Do you know why you want it? Do you know why you are walking down the path that you are or are you simply doing it because it’s the one that you know, the one you set off on weeks, months, years or even decades ago? It’s a worrying thought but one that needs to be considered in the modern age. After all, we all too often run down that road until we reach some natural turning point, taking each branch as it comes and ending up at a destination before heading off again. The point of thinking is to consider whether or not that road is even the one that we want to be running down, or whether it’s just some forlorn sense of belonging that drives us down it.

This might seem all very abstract. We think it does too, very close to the world of self help and of pop-culture psych that really tends to plague our society. We take our opinions not from our minds but from our television sets and from the opinions of others. We worry instead of creating and in that there is a cyclical cycle. The very things that make us worry in the first place continue to surge back up again because we are unable to truly keep them down. We are still treading the same old path to the same old places so is it any wonder that we cannot escape the destination that we see in front of us. When you think that intently and end up on a road, it can be more than most of us can bear to wrench ourselves away from it. The only way to do it is to realise that we don’t need to tread that road, if only we could be free from worry.

Which is easier said than done right? The idea of being able to stop worrying is not going to be of much comfort to the anxious and the depressed of the world. They can’t just cast their doubts and fears to the wind because those dark thoughts consume their minds. They have two choices, either they drown the worry and almost all else in some form of stimuli, in alcohol or drugs or television, or they have to live with it. Can we do that? Can we live with that sort of pressure building down on us, or will it end up turning us into something we’re not. That question is a classic one, and one that tends to make us wonder how we ever got to the place that we’re at right now. What’s the point of it all? Why do we worry? Such a theme is one that will drive many to madness, to anxiousness so uncontrollable that they want to sink away and never think about it again.

But we have a different idea. Embrace it. It is part of life. You are allowed to worry, you are allowed to lose yourself in the little comforts of misery sometimes. What you cannot do is drown it at the cost of everything else. That is what will leave sitting there with a calendar, saying that tomorrow will be better, tomorrow, tomorrow. Live like that and there’s no point in living at all. After all, you might as well just pack it all in and move away if you’re going to do that, for all the good that it will do you. You have to embrace the good with the bad, the shadow with the light, the darkness with the hope that helps you to carry on. Life is essentially a series of oppositions and learning balance in all things is the secret to understanding it and coping with what it can throw at you.

So next time you worry, take a moment to do the following. Identify what it is that concerns you. Think about the ramifications, think about how you can make things better and how you can mitigate any potential issues and then just let it go. There’s nothing more that you can do. You will not fare any better in the battle tomorrow morning if you spend your night cowered in your armour. You will fight when the time comes and you will succeed, if you believe in yourself and you have taken ample steps. Turn up with weapons, turn up with training, but do not allow yourself to become consumed with it all. That way, only madness lies and endless, all consuming worry.

May 30, 2018


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