Top 10 Markets in London

The smell of freshly baked bread; the rows of coloured fabrics and artful signs; the sizzle of street foods cooking in heavy, cast iron pans; the shouting and the bargaining, the buying and the selling. Market day in London is a rush of experiences like none other, a wonderful blur of excitement that few other cities can quite compare with. Throughout the history of the city, they have always been one of the defining points of its makeup, bringing communities together and helping to bring visitors into the city.

These days, the many markets of London tend to get a little overlooked. With the advent of internet shopping, and with the super malls opened across the capital, they’ve simply been left behind. They’ve tried to keep up but they don’t scale as well as the bigger outlets, and they don’t have the sheer variety of the digital stores. So how can they compete? Well, those that are clever have realised that their immediacy is a valuable tool, and are working hard to put it to good use. Every one of our list of top 10 markets in London obeys one simple rule: fresher is better.

Top London markets

Borough Market

Borough market is one that serves a particular niche. Like many other success stories of the modern market world, it’s realised that by focussing on a few products, whilst providing unrivalled choice and expertise on them, it can make itself stand out from the crowd. The focus in this case is food: there really is nowhere better in all of the city to go if you want to source the best ingredients. Offering everything from wholesale to gourmet, the freshness of the food and the excellent choice make it in of the top London markets.

Borough Market is located at: 8 Southwark St, London SE1 1TL

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Portobello Road Market


portobello road
Famed for its connection to a certain bear, Portobello Road is the place where you can go to find anything. A word of wisdom though, it’s enviable surroundings mean that this isn’t the cheapest market around, with prices often reaching levels that many would consider rather high. The upside to this is that the products there are often of a higher quality, and the antiques section in particular is a real hidden gem.

Portobello Road Market is located at: Portobello Rd, London W10 5TE

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Camden Lock market


camdenlock market
Shabby but lively, Camden Lock market perfectly suits the area that’s located in. Best known as the go to spot for vintage clothing and unusual items, this market has undergone something of a slump recently as hipsters flocked to the East End for their fashion needs. Its recovery is still undergoing but the crowds continue to return in force: proof that even in such an edgy world, people still respect a classic.

Camden Lock market is located at: 54-56 Camden Lock Pl, London NW1 8AF

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Old Spitalfields Market


oldspitalfields market

This historic location was once known for its fruit and veg but don’t be fooled: they moved several decades ago to a new home down the road. These days, Old Spitalfields Market is known more for its variety and reasonable prices than for its excellence in any niche.

Old Spitalfields Market is located at: 16 Horner Square, Spitalfields, London E1 6EW

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Brick Lane Market


bricklane market
An odd choice for one of the top 10 markets in London perhaps, but it’s rather fitting. Brick lane market is the home of the hipster and has made a habit of taking the unknown to a whole other level. Great for art lovers and those looking for something a bit different. Oh, and of course the curry houses around the corner make for a great post shopping meal.

Brick Lane Market is located at: Bacon St, London E2 6DY

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Covent Garden Market


covent garden market

The market in terms of London luxury, it’s famed for the excellent quality of the products on offer. It’s best used to acquire specialist products, such as the rare oolong tea, without having to scour the capital for a reliable dealer.

Covent Garden Market is located at: 41, The Market, London WC2E 8RF

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Greenwich Market


greenwich market

Although its location is a little remote for many, Greenwich is still hailed as one of the top London markets. Why? Well because it brings the energy, passion and selection of a London market to a place that isn’t central.

Greenwich Market is located at: Greenwich Market, 5b Greenwich Market, London SE10 9HZ

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Alfies Antique Market


alfies market
From silver to jewelry to furniture to art, there is no greater place for the serious antique collector than Alfie’s. It makes our list of top 10 markets in London through sheer excellence: offering genuine collector pieces instead of the dubious quality Edwardian clutter than seems to make up many antique stalls in other markets.

Alfies Antique Market is located at: 13-25 Church St, London NW8 8DT

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Columbia Road Flowers market


columbia road market

So much more personal than the supermarket flower isle, it’s that extra touch of customisation that makes Columbia Road flower market a must see for many. Buy a bouquet there and you’ll receive exactly what you’re looking for.

Columbia Road Flowers market is located at: Columbia Rd, London E2 7RG

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