Best Attractions in London of  2023

Being credited as one of the cultural capitals of the world London is a home to amazing palaces, history of war and civilization and arts and culture, London is a brimming place of spectacular museums and galleries where exciting things are available to see and do. You will enjoy a breathtaking trip in the capsules on the London eye, discovery our history of great expeditions and wars fought through the museums and the galleries that are as diverse as the tate modern and the Natural History Museum, you can even relax and read a book at the British Library or even you can admire the wonderful portraits at the National Gallery or explore and learn about our universe in the Science Museum and you can even get lost into the history of the city at the Westminster Abbey where the Kings were coronated. Enjoy London with a different touch and feel of luxury and lavishness with V london City.

EDF London Eye


Initially people were cynical over the announcement of the Millennium Commission put forth their intentions that a huge observation wheel, to be constructed and which would stand over 135 meter over the city of London. But now about more than 4 million guests are welcomed at the London Eye turning out to be the most and finest popular attractions in the city of London to visit since the Victoria’s Great Exhibition. This well engineered spectacular attraction in london was designed and conceived by Marks Barfield Architects and is the achievement of modern engineering in both form and looks. When the Wheel was first Constructed it was the world’s tallest observation wheel in the world after the ferries wheel and was later surpassed by similar structures by Singapore and China. the Wheel allows you to see the worlds most exciting city from a completely very new prospective.

Madame Tussauds


One of the best london attraction – Madame Tussauds is one of a kind spectacular museums of the rich and famous as you will find real life wax sculptures of famous people from the infamous murderers to the great sport stars to the Big celebrities to the Royal family from history to the present. You even enjoy the exciting 14 interactive zones including the Marvel Superheroes the Avengers in a 4D movie experience. the museum of Madame Tussauds in London is a house of glamour and glitz that possesses an incredible history. You will even have a chance to walk down the red carpet and pose with stars like Dwayne The Rock Johnson or The Terminator or even challenge you favourite sports stars like Lewis Hamilton and David Beckham. You will also get up close with Queen and can even plant a kiss on Prince William’s cheek. If you’re brave enough you will even get face to face with serial killers who will scare the life out of you the the live scary and frightful experience at Scream in the Museum. You can even have a relaxation time in our taxis by reliving the rich and lavish history of London and even get behind the scenes and see how these renowned sculptors create the most admirable figures. Come meet the Rich and the famous and get scared in the house of Scream.

The Shard


The Tallest Attraction in London – Becoming the tallest edifice in the European Union and the 45th Tallest building in the World is The Shard and was opened on Thursday 5th July 2012. The shard was designed in 2000 by a prominent Italian architect who is considerably recognized for creating the Pompidou Center in Paris Renzo Piano with collaboration with Britain’s Richards Rodgers, as their combined expertise who made Shard visible from anywhere you would be in London, this awesome building is combined with offices, residential apartments along with three levels of exclusive restaurants and a 5 star Hotel known as the Shangri-La. You can still own a household at the Shard for 30 to 50 Million pounds and is also London’s Highest viewing gallery. The whole structure is completely covered with 11,000 panes of glass, and is better known and the vertical city which is newly created among the London Bridge Quarter and is connected with the train station and London Bridge Tube ferrying public to and fro the greatest landmark of London. Open to the public are the viewing galleries at 68 to 72 and you have to pre-book for tickets as there won’t be queuing or waiting long hours for your tour. So come here and visualize London in a very different and unique perspective from The Shard.

British Museum

british museum

The British Museum was established in the year 1753 after Sir Hans Sloane left his collection of about 71,000 objects that were of great importance as the Museum’s charter have insisted that it would be open to public for free of charge for all individuals who are curious and studious. Since the nineteenth century the museum has rapidly expanded by which it consists of over 7 million objects that are more than 10,000 years old. In this museum, which passes the world history can be viewed at your very leisure, like the ancient relics of the Greek and Egyptian empires and even come face to face with the humankind’s greatest achievements of culture. Also exhibited in the British Museum is endless corridors and displays, you can envision the Great Court and its breathtaking glass dome by Lord Norman Foster’s and even walk through the awe-inspiring columned entrance. So come and experience this treasure trove which consists of priceless objects from the Earth around that speaks about the entire span of the human prehistory and history.

