Among all cuisines that are represented in London, our absolute favorite would be the Thai cuisine – we just love it! The people from Thailand, which is the country in the southeast of Asia, surely know how to make good food. The meals of the Thai cuisine are a perfect combination of the aromatic components and of the gentle preparation, a fusion of fury and care, which makes these dishes something truly special and pleasant to the stomach. Fortunately, the Thai restaurants can be found everywhere around London, which also brings us to the following problem – which of these eateries should one visit? This is why we decided to go around the city and find only the best Thai eateries in England’s capital, thus making the list of the top Thai restaurants in London. As it is the case with other restaurants in the city, most of these places will offer you some really good food and drinks, combined with good atmosphere and service. The atmosphere in most of these places is truly a Thai one, which is really important for the full experience, and since London is full of tube stations, you can easily get to any of them and then back home. The top Thai restaurants in London are:

1.Nipa Thai


The Nipa Thai restaurant can be found in the Lancaster Hotel, which is just north of the most famous London parks – the Hyde Park. This is one of the plushest Thai restaurants in the city, offering the guests to try some of their expensive but tasty dishes. The full menu will cost you at least thirty pounds, but the meals are done with such care and professionalism that you certainly won’t regret the money. Be sure to try the Thai wines here!

Address: W2 2TY, Lancaster Terrace

2. Mango Tree


Located at the Grosvenor Place, the Mango Tree is also pretty close to the Hyde Park, just like the Nipa Thai. It is a perfect destination for those searching for good Thai food that comes at reasonable prices since Mango Tree is one of those affordable eateries. The dining room of the Mango Tree is really big and has very high ceilings, as well as the minimalistic wooden decorations and the evenly distributed tables. You will surely like this restaurant.

Address: SW1X 7EQ, Grosvenor Place 46

3. Heron


The next of the Thai eateries on our list is the Heron, which can be found in the Norfolk Cres – or more precisely, on the Edgware Road. The interior of the Heron restaurant is stunning, as it looks and feels very mysterious and has a menu that is, surprisingly, written in Thai, but there are is, fortunately, a picture for every single one of the dishes. Here, one can try the meals of the Northern Thailand, like the stir-fries and sour curries.

Address: W2 2DN, Norfolk Cres

4. KaoSarn


The KaoSarn surely has a great location – this Thai eatery is situated in the London district of Brixton, right there on the vibrant and popular Brixton Market. Other than this, the KaoSarn can offer you some of the best Thai dishes in all of London, since this is a family-run restaurant that is almost always crowded as it has plenty of regular customers. You can try the salads, stir-fries, curries, the ginger tea, and many other fine Thai dishes and drinks.

Address: SW9 8PR, Brixton Village Market 2

5. Champor Champor


This particular Thai eatery is very close to one of the symbols of the London skyline – the Shard building, being located on the Western Street. You will certainly like the interior of this restaurant, as it has some pretty interesting elements of decoration, like the masks and burning candles. The Champor Champor serves both the Thai and the Malay dishes, and we would advise you to try the fish meals here, as they’re really good and the cooks surely know what they’re doing.

Address: SE1 3QJ, Western Street 62

6. Isarn


The next Thai restaurant on our list carries the name of Isarn, and can be found on the Upper Street, where it stands as one of the most beloved Thai eateries in London. The atmosphere is just impeccable – you will find that the dining room of the Isarn features the dark wood decorations combined with large lampshades, giving this place a distinctive Thai feel, just like we expected. Meals are tasty and affordable, which just might be what you’re searching for.

Address: N1 1QP, Upper Street 119

7. Esarn Kheaw


The best thing about this place is the menu – at Esarn Kheaw, the guests are able to enjoy in dishes such as the green chili dip, the minced catfish, or even in the chargrilled beef. And the same can be said for the drinks selection – there are all sorts of beers, wines, as well as teas, which in combination with the food makes this place worth visiting. The dining room features some traditional Thai decorations, providing customers with great Asian atmosphere.

Address: W12 7LJ, Uxbridge Road 314

8. Thai Thai Restaurant


By just one look at the name of this place, you will know that everything about this place is – Thai. Located on the famous Old Street, the Thai Thai Restaurant combines the modern decorations with the traditional elements of Southeast Asia architecture and has a very fine selection of dishes for the guests to try out – like the Pad Thai or the Somtam salad. But the thing that we liked the most is the huge cocktail selection – there are so many of them!

Address: EC1V 9BD, Old Street 110

9. The Begging Bowl


Behind this interesting name hides a restaurant that has meals which were inspired by the street food of Thailand and is a perfect destination for all those who like to experiment. Here, the guests can try out the things like the fish cakes, spices, herbs, and soups, all of which taste really good and are fairly affordable. There are also, of course, some cocktails and wines, and the Begging Bowl restaurant also features the outside seating for the warm weather.

Address: SE15 4BW, Bellenden Road 168

10. Smoking Goat


The Smoking Goat is a Thai restaurant that is situated on Tin Pan Alley, welcoming the guests into the interior which has seats turned to the bar and the low ceiling. You should really try the chicken wings here, as they come with the delicious fish sauce and we were stunned by how this combination can be good. But be careful – the Smoking Goat takes no reservations, which means that one has to be lucky in order to find a free seat on the busy days.

Address: WC2H 8LZ, Denmark Street 7

11. Patara


The next Thai restaurant would be the Patara, which can be found at the Greek Street. Here, one will find that the interior is pretty minimalistic, with carved wood and mood lighting, but that it’s not so important since the food that is served at the Patara restaurant is absolutely great. Be sure to try the chargrilled bass and the pad Thai, and we should also warn you that some of the dishes are pretty pricey and the place can be very busy.

Address: W1D 4DP, Greek Street 15

12. Busaba Eathai


As many other London restaurants, the Busaba Eathai can be found on the famous Wardour Street, where it serves the impeccable Thai meals on the huge tables that are also shared, in the interior that features the lanterns and the usual wooden decorations. The Busaba Eathai is also the first restaurant of this particular chain in London, and when we combine the great food and drinks with this mysterious atmosphere of the interior, we get one of the best Thai restaurants in the city.

Address: W1F 0TR, Wardour Street 106

13. iYara Thai


To end the list of the top London Thai eateries, we present you the iYara Thai restaurant, which can be found at the Merton Road, in the relaxed neighborhood, offering simple Thai meals that are served in the interior that has the usual wooden decorations. One of the best things about this place is the impeccable service, as the staff of this restaurant consists of people who are professional and know what they’re doing. Be sure to pay a visit!

Address: SW19 1EH, Merton Road 136