When one wants to study in one of the great European cities, London stands as a fantastic choice. This city has a great number of world-class universities, all of them offering the education of the highest quality, allowing the hard-working students to find a field that they want to master and then study it with all the possible commodities of the famous English universities. There are both specialist and multidisciplinary universities in England’s capital, and they will even allow you to easily combine your career with studying – one can be a working person and at the same time educate himself/herself at one of these institutions! This is why we went around the city to find out the Top London universities to study, which wasn’t really a hard task to do because all of them are well-established institutions with a long history and are also among the best places to study on the entire planet. Some of them have central, and some of them suburban surroundings, allowing the foreign students (and those that come all over the UK, of course) to explore this great city during their studies. The top London universities to study, in our opinion, would be the following ones:

1.Imperial College London


Let’s start the list off by taking a look at the Imperial College, which can be found just south of the famous Hyde Park, close to the Science Museum. This, of course, means that the location of this place is great, as it is close to all the major attractions of the city. The university was established more than a hundred years ago by the Royal Charter and allows the students to study in the following fields – medicine, science, business, and engineering. Right now, there are over 16.000 students studying here, and it’s no wonder why – it’s one of the best universities in the world.

Address: SW7 2AZ

2. University College London


The next London University on our list will be the University College, located on Gower Street, east of the Hyde Park. Now, this place is rather old – it was founded all the way back in 1826, and it is the oldest of all English universities to be wholly secular. The main campus of the UCL is, as already mentioned, located in the London district of Bloomsbury, where students can study economics, geography, mathematics, languages, biology, and many, many other fields. This place is consistently ranked among the leading universities of the planet, and some of the notable people who studied here were Alexander Graham Bell and Mahatma Gandi.

Address: WC1E 6BT / at the Gower Street

3. London School of Economics


This place can be found on Houghton Street, very close to the Lincoln’s Inn Fields, and is known as the only university in the United Kingdom that specializes in the social sciences. The location is great – the LSE is close to both the Thames River and to the Trafalgar Square, as well as to the nightlife of the famous West End clubs. The university was founded in 1895 and has over 10,000 students, with two-thirds of them coming outside the UK, from over 150 countries all around the world. Many of the famous world politicians studied here, like Romano Prodi or George Papandreou.

Address: WC2A 2AE / at the Houghton Street

4. King’s College London


The next university on our list of the top universities to study in London would be the King’s College, which is situated at the Strand, being very close to the most famous of all English rivers. This would be the third-oldest of all UK universities as it was founded back in 1829 by both the Duke of Wellington and King George IV (hence the name), and ever since has grown through various mergers with other institutions. The number of students studying at the King’s College is tremendous – there are over 27,000 of them! This is also the largest healthcare education institution on the continent.

Address: WC2R 2LS / at the Strand

5. Royal Holloway


This is a public research university that can be found in Egham, Surrey, being a little further out of the central London, very close to the town of Egham. The campus of this university covers a very large area of 135 acres of forest, located between Heathrow and Windsor, which we found to be absolutely beautiful and stunning. Other than the superb environment, this university allows the students to study in one of their 19 academic departments, like the law, history, drama & theater, physics, geography, English, and many others. The notable people who studied here would be Mark Strong and David Bellamy.

Address: TW20 0EX / at the Egham Hill

6. Queen Mary


Let’s take a look at the Queen Mar University, which can be found at Mile End Road, very close to the Mile End hospital, in the east of London. There are over fifteen thousand students studying here, with the university being divided into three faculties – the one for science and engineering, the one for humanities and social sciences while the third one is for medicine and dentistry. It is among the top universities on the continent and has produced six Nobel Laureates, and is known for maintaining a nuclear reactor during the seventies. Pretty cool, don’t you think?

Address: E1 4NS / at the Mile End Road

7. Birkbeck College


The next London University on our list will be the Birkbeck College, which is located on Malet Street, just east of the Goodge Street station. This is, just like the Royal Holloway, a public research university, and was founded under its current name in 1907 – over a hundred years ago. As it is the case with all other English universities, the Birkbeck College also offers a great student life, offering them to participate in football, to visit the student bar, and to read the student magazine. Some of the notable people who studied here are T. S. Elliot, Bear Grylls, and Daisy Ridley.

Address: WC1E 7HX / at the Malet Street



The SOAS means School of Oriental and African Studies, with this college being located in the London district of Bloomsbury, next to the Russel Square. It was established back in 1916 and it specializes in the languages, humanities, and social sciences of, as the name suggests, Africa, Middle East, and Asia. Right now, there are over five thousand students studying there, with the percentage of foreign students being at 43%. The university is very famous for its renowned library that contains thousands on volumes that study Africa and Asia, and this library is comparable only to the famous British Library.

Address: WC1H 0XG

9. The Brunel University


The Brunel University has this name as it was named after the most famous English engineers of all times – Isambard Kingdom Brunel. This place was founded in 1966 and has over 14,000 thousand students, and offers courses in health, law, arts, social sciences, and business, with all of these courses being based in its West London campus, in Uxbridge. The student life is nothing short to great, as the Brunel University offers comfortable accommodation, bars, restaurants, libraries, study facilities, as well as the sports center and some green places for relaxing walks and studying. Many famous entertainers and politicians studied here.

Address: UB8 3HP / at the Kingston Lane

10. City University London


Located at the Northampton Square, the City University was established back in 1894, having a stunning number of 17,000 students who study in five schools – the law school, the school of social science and arts, the school of mathematics, the business one, and the one for health sciences. The name of this place suggests us that it has a close relationship with the central part of London, called the City of London (which covers only one square mile). There are many famous people who studied here, like Tony Blair, Margaret Thatcher, Muhammad Iqbal, Muhtar Kent, and many others.

Address: EC1V 0HB / at the Northampton Square

11. London Business School


The eleventh place on our list will go to the London Business School, which is located at the Sussex Place, next to the Regent’s Park, in the west of London. It was founded back in 1964 and offers all sorts of academic programs, like the Masters in Finance or the Masters of Business Administration, and has over1,800 students that come from over 100 countries from all over the world. One of the interesting things about the LBS is that it has over 70 student clubs, like the Latin America or the salsa one, and some of the notable people who studied here are John Egan and David Davis.

Address: NW1 4SA / at the Sussex Place

12. London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine


To conclude the list, let’s take a look at the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, which is located on Keppel Street, very close to the Goodge Street station. It is a leading medical institution which, as the name suggest, specializes in researching tropical medicines and public health. There are some 1,250 students studying here, which is no wonder since this is one of the best universities in the world when it comes to medicine sciences – the LSHTM certainly contributed to the improvement of the worldwide health ever since it was established at the end of the 19th century, in 1899.

Address: WC1E 7HT / at the Keppel Street