Buckingham Palace

Buckingham palace.1jpg

Historical Attraction in London – The palace was first the residence of Queen Charlotte which was acquired by her King George III as she also gave birth to their 14 children. This magnificent palace which is well known as the Queen’s house is the royal residence of Queen Elizabeth II and palaces State rooms can be visited by public every summer. After King George IV’s accession to the throne he ordered that the palace to be remodified and he sort help after appointing John Nash for the expansion of the palace. The first sovereign to live in the palace was Queen Victoria from the year 1837, the palace till date serves as the royal residence to the Royal Family. There are guests who are invited by the Royal Family on State affairs and ceremonial occasions and you will also find peculiar gifts presented to the Queen by various famous people like the grove of the maple trees, Nelson Mandela’s silk scarf and the famous drawings of Salvador Dali. The Buckingham Palace is completely adorned with the most luxurious style and fashion of furniture designs and elegantly furnished rooms which also include spectacular painting from Vermeer, Poussin, Rembrandt, Rubens and Canaletto, along with a splendid sculpture by Canova. Come be entertained and feel the lavish interiors which will change your perspective of living in a palace.

Royal Museums Greenwich

Royal Museums Greenwich

Forming together under one name are four famous museums the National Maritime Museum, The Royal Observatory that incorporates the Peter Harrison Planetarium, the Cutty Sark and the Queen’s House, in the year 2012 as the Royal Museums of Greenwich.Situated in the spectacular World Heritage Site these amazing four museums are filled with more than thousand visitors every year as it offers a unique experience like, you can stand on two hemispheres of Earth at the prime meridian and feel a 4.5 billion year old Meteorite, Nelsons Uniform with a bullet hole and see Harrison’s timekeepers and even you can enjoy the journey into the vast universe and come across stars in London’s only planetarium. There are a interactive zones where you can steer a ship into port and fire a cannon on a pirate ship or even see various exhibits like many gems and miniature ships. You always have something interesting every time you be at the Royal Museums Greenwich.

Tower bridge

Tower Bridge

Iconic London Attraction – Vying with the London Eye EDF for the capitals most vertiginous experience is the Tower Bridge that offers one of the best and great vantage points in the city of London along with its breathtaking high walkways elevated 140 ft the River Thames is the Tower Bridge in London. The fantastic views from the East Walkway is wonderfully spectacular as you can see the modish Canary Wharf and on the West Walkway as you can the the magnificent westside of the mixed architectural styles of the Tower of London, the London Eye, Big Ben, the City Hall, St Paul’s Cathedral and the City itself. This elegant structure was initially built to serve as a transport for pedestrians across the River Thames while the bridge was being lifted for the sailing of tall ships. At the entrance of the North tower you would be hurtled smoothly by a lift 47 meters above the River Thames by which you will have a unique opportunity to watch the structures spectacular skeleton made out of steel from within. You will also experience an interactive computerized graphics and kiosks panels that explain the importance of the incredible sights and also are shown here are a series of visuals which document the significance of the Bridge’s history. The tour ends with a dramatic descent of historical significance into the Victorian Rooms which were installed in the year 1894 these well maintained beautiful and huge coal driven engines were used to power the lift of the bridge for more than a thousand times. You will even come across models that demonstrate the technology behind this spectacular Bridge and also can view a fascinating collection of images charting the life history of this worlds famous spectacle before you exit the Tower of London. So come and see the elegance and wonder and greatness of London’s most sought tourist London Attraction .

