What are the buffet restaurants? If you’re not familiar with this term, these buffet restaurants are the eateries in which the customers can serve themselves, by choosing what they want to eat and drink, putting it on the plate and then sitting somewhere in the interior of the restaurant in order to eat. These places are, in our opinion, absolutely great, and sometimes the only option when it comes to eating – we don’t like to be served every time. As it is the case with other versions of eateries, London has a great choice of buffet restaurants, and one can easily find such an eatery in almost any part of England’s capital. Even though they sound less luxurious than the usual kinds of restaurants, these buffet restaurants that we chose for our list of the top buffet restaurants in London have good service, a nice atmosphere, and most importantly – they’re fairly affordable. All that one has to do is to choose what he’d like to eat, put it on his own plate – and enjoy the meal! Some of these places are located inside London hotels while some are independent. The top buffet restaurants in London are the following ones:

1.Planet Organic


This eatery can be found at the Torrington Place, and is one of the best destinations for the vegetarians in the entire city. The selection of food is truly great here – one choose between the meals made just for vegetarians, and there are also the dishes which are gluten-free. Let’s not forget the fact that the Planet Organic is very close to the Goodge Street station, which means that it’s easily accessible from other parts of London and that it should definitely be visited.

Address: NW1 2AJ, Euston Road 100

2. Cantina do Gaúcho


The next buffet restaurant on our list is the Cantina do Gaúcho, situated at the Amhurst Park Street (not far from the Stamford Hill station). Heading over here for a meal is a great decision if you’re interested in the cuisines of South America, as this eatery serves some of the best Brazilian meals in England’s capital. The staff of this place makes the customers feel like they’re at home and let’s not forget that the atmosphere is absolutely an impeccable one.

Address: N16 5AA, Amhurst Park 20

3. Cookbook Café


As you can see from the name, you can also drink a nice cup of coffee at this place. The Cookbook Café can be found between the Hyde Park and the Buckingham Palace, on the Hamilton Place, where it stands as one of the best buffet eateries in the entire area of Greater London. As this place is owned by the Park Lane Hotel, an easy access to the cocktail bar of this hotel is also guaranteed. What more could one want?

Address: W1J 7QU, Hamilton Place 1

4. Old Justice


The Old Justice is located at the Bermondsey Wall, not far from the most famous English river. It is a Korean eatery, even though its name certainly doesn’t suggest that. Here, the customers can find some of the best Korean meals in the country, served by the staff that’s very friendly and professional. We should also mention the fact that the Old Justice is one very affordable restaurant, so if you’re hunting for bargains, be sure to pay it a visit.

Address: SE16 4TY, Bermondsey Wall E 94

5. Water Margin The O2


This is one of the largest buffet restaurants in the city, featuring the most beautiful oriental theme and serving some really good meals, like the sesame prawn toast or the satay chicken. This place can, as the name already suggests, be found at the famous O2 Arena, which is one of the major attractions of London. There are 40 buffet meals to try here (80 at dinner), and we should also mention that the ground floor of this place changes into a bar on weekends.

Address: SE10 0DY, The O2 Arena

6. Conrad St. James


This is actually a hotel that offers both the guests and the customers to have a buffet-style eating in its on-site restaurant of this kind, which guarantees the elegance and coziness of the London hotels. The Conrad St. James is located at the Broadway, just across the station, with the Buckingham Palace being the closest of the London attractions. While here, you should definitely hop to the bar of this hotel, and have a drink from its wide selection of beverages.

Address: SW1H 0BH, Broadway 22

7. Tibits


The next of the buffet restaurants is located on the Heddon Street, not far from one of the most famous squares in England’s capital – the Piccadilly Circus. As it was the case with the Planet Organic, the Tibits is also a great destination for the vegetarians, since it has an amazing selection of the so-called green food, which is of the highest quality – just like expected. The Tibits also serves the non-alcoholic drinks, which truly makes this eatery one of the “healthiest” in the city.

Address: W1B 4DA, Heddon Street

8. Hilton Tower Bridge


As you can probably guess from the name, this is also a hotel that has a buffet option when it comes to eating. The Hilton Tower Bridge is close to both the Tate Modern museum and to the famous Tower Bridge, as it is located on the Tooley Street, and it has one polished and clean restaurant, with the kitchen being led by one of the most famous cooks of this planet – Jamie Oliver. We should also mention that there is a bar, as well as the terrace for dining.

Address: SE1 2BY, Tooley Street

9. Jak’s

Photography by Kang L

The next eatery on our list of the top buffet London restaurant can be found on the King’s Road, very close to the Westfield Park, and is one of those places where the guests can eat their food and, at the same time, have a look at what’s happening in the kitchen of the restaurant. The interior of the eatery is beautiful – there are some decorations and the overall atmosphere is very comfortable and is certainly one of the best buffet restaurants in the city.

Address: SW10 0TZ, King’s Road 533

10. Ai Sushi


The Ai Sushi is, as the name suggests, a Japanese eatery, and one that has the required buffet option. This place can be found at North Finchley, or to be more precise – on the High Road. This restaurant has one of the best sushis in London, so if you’re interested in Japanese cuisine and meals of this Eastern country – head over to the Ai Sushi! The prices are a bit high here, but believe us – it’s worth it.

Address: N12 9RA, High Road 830

11. Pullman


The next place once again goes to the hotel – and this time, it’s the Pullman Hotel, which is located on the Euston Road – which means that this place is close to the International St. Pancras station (and it’s also pretty close to the British Museum, making it a nice destination for the tourists). Here, the guests can eat the buffet dishes inside the breakfast area. There are also some of the best European wines to order here – which is pretty nice.

Address: NW1 2AJ, Euston Road 100

12. Zeitgeist


The Zeitgeist can be found on the Black Price Road, and, as the name already suggests, has a German theme. It was opened in 2007, and is not only a great choice when it comes to buffet style of eating, but also, a great destination if you’re interested in German food. There are, of course, some of the best German beers here, and the guests can also watch the football games of the German First League (Bundesliga) on the on-site TV.

Address: SE11 6AB, Black Prince Road 49

13. Wing Wah Buffet


The last place on our list of the best buffet restaurants of London will go to the Wing Wah Buffet, which can be found at the Woolwich Road, where it serves the best dishes of the Chinese cuisine, inside the pretty spacious interior. This place can get very busy sometimes, as most of the regular customers are used to the great food here and never miss the chance to come again. We really liked the place and recommend it if you’re interested in Asian cuisine.

Address: SE10 0JU, Woolwich Road 4