Top 10 toyshops in london

London is renowned for its adult shopping. Lingerie brands like Agent Provocateur and Victoria’s Secret line up around the block to get one of the much coveted spots in central. Soho is well known for its nighttime activity and the capital offers a wide range of bars to get a little tipsy in.

What seems to get forgotten is that London is a children’s playground. It’s full of attractions that are designed for kids and will awe them more than anyone. There are few things comparable to a child’s delight when they first set eyes on the famed landmarks, when they see Big Ben and the Tower with their own eyes for the first time.

It’s fitting then, that the top London toy shops are absolute world beaters. Outside of the US, there’s not a lot that can rival their incredible range and passion for kid’s toys. Children dream of the day that they can go to London and get something truly special, something that will make all of their others things seem a bit dull by comparison. Our list of the top 10 toy shops in London doesn’t just include the biggest, it also features that stores that have gone out of their way to capture the delight of their customers in their products.

Top shops for toys in london



Just saying the name will light up the eyes of any kid. They can see it now: the floors stretching up and up, the toys stacked so high that they never seem to end. The thrill and the rush of entering there for the first time and being blown away by choice. If you want it: it’s there. They offer the biggest brands, as well as traditional wooden toys, with something for everyone. They also make special efforts to promote new and innovative toys that other big stores won’t even have considered yet, making them the perfect place for parents searching for something a bit different.

Hamleys is located at: 88-196 Regent St, London W1B 5BT

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Disney Store on Oxford Street


disney store
The thrill of Disney is something that many British kids don’t get. With the nearest branch across the channel, and the main one all the way in America, they get to see the shows but never get to enjoy the merchandise. Unless, of course, they head to the huge Disney Store on Oxford Street. Packed to the rafters with shiny new products and old classics, it’s without doubt one of the top London toy shops.

The Disney Store is located at: The Piazza, Unit 10 Covent Garden,, London WC2E 8HD

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Benjamin Pollock’s Toyshop


benjamin toyshop

An old fashioned toy store with a big heart, this Covent Garden venture offers some of the very best in traditional and handmade toys. They come at a price, but it’s well worth it for amusements with some serious craftsmanship put into them.

Benjamin Pollocks’ is located at: 44 The Market, London WC2E 8RF

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When 2 friends found that the toys on offer for their kids all seemed a little superficial and flimsy, they set out to make their own. Honeyjam is the result, and it’s been a roaring success. Operating out of trendy Notting Hill, the pair handmake a variety of children’s toys and have become firm favourites amongst the wealthy locals.

Honeyjam is located at: W11 1NN

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Playlounge toyshop



Toys for everyone is the motto here, and there are plenty of gadgets designed for adults. It’s a celebration of the universal appeal of fun, and an incredibly friendly place for those of all ages. It might not be one of the top shops for toys in London in terms of its range or diversity, but the attitude and manner of the staff certainly place it amongst the top.

Playlounge is located at: 19 Beak Street, London W1F 9RF

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Puppet Planet in Clapham


puppet planet


The definitive place to get custom puppets in the capital. Run by a passionate owner, it’s a great example of a lost genre of toys.

Puppet Planet is located at: 787 Wandsworth Rd, London SW8 3JQ

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Science Museum Shop


science museum

Science can be fun, as this shop proves. With toys ranging from basic experiments to crystal growing kits, it’s the perfect place to take an inquisitive young mind.

The Science Museum Shop is located at: Science Museum, Exhibition Rd, London SW7 2DD

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Mystical Fairies in Hampsteadmystical-


A world of fantasy and adventure fit for any prince or princess.

Mystical Fairies is located at: 12 Flask Walk, Hampstead, London, NW3 1HE

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Sylvanian Families’ official London shop



Sylvanian Families is still going strong, and many feel that it has something of a timeless appeal. The cute little dolls are unisex and well made, offering a solid if slightly unspectacular addition to our list.

Sylvanian Families is located at: 68 Mountgrove Rd, Highbury, London N5 2LT

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Quirky, bright and fun, Semmalina is the model modern toyshop. It offers a wide array of both new and old, matching traditional toys with present day technology to create some great pieces.

Semmalina is located at: 225 Ebury St, Westminster, London SW1W 8UT

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