Tate Modern

tate modern

Established in the year 2000 Tate Modern welcomes over 4.2 million visitors every year as it is British’s contemporary and modern museum of art from around the world. This contemporary Museum is housed in a former Bankside power Station on the banks of the River Thames. This remarkable edifice houses amazing and great unique artwork for free by artists like Bourgeois, Warhol, Pollock, Dali, Rothko, Picasso, Matisse, Bonnard, and Cezanne. the permanent collection include works of Andy Warhol, Rothko, Matisse and Bacon, the gallery’s interiors are just more than glorious and unpretentious recreation ground of modern art that are appealing to both amateurs and children as it is to the adults and experts in art. You can rest assure that no trip to the City of London is completed without touring the world’s must watch and successful museum of contemporary art. The gallery accommodates free activities and games in the family zone on the third floor for children in the age group five and above during school holidays and weekends. The Museum stays opened every day and is admission free and for those who love to cram and enjoy as much experience as possible in London its worth visiting the museum through VLondonCity as it stays open until 10:00pm on Fridays and Saturdays.

National Gallery


Adjoining portico designed by William Wilkins and dominating the Trafalgar Square with its neo classical columns is the National Gallery which was originally founded by the Parliament in the year 1824. The gallery houses the most finest arts in Europe that ranges from the 1260 to 1900 which includes over 2300 paintings that fills its rooms and halls such as the Constable’s ‘ The Hay Wain’, Jan Van Eyck’s ‘Arnolfini Marriage and Holbein’s ‘The Ambassadors’ are some of the most interesting attractions in london. The works of these great artists such as Rembrandt, Van Gogh, Constable, Monet and Botticelli and also found on exhibit as the National Gallery is a place that comes true with very high quality of artwork that spans a very wide spectrum of periods and styles. Displayed often by masterpieces in the gallery, are represented of every significance of stages in the development of painting since the Early Renaissance to the Post Impressionists. The collection of the National Gallery belong to the British public as all effort are put into encouraging the public to visit, experience and view the splendid art works as they are free on entry, events, talks, and free tours. so come and be a part of histories most invincible art works.

Tower of London

Tower of London

Standing tall as the world’s most famous attractions in London is the Tower of London that has served as a Royal prison, palace, armoury and also a zoo. This ancient marvel resonates rumbles with the dark secrets as priceless jewels glint in secured vaults and as a sentiment of the Tower there are two pampered ravens that sturt the grounds. The Tower of London was built by William the Conqueror over 900 years ago while the Tower is fill with rich history as the fortress has been expanded by a lot of medieval kings and was also used by many Royals down the years as a power base and refuge. Still housing the Queens Crown Jewels that are on display for visitors The Tower is also the home for the infamous Beefeaters who are tasked with the job of securing as well as showing the visitors some of the highlights of the attractions at the Tower Bridge. The magnificent White Tower is a enormous beautiful stone building which is the center of attraction as this edifice is a home to a variety of ever changing exhibitions of royal and historic artefacts. on the outer walls by the river you would find the Traitors Gate that is infamously known as the entrance for renegades who have been sent to the Tower for execution. So come experience this magnificent castle of the Royals through VLondonCity.

Warner Brothers Studio Tour with Coach Travel

warner borthers studio

Providing an amazing experience and opportunity to explore the world of cinema is the Warner Brothers tour with Coach Travel, here you can watch the movie of the silver screen for real and relive the world of the movies. This unique walking tour experience will take you to the behind the scenes showcasing a huge variety of wonderful costumes, props and sets. the Studio also reveals some of the closely guarded secrets such as the facts about the animations and special effects that made big bucks for films which are largely popular all over the world. Found here are some the thing that you can do and see like stepping inside and discovering the Great Hall, discovering treasures that you may have never seen before, exploring Dumbledore’s office and stepping on to the very famous cobbles of the Diagon Alley which features the Ollivanders wand shop, Eeylops Owl Emporium, Gringotts Wizarding Bank and the Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes. You will also have a chance to watch iconic props from great films and also learn of the creatures of the virtual world are brought alive with the help of green screens, life sized models and animations. Come and rediscover other memorable sets from the high budget films through VLondonCity.

