Who is into vintage? Any item that’s vintage is in high demand at the moment, and London is packed with stores and places where hipsters can find all the accessories, clothes, or decorations they want. The best antique and vintage shops in London are scattered all over this magnificent city, and they are really worth visiting. It’s not hipsters that enjoy these items, because vintage really does have something special about it, and a lot of times they are of very high quality. When it comes to antiques, there’s nothing you won’t find in London! From collectables, to Edwardian furniture, rare books, clocks and watches, fine art, and so on. An antique doesn’t necessarily have to cost an arm and a leg. People who are remodeling their home or office sometimes really want a piece that doesn’t just look good, but it also has history behind it. Owning a small piece if history really is wonderful. There are plenty of shops and markets in London that constantly offer items that are very affordable, so vintage and antique items don’t always cost a million pounds. Here are our picks for the top vintage shops and antique markets in the city of London.


  1. Portobello Road Market

Portobello Road Market1

While it might not be the fanciest place to but antiques, for the masses, Portobello Road Market is the place to be. Among Londoners it’s a very well known shopping spot. It’s only on Saturdays when the market is open, so the fact that it works only once a week makes it slightly more special, we’d say. Whether it’s vintage clothes you are after, or anything else that’s fashion related, you’ll find it here. If you’re looking to buy something more costly, it’s best if you do your research, because sellers sometimes knowingly, or unknowingly, overprice their merchandise.

Visiting address: Portobello Road, London, W11


  1. The French House

The French House2

For the people out there who appreciate old French furniture and decorations, the French House is probably the best antique shop in town. Nothing adds more refinement to a space than a lovely 19th century French vase, or a highly ornate chandelier. They also sell crystal items, as well as fine art, watches, clocks, old wooden beds, etc. It’s only once you step inside this place when you really start appreciating it.

Visiting address: 41-43 Parsons Green Lane, SW6 4HH


  1. Michael Hughes Antiques

Andrew Nebbet Antiques4


In London there’s no better spot to shop for antiques than on Fulham Road. This is where the Michael Hughes Antique shop is based in, but you’ll find others in the area as well. The shop specializes in items from the 18th and 19 century, with focus being put on the furniture. Everything they sell is always of the highest quality possible, and the people that run the business definitely know what they’re doing. The store isn’t small either, it’s quite spacious having a total of three floors filled with tremendous antiques.

Visiting address: 88 Fulham Road, SW3 6HR


  1. Andrew Nebbett Antiques

Michael Hughes Antiques 3

This London antique shop sells and specializes in all sorts of items from the 1780s to 1960s. Over the decades of its existence, the Andrew Nebbet antique shop has become known as a place where people can find all sorts of interesting and odd pieces. It’s always neat running into something new that you’ve never seen before. We have to say, this place is the quintessential British antique shop. The owners are aware that many people can’t afford these items, which is why they welcome everyone just to look around and appreciate these historic antiques.

Visiting address: 35-37 Church Street, NW8 8ES


  1. Waterhouse and Dodd

Waterhouse and Dodd5

When it comes to purchasing fine art in London, the Waterhouse and Dodd is probably the most well known gallery. While they mostly focus on selling British paintings from the 1850s to the mid-20th century, it’s not uncommon seeing International pieces from established artists. Potential clients around the world regularly browse their website so see what comes to their gallery. Fine art costs a lot, but the people who appreciate it love doing business with Waterhouse and Dodd.

Visiting address: 47 Albermale St, London, W1S 4JW


  1. Raffety and Walwyn

Raffety and Walwyn6

The street where Raffety and Walwyn is located on is pretty much filled with other antique shops, but we liked this one in particular. Among clock and watch collectors it’s very well known. They only deal with the finest timepieces and grandfather clocks that can be found. If the store has a specialty, then is has to be clocks from the Georgian and Victorian era, and most collectors agree that this era is very desirable.

