Top Museums in London

Our amazing services offer you with an amazing experience of the best museums in London that have the widest range of collections from the very roots of human history to latest technological enhancements. London is the domicile for the state of the art museums found on the boldness of the planet. No matter how far our generations exceed in the future, you will still have a glimpse of the past life of human evolution, civilisations to the very fact of our present day way of life through our London Museums. These museums stand as the best of mans history for the generations to come by enlightening our future from the past because amazing works, forceful battles and revolutionary governments have been forged that have changed the path of knowledge and evolution of humankind to the next great thing. Most recently a squad of scientists led by the British Museum, Natural History Museum and Queen Mary University of London found human footprints that dated over 800,000 years ago which explains our early existence. Come join us to examine and experience the top London museums that give you an insight of our past that has been the crust of building our brightest present and future.

British Museum

british museum

Of recent in the 21centuary British Museum has been accredited as the Museum of the humankind as its vast collections that are worldwide in origin were intended to be utilized by the citizens of the world. The Great court of the museum is billed as the greatest public square in the whole of Europe.. The museum as revolved around the world in preserving, displaying targets, gathering and researching items over the past 50 years, the museum emphasizes on interpretations, audiences and reading. The British museum in London has been grown melodramatically, housing, a broad scope of issues and matters covered and is the most visited by more than six million visitors every year. The vast permanent collection additions are the museum’s displays and events, special exhibitions which are wholly contrived for the apprehension of the advance cultures and collection they present. Being with high value and importance of the planet the British Museum has an incomparably rich treasure chest that is brimming with the worlds historical importance of treasures every known, such as the Egyptian antiques and mummies, the Parthenon sculptures, Assyrian Lion hunt reliefs, the Rosetta stone, 4,500 years ginger, the black obelisk and much much more. Come see the most visited museums of the world through our services of V London City.

National Gallery


Delivering the finest collections of European paintings in the globe, the National Gallery houses many paintings of very high quality from famous artists as their works are really uncommon. The deeds of these rare paintings include Michelangelo, Giorgione, Duccio, Uccello, Masaccio, Piero Della Francesca, Leonardo, Rousseau, Chardin, Klimt, Caravaggio and Redon. The emplacement of the National Gallery is at Trafalgar square which is one of the busiest tourist hubs, its splendid building has a centre dome with a large classical portico that is styled like an Ancient Greek temple and to the left you will find The Sainsbury Wing which is a new bigger building. Become a proud spectator of the National Gallery as you will be amazed of the greatest rare collections of the worlds famous artist’s imaginations.

Tate Britain


This amazing art Gallery is a part of the Tate network of galleries in the United Kingdom with Tate Liverpool, Tate Modern, and Tate St. Ives and it is known as the oldest gallery which opened in the year 1897. Tate Britain houses a sizeable valuable collection of the works by J. M. Tuner. Tate Britain is located on the site of a former Millbank prison and was constructed by Higgs and hill completed in the year 1893 that was officially opened on 21 July 1897.Though the gallery was initially considered as the National Gallery of British art the gallery was known as Tate Gallery from the very start after its founder Sir Henry Tate and later it was officially adopted that name in the 1932. Later with the launch of Tate Modern all the collections relating to Tate Modern was moved to its new position and the old Millbank gallery by Tate Britain became dedicated to historical and contemporary British Art and was later named as Tate Britain in the year 2000. So, come and experience the astonishing deeds of the great artists of the universe through our awesome services at V London City.

Natural History Museum


The Natural History Museum is an awesome centre for scientific excellence in the discovery of biodiversity and taxonomy from the natural world exhibits for Life and Earth galleries to the wildlife garden and geological collections. The gallery has 4 Zones Known as Zone Red