ZSL London Zoo


Home to over 12,000 animals and situated in the Regent’s Park is the world’s most famous London Zoo. There shows held daily by some of these animals which give visitors the best opportunity to learn about them from their keepers. In the Aquarium found are various different creatures that are beautiful and rare, the Clore Rainforest Lookout, Penguin Pool, Gorilla Kingdom and the Butterfly Paradise. This museum is also home to more than fifty species of birds. the childrens zoo give kids a different experience in the ‘Animal Adventure’ with its amazing smells and sights of the animal kingdom. There are zones for roots and tree tops entertaining children from the red pandas that lurk in the leaves to the underground burrowing animals down below and you can even touch and feed the sheep and goats while meeting the donkeys pigs and llamas. If you dont have time to meet the animals of the Sahara desert then you can pretty much view them in this worlds most visited and well known London Zoo through VLondonCity.

Hampton Court Palace

hampton court palace

Filled with over 500 years of rich history that reflects the palace’s stunning and varied mix of the Tudor and the Baroque architecture is the is spectacular Hampton Court Palace. The palace has expensive Tudor kitchens, amazing winding corridors, lavish and stunning State Apartments, pristine 60 acre gardens by the river and a maze together form the Hampton Court as the very oldest surviving Tudor palace in England. The palace which was once the Cardinal Wolsey’s country seat was transformed in the early 1500s after King Henry VIII lavishly redecorated and extended the site into a palace that fits more than it fits a king. Since then through the 1996 when a flame engulfed the Kings Apartments has undergone a huge sequence of changes. King William II wanted to transform the palace in the year 1689 as he commissioned Sir Christopher Wren to reconstruct it, But due to insufficient money and time the demolition and reconstruction was avoided and the palace remains as the Henry VIII’s Tudor palace testifying the estate’s most celebrated owner as well as an original masterpiece. Situated in the astonishing Hampton Court Palace is the world’s, very oldest and immense vines, the wonderful informal and formal riverside gardens and the world’s most famous trapezoidal maze which forms a part of William III’s Wilderness Garden and the very oldest hedge maze which is still in use at present. So come and experience the this spectacular sight of the Hampton Court Palace of 1500’s through VLondonCity.

Thames cruise

thames cruise

The Thames Cruise is one of the most enjoyable experience one can have as you can escape from the crowds to discover London from a very different perspective cruising through the River Thames relaxing and have a glance of London’s very rich history and famous landmarks by going under the Tower Bridge and viewing the House of Parliament along with the Big Ben, a view from the worlds most spectacular fortress “The Tower of London” to one of the oldest areas of the city the Royal Docks and the Isle of Dogs that extends to the warehouse, ports and wharfs along the River Thames. You will also cruise through Canary Wharf which is a estate of over 97 acres and is so called because many of the imports were from the Canary Islands when the docks are used. There are about 14.1 million square feet of retail space and office has been erected till date. Cruising through Greenwich is an amazing experience as it is famous for its very rich heritage of sheer and the grandeur beauty of the buildings which has the magnificent views and prospectus across London and it has a royal history as it was the birthplace of Henry VIII and Elizabeth I among others. Come and be a part of history’s one of the most cruised river bodies in the world The River Thames as the, through VLondonCity.

Shakespeare’s Globe Tour

shakesphere globe

Established in the year 1970. Shakespeare’s Globe Trust was established by an American actor and director, Sam Wanamaker who was fascinated to create a everlasting memorial to Shakespeare and the construction of the Globe began its construction which started with a six meter deep foundation that was completed in the year 1997. This Theater is affiliated to the other four Shakespeare Globe Centers throughout the world. The exhibition and tours of Shakespeare’s Global introduces you to the captivating and the worlds most popular Global Theater and the life of Shakespeare in London. you be able to discover the Elizabethan Bankside which is the City’s playground, watch a sword fighting and find out how actors wear costumes which are homemade while taking a tour of this spectacular working theater as the tour experience is brought to life by the storyteller guides. The tour is open to visitors all around the year that include audio guides in the exhibition through languages such as Japanese, Italian, Spanish, German, French and English, as the theater’s performances starts from Late April through the early October.