Visiting address: 79 Kensington Church Street, W8


  1. Camden Passage Islington


Five days a week the Camden Passage isn’t anything special, but on Wednesdays and Saturdays is when it transforms into a busy and highly visited antique market. Dealers from all over London set up their stalls and shops on the street where customers can find a wide range of items from different eras. The market is divided into two parts, The Mall and the Georgian Village. On one end people can buy smaller collectibles, while the other one is where the more expensive items are being sold.

Visiting address: Camden Passage, London, N1


  1. Haslam & Whiteway

Haslam & Whiteway 8

The 19th century was an important one for Britain, and if you are in particularly interested in this era, then this is the antique shop you should be visiting. They specialize in antiques that come from this period, and the store is always packed to the brims! Gothic revival items are also on sale quite often in case that’s the kind of stuff you are after. This London antique shop is very popular among the designers.

Visiting address: 105 Kensington Church Street, London, W8 7LN


  1. Fine Art Society

Fine Art Society 9

No one will mistake this place for a run of the mill artsy shop on the corner. This London establishment was founded way back in 1876 and is regarded among collectors to be one of the best spots to buy a rare painting. It’s exactly what a Bond Street art dealership should be like; refined, classy, and expensive. In recent years they started dealing with antique furniture as well, but their reputation sill lies in their ability to get ahold of the finest art pieces.

Visiting address: 148 New Bond Street, London, W1


  1. Cristobal

Cristobal 10

Costume jewelry is sometimes regarded to be corny, useless, and tasteless. But the fact is that a lot of women enjoy wearing flashy, or something very classy costume jewelry. Women who visit the store will most probably end up walking out with at least one piece of jewelry. The store is owned by an interior designer called Steven Miners who makes some of the prettiest and shiniest fake jewelry today.

Visiting address: 26 Church Street, London, NW8 8EP


  1. Alfie’s Antiques

Alfies Antiques11

If you are new to London, or you just started getting into antiques, there’s one place that needs to become your regular shopping spot, Alfie’s. This is where London dealers come to sell of their prized antiques, and trust us when we tell you that there’s a lot of merchandise at this market. There are countless sellers, and collectors and designers flock to Alfie’s in search of that special item they are after. Make sure you don’t make any plans, because you’ll be spending your whole day at this market.

Visiting address: 13-25 Church Street, London, NW8 8DT


  1. The Vintage Showroom

The Vintage Showroom12

If it’s vintage clothes specifically that you are after, then look no further, because this is the right shop for you. The Vintage showroom mostly sells clothing items from the 1940s to 1960, and military and sport clothing can often be found here. It first opened its doors in 2007, and it’s no real surprise that it quickly became London’s leading resource in supplying such items to the public at large.

Visiting address: 14 Earlham Street, Seven Dials, WC2H 9LN


  1. Vintage Heaven

Vintage Heaven 13

If the name alone doesn’t mean anything, then you aren’t a fan of vintage. Vintage Heaven sells everything from accessories, to kitchen items, crockery, fine glass sets, to anything else that might come to mind. What’s cool about this particular shop is that they have an in-house café.


  1. 360 Degrees Vintage

360 Degrees Vintage14

Owned by a mother and daughter duo, you know this place will be packed with all sorts of vintage goodies. Whether it’s clothing from the 1920s, or the highest quality fabrics you are after, 360 Degrees Vintage has it. Nothing is more charming than a small, independent business that’s run with love and passion, and it shows immediately. Lynn Burgess and Kit Allen put their heart and soul into this little London vintage shop, and it’s unique and absolutely wonderful.

Visiting address: 3A Greenwich Market, London, SE10 9HZ


  1. Pimpernel and Partners

Pimpernel and Partners 15

You really have to be a fan of vintage in order to fully appreciate Pimpernel and Partners. Mumford and Sons actually showcased the store when they released one of their albums, and there’s no better marketing than that. Some of the furniture that can be found here isn’t just of high quality, but it’s unique and super hipster as well. Some of the merchandise can be seen on their website, and we are confident that you’ll see at least one item that you’ll fall in love with.

Visiting address: 596 King’s Road, London, SW6 2DX