London Rickshaws Are Revolutionising the Capital’s Travel

Anyone wanting to hear about the rickshaws in London need look no further than Chinatown. There’s no better way to beat the crowds on a crowded weekend than hopping into one of this beautiful little crafts and gliding through the streets at speed. Now however, they’re expanding out into the rest of the city, and the results have so far been quick spectacular.

There will, of course, always be a need for quick, space efficient travel in a bustling city like London, and that’s a niche that no amount of pedicabs will ever be able to fill alone. It seems inevitable that these older modes of transportation will be around for some time, until technology becomes advanced enough to provide an even more efficient method at least. Travelling in a London rickshaw isn’t about efficiency though.

Life isn’t all about fitting the maximum number of things into the shortest period of time and space. Sometimes, the stress and the hassle of public transport can leave one wanting a more enjoyable approach to getting around. In these circumstances, alternative solutions like London rickshaws reign supreme. A little bit different, a little bit better, these fantastic vessels provide the perfect solution for anyone searching the city for some variety.

Eco Friendly Tours : Rickshaws

The chief benefit is how much more spacious a Rickshaw can be. In the heat of summer, when the tube tunnels grow hot and buses stuffy, it can seem like a rather grisly task getting to and from work. Everyone is sweating through their neatly pressed shirts, and the heat can just become unbearable. Sticky, slick carriages full of overheated passengers is certainly not how many would choose to get about if they had the choice. Luckily, they do have an alternative, a ride in a lovely London rickshaw. With the bursts of fresh air and the smaller capacity, a pedicab is the ideal mode of transport for those balmy summer days and nights. There’s a reason why these little wagons were invented in the heat of the far east, and why they retain their popularity in the humid regions of South East Asia.

Of course, there’s more to it than mere comfort. When you’re travelling underground, you miss much of the city. It really is a method of getting from A to B, with walls of grey concrete and bland white tiled stations all you will see in between. Travelling in a London pedicab ensures that you get to take in all the sights and absorb the bustling streets of the capital. It’s this energy filled passion that drives the capital, and watching this busy world go by from the comfort of a rickshaw is a rather enjoyable experience for the voyeurs amongst us.

The ecological impact of your choices can be huge too. The city is beset by wave after wave of noxious pollution, rising up from the streets and harming the atmosphere. It’s having a detrimental effect on our health, on our city and on our very planet, and yet we tolerate it. Why? Because it’s convenient. None of us are very proud of the fact but let’s be honest, the fact that it requires so little effort to take the road that is simplest often means that we will take it regardless of whether or not it is the correct one. Luckily, London Rickshaws have finally come about to offer a simple solution to these problems. Now, avoiding pollution and looking after the planet is as simple as getting in one of these innovative vehicles and paying a reasonable fare.

A New Way of Doing Things

Rickshaws are primarily used as transport, however they also serve other purposes. Rickshaw marketing might sound a little absurd, but in reality it’s fast becoming part of a new trend that utilises unusual mediums to convey its message. One such medium is the humble London rickshaw. A brightly coloured vehicle, bold and darting through the city streets, it provides the perfect canvass for some less conventional advertisements.

It’s all part of a new strategy called guerilla marketing, that looks to integrate advertisements with everyday objects. From London pedicabs to fake graffiti, it takes the world of marketing outside of its glossy comfort zone and forces it to get real. Magazines and TV ads will only go so far, and the logic that applies in these markets doesn’t work when it comes to the outside world. Instead, you have to get creative. You have to make murals out of bikes, have interactive art in appropriate places or do something like putting out a fleet of rickshaws. A lot of rickshaws in London were recently hired to ferry potential customers from Oxford street to a new store location in style, ensuring that those looking for the relocated shop knew exactly where it was and had a story to tell. Word spread and just like that, the new shop saw a huge increase in customers, intrigued by their innovative methods

Advertising on Rickshaws in London : Innovative Companies

Of course, wherever creativity blooms, pioneers will emerge. One such company is HireLondonRickshaws which provides London Pedicabs , a firm that specialises in offering the full scope of services that these little vehicles can provide. They provide everything from transport to guerilla marketing, ensuring that they’re usually the first place anyone interested in the area will come to for help.


London Rickshaw Tours

They also offer London rickshaw tours, utilising the unique properties of their vehicles to give an unrivalled tour of the sites and sounds of the capital. As previously mentioned, the journey is just as important as the destination when it comes to rickshaws so it seems like a natural fit. When a lucky customer embarks on one of these journeys, they’ll know that they’re about to get a unique experience that easily beats any old bus trip. It’s equivalent of a walking trip, but you can cover so much more ground and get to see all of the sites instead of just the local ones. An innovative solution that uses London pedicabs to both maximise viewing time and minimising the hassle of being in a crowd, combining the two most desirable traits of other methods. Rickshaw tours are available for sensible rates from a variety of companies, but there are few that are as comprehensive or recommended as the ones offered by London Rickshaws.

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