Houses of Parliament

house of parliment

The Houses of Parliament allows tours into both the Commons and Lords chambers and along the historic Westminster Hall, the tour is open to the public into a variety of events and programs that has a unique combination of the history of London for over one thousand years of the contemporary politics, art and architecture. In the tour visitors can listen to debates of the both the Houses and watching commitee hearings. This edifice was constructed in the mid 19th century leaving some parts of the building intact as it most of it was engulfed by a devastating fire in the year 1834, the rout to the Houses of the Parliament subsumes Westminster Hall which was established by William Rufus, the son of William the Conqueror. The parliament also offers guided tours which will allow the visitors to have a n in-depth exposure and experience of all the debates and meetings were under taken here and you will also get the opportunity of sit down stops in the Mosses Room, the ‘Aye’ which is a Voting lobby and the Grand Committee Room. Visitors are provided with guided tours in other languages on set timings on all open days such as Russian, German, French, Italian, and Spanish as English runs throughout the day and guided tours over other languages are arranged for groups on request. So come be a part of history in the making of London politics and experience Great Britain with a very different perspective through VLondonCity.

St Paul’s Cathedral

St.Paul's cathedral

Leaving nothing to diminish from its past three centuries is the magnificent and spectacular St Pauls Cathedral which was a masterpiece of Christopher Wren and the most famous cathedral of London. The £40 million and the painstaking restoration removed the Victorian grime of the walls as its extravagant exteriors just looks as blazing when its first stone was laid in the year 1708. Venture down to the vast openings of the interior that contains the memorials and tombs to national heroes such as scientist Alexander Fleming, Poets like William Blake and John Donne, Lawrence and Wellington and Lawrence of Arabia, the Duke Wellington and Admiral Lord Nelson as they also have select pieces of modern and contemporary art with phenomenal decorative touches. The dome over you is so spectacular and is the highlight of the place and within it is the Whispering Gallery that consists of finest acoustics while on the top gallery which is the Golden Gallery provides famous and glorious views that will leave you giddying. You can also visit the Oculus as it is an award winning 270⁰ immersive movie experience and also climb the top of the dome and the breath taking panoramic views across London.

The London Dungeon


One of the must see signature attractions in London that has been delighting audiences for about 40 years is The London Dungeon that takes you into a ninety minute journey through 1000 years of the murky past in London. You can walk through the Dungeon with you companions moving through a sequence of shows which is guided by professional actors as these shows are completely based over the real history and legends of the capital city from the characters of Jack the Ripper to infamous Sweeney Todd barber of Fleet Street. The Dungeon is a 360⁰ of full on theatrical and authenticity storytelling which is totally a themed experience. The journey will to the misty East London streets through the Whitechapel Labyrinth, houses that are ravaged with plague, see and feel if Guy Fawkes had succeeded and see the fearsome chamber of torture. This is a place of scary and fun of the horrible bits of the of history. So come and experience the best of enjoyment and fun in the London Dungeons.

SEA LIFE London Aquarium

sea life London acquarium

With hundreds of varieties of sea life from all around the The Sea Life London Aquarium is a must tourist best attractions in London. At this magnificent place you will come face to face with sharks while divers feed gigantic conger eels as rays, piranhas, sea horses and starfish also on exhibit. The interactive displays of this spectacular Aquarium include touch pools which is closely supervised while petting the friendly rays is positively modish you will be allowed to watch how the fishes at the aquarium are being fed as divers dive to feed them on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays in the main Atlantic Tank from 12:00pm to 12:30pm. The aquarium is situated in the Country Hall on the River Thames and is a placid and serene place to visit as long as you don’t collide with smaller school groups as this is a favourite spot of escape for Londoners and also a very cool place for a date. Come and enjoy in this wonderful and beautiful SEA LIFE London Aquarium in London and make some fishy friends.

