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Top 10 London Attractions of 2023

There are almost 60 best attractions found in London, you can find the dinosaurs to the Tudor Monarchs along with 18th century Lord Mayor’s gold couch to the Charles Darwins  walking stick. There are more than a record of 8 Million visitors who visit London for its attractions, amongst them are these exclusive and famous top 10 attractions at London from the EDF London Eye to the contemporary art of Tate Modern  that you would never want to miss, as they are unique, refreshing and imaginative for their legacy, importance and history. Not to mention! with a great range of free and/or easily affordable attractions that are incredible, whether you prefer a tour for the Buckingham Palace or for the contemporary art  museums from the exquisite parks to world class museums with free activities for kids, you can avail them at a very affordable price with VlondonCity. With us you make your trip to London much worth, fun and cherishable. So, what are you waiting for, get entertained, awestruck and spend the best time ever, by visiting these wondrous top ten attractions at London which will entertain you to the fullest by choosing as below.

EDF London Eye


EDF London Eye of London draws around 3.5 million visitors every year making it one of the highly rated tourist attraction. You can view almost the whole of London from this astonishing height, as it contains 32 sealed air-conditioned capsules which carries about 25 people at a time to enjoy a 360⁰ ride along with your loved ones or you can be a host to your party by booking a capsule for a best entertainment ever. The London eye at London that has 32 ovoidal passenger capsules carries about 25 persons that allows you to experience the overall view of the city of London from this magnificent EDF eye in London. For enjoying all those joyous moments and cherishing the fun with your loved ones come and be entertained and experience this awesome sight from the EDF London eye.

Tower of London


Tower of London, is a very old historic castle on the north bank of the River Thames in central London. The London Tower was founded towards the end of 1066 is a grand palace early in its history that served as a royal residence as part of the Norman Conquest of England it was later used as a prison from 1100 until 1952. The tower has played a prominent role in English history. There were several times that the Tower at London was besieged because controlling the palace has been important to controlling the country. So, Make your reservations and view this splendid Castle which has an amazing history.

Madame Tussauds


Madame Tussauds in London is wax museum which was set up in year 1884 by the famous wax sculptor Marie Tussaud and is operated at present by Merlin Entertainments on Marylebone Road. Madame Tussauds near London is a major tourist attraction displaying waxworks of life size historical royal figures, world leaders, film stars, sports stars and infamous murderers from around the world. So, book your tickets for the amazing real life sculptures of Madame Tussauds and experience its magnificence and get face to face with the present and history.

The Shard


The Shard at London is the second tallest building in the United Kingdom, standing with 87-storey and an approximate height of 1,004 ft which forms part of the London Bridge Quarter development. The Shard is attracted by a multitude of tourists and visitors to London. The Shard of London has a spire, two observatories one on the ground floor and the other on the top floor, it has residences, hotels restaurants, offices, Retail and office reception. The Shard is considered one of the top tourist attractions making it a must to visit locations in our top 10 listings.

British Museum


British Museum of London is dedicated to human history and culture dating back to many centuries till present time, the museum was established in the year 1753 and was opened on 15 January 1759 making British Museum at London itself as an historic symbol for more than 260 years. The British Museum has around 10 departments that have galleries which date back from more than two centuries that includes the footprints of the British Empire and legacy to arts, science and technology. Come and visit this splendor to become a part of history by knowing the great legacies of the human evolution to the rise and fall of the worlds greatest empires.

Buckingham Palace


Making a mark as the principal royal residence in 1837 after the accession of Queen Victoria the Buckingham Palace of London stand as the home and office of her highness Queen Elizabeth II with her entire royal family. Buckingham Palace at London is considered as a great monument that stands as one of historys greatest legendary palaces dating back to the year 1837. Buckingham Palace in London has a large royal garden along with a lake alongside is the largest private garden in London, in this garden the Queen hosts her annual garden parties every summer to celebrate royal milestones. So, get yourself to know more historical facts and be a royal guest to the royal palace.

Royal Museums Greenwich

Royal Museums Greenwich

The royal museums Greenwich is the collective name for the four museums in London which are namely National Maritime Museum, Queen’s House, Royal Observatory Greenwich and Cutty Sark. The National Maritime Museum one of the largest museum of its kind in the world known today it is also one of the leading maritime museum in United Kingdom. The Queen’s House is the former royal residence from the year 1616 to the year 1619, the palace was later recently used to house equestrian events at the back of its grounds for 2012 Olympic games. Royal Observatory Greenwich is the location of prime meridian and was commissioned in the year 1675 by King Charles II, it played an important role in the history of navigation and astronomy. Cutty Sark was built in the year 1869 for the Jock Willis shipping line, it was the last tea clippers that was one the fastest sailing clippers which was halted as the steam propulsion gave away. So, be a spectator of the history and elegance of the Royal museums Greenwich in London.

Tower bridge


The tower bridge in London was started in the year 1886 and was erected in the year 1894 which is a combined bascule and suspension bridge that crosses the River Thames in London. Consisting of two towers which are tied together with two horizontal walkways at the upper level as the suspended sections of the bridge that is designed to withstand the horizontal forces towards the landward sides of the towers. The Tower bridge is 800 ft in length as its towers are 213 ft high with the distance between them is 200 ft as the tower is split into two equal bascules that can be raised to an angle of 86 degrees for the flow of the rivers traffic. So, be a spectator to this awesome wonder to its spectacular maneuvering when the the traffic of the river passes through the Tower bridge at London.

National Gallery


National Gallery in London houses a collection of over 2,300 paintings which date back to the mid-13th century to 1900 and was opened to the public on 10 May 1824. National Gallery London which is situated in Angerstein’s former townhouse on No. 100 Pall Mall. The art museum galleries are under the responsibility of board of trustees since July 1824 as its initial keeper of the paintings Rev. William Holwell Carr’s bore the burden for managing the gallery. The National Gallery at London has wonderful paintings of which you would want to posses, so, come visit this arena of paintings as you will not want to miss out any part of this attraction that is listed in the London top 10 attractions.

Tate Modern


Tate Modern is a modern art museum which houses all the latest contemporary paintings from the late 1500 AD  to the present day. With collections which includes nearly 70,000 artworks by over 3,000 artists who possesses great talents, imaginations and creativeness portray their art, paintings, illusions and designs at Tate Modern and the number of artists and their collections keep growing. Tate Modern is a striking attraction with around 4.7 million visitors per year and is the most-visited modern art gallery in the world. Tate Modern at London forms part of the Tate group and is the Britain’s national gallery of international modern art. So, be there to witness the flawless artwork that will delight to this one of a kind top ten attraction of London.