Kensington Palace

kensington palace

Staging as the birthplace of Queen Victoria the Kingston Palace is the working Royal residence which has a great historical importance as it was the favourite home of the successive sovereigns up to 1760 and at present the palace is occupied with private apartments and offices to a number of Royal Family members. Though the Kingston Palace comes under the wing of the Historic Royal Palaces, this awe-inspiring palace is well furnished with items of the Royal Collection. This Amazing palace was shaped up by royal women generations of past from Queen Mary to Queen Victoria and recently by Diana Princess of Wales. Situated at the boundaries of the Hyde Park in the central city, the spectacular Kingston Palace remains as a popular and desired residence as it is a home to modern royals for modern Royals like Prince Harry, Zara Phillips and the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. So come and experience the life of a 17th and 18th century courtier while walking through the magnificent King’s and Queen’s State Apartments that are adorned with the magnificent paintings in the royal collection and also relive the Victorian era as Queen Victoria’s life and reign are explored in the exhibitions depicting her as a child, wife, mother, Queen and Empress.

Windsor Castle


Adjacent to London, Windsor is a small and quiet city that consists of a tiny river and typical tiny English Houses and spending a day in that place would be allows you to have a great time. The City’s main attraction is the Windsor Castle that is the Royal residence and fortress for over 900 years and is the oldest and largest castles inhabited in the world, the castle consists of beautiful gardens, the Royal Rooms and the St. George’s Chapel. The Chapel is one the finest examples of Gothic architecture in England that contains tombs of ten sovereigns that include Henry VIII and Charles I. The Castle is decorated with some of the very finest works of the Royal Collection by Gainsborough, Ruben, Rembrandt and others, also found in the castle is the Queen Mary’s Doll’s House and the Drawing Gallery. So, come and tour this magnificent castle.

Design Museum


The is located on the banks of River Thames, it consists of two floors that showcases modern designs and art in all forms which include architectural, graphics, and fashion. The two main galleries of the and its collection outlines the history of design developments of the origins of mass productions and today’s contemporary works. The museum is first ever and unique of its kind, that exhibits and focuses on mass production of items in its collection while it boasts for the most famous and renowned collection of everyday objects since the twentieth century to the twenty first century. The museum gives an inset of the past life and provides the visitors a chance to examine the innovative that features newer methods in prototypes for the future generation. The items and objects found in the museum delineates to architecture, fashion, furniture, technology and engineering. the Design museum was once a banana warehouse of the 1950s which was later re-designed by the Corner Group and the museum is situated just downriver of Butler’s Wharf and the Old Spice importing warehouses. Housed in the museum is also the Blue Print Cafe on the first level which overlooks the river. So come and be a part of this magnificent wonder.

Churchill War Rooms


During the World War two Churchill lead the troops to a small warren of underground rooms that are now open for public visitation. The place was previously known as the Cabinet War Rooms which were then renamed as Churchill War Rooms as visitors can have a glance of the area which was left as it is when it was last used during the prime minister’s cigar smoking days. This place has each and every furniture and fittings right where they were when it was last used from the maps which were marked with coloured pins to the Transatlantic Phone Room that had a direct hotline to Franklin D. Roosevelt. In adjacent to the Churchill War Rooms is the Churchill Museum that was opened in the year 2005 is an high tech showcase that depicts his life as, the centerpiece of this museum is an interactive timeline which portrays Churchills achievements. also hosed in this museum is a collection of his clothes, photos, infamous quotes and personal papers while his incentric habits will not go unnoticed. Exhibited in one of the cabinets is a oversized romper suit of Churchill that is as wide as it is high and with letters to his staff that demands champagne during meals inspite of wartime shortages. Come and explore the Churchill war rooms and the museum.

Royal Albert Hall

royalalbert hall

Established and opened in the year 1871 ten years after Prince Albert’s death the Royal Albert Hall is a home to various performances such as music genres like jazz, pop, rock and classical as it also sports galas, events, balls and banquets and the worlds most famous and spectacular Proms series as all of these take place, confined by the iconic oval walls of Royal Albert Hall. This Hall is one of the versatile venues of London as it is the favourite and most sort by performers from Jose Carreras to Kylie Minogue. This spectacular Hall also plays as a seniors tennis circuit and the likes of McEnroe and Becker can be seen as if bouncing balls off the famous mushrooms over the ceiling. The inspiration for the brainchild of Prince Albert was successful by the Great Exhibition. Influence heavily by notions to the Empire and its arts and the ancient amphitheatres the Oval structure’s terracotta walls were adorned on the outside with a frieze that dedicated to “The Triumph of Arts and Science”. So come and get completely entertained at the Royal Albert Hall.

Wembley Stadium

wembley stadium

The Wembley Stadium was re-opened in the year 2007 after it was reconstructed which costed £757 million, this gigantic stadium is the second largest of its kind in Europe, the stadium took three years to make and is sited on the erstwhile site of the 1923 Wembley Stadium, which is likewise referred to “the Empire Stadium or The Twin Towers”, it was later demolished in the year 2003. During the seventy year life of this neat and much loved stadium, it hosted some of the histories, incredible games in sports entertainment such as the infamous White Horse FA Cup Final in the year 1923 as it had 240,000 spectators who cheered, as they watched Bolton Wanderers beat West Ham United with the score of 2-0. The stadium of 1923 had the famous twin towers which were later superseded with the design of the 2007, stadium’s trademark that is soaring 134m high arch as it’s the longest and single span roof structure in the universe and is visible all over London. Hosting the annual NFL International Series and the Rugby League Challenge Cup final, the stadium is the dwelling of the England Football team and hosts the England’s various domestic club football competitions like the FA Cup cup, Championship/ League Playoffs and the Community Shield. The Wembley Stadium also held the UEFA Champions League Final between Manchester United and Barcelona in the yr 2011. Outside the world of sports entertainment the stadium is also a locale for the greatest musical acts as it hosted concerts like Coldplay, U2, Oasis, Muse, and Take That. So, take in your reservations for Europe’s second largest arena to get entertained.

Royal Academy of Arts

Royal academy arts

Established in the year 1768 the Royal Academy of Arts stands as the oldest fine arts center in England and is located in the heart of London’s West End on Piccadilly. This spectacular gallery is housed in the palace of Lord Burlington which is the home to United Kingdom’s premier art school and a sequence of exhibitions. The Royal Academy of Arts has always something new as it constantly hosts various exhibition programs as these exhibitions are staged in some of Europe’s most awe-inspiring galleries. Of recent the most celebrated show was Saatchi’s ‘Sentation’, as the show exhibited everything from contemporary photography and fashion retrospectives to the broader collections of the post 18th century artistic production and impeccably researched the study of historic cultures. The Royal Academy’s summer exhibition is a splendid mixture of artists since the academy first opened that displays works of the new age artists and academicians. Visit this wonderful edifice and get entertained.

Ripley’s Believe It or Not! London

ripley's believe it or not

Located in the heart of Piccadilly Circus London’s most exciting and unique attraction is the “Ripley’s Believe It or Not!” as it is the home to the eccentric and the unusual, in its collection there are more than seven hundred authentic curiosities and artefacts collected from all over the world that stuns and gets its visitors amused. This stunning gallery brings back the childhood memories as you will discover the original Toots Sweet machine which had featured in the classic movie called Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and even you will come across the eight foot model of the Optimus Prime character featured in the Transformers which is made of original automobile parts. The new interactive graffiti of budding Banksys will let their creativity run wild as it is the top attraction in the “Ripley’s Believe It or Not!” at London. You are also allowed to listen to Sir Winston Churchill’s famous speech and see the appointment letter of Queen Victoria which is signed by the lady herself. You will also come across the largest canvas of the world which is 3,000lb pieces of the Berlin Wall as it is the place where international artists and local residents get to show themselves. So come and bring your imaginations to the succeeding stage in the unexplored territory while you will explore United Kingdom’s extraordinary attractions in the vaults of “Ripley’s Believe It or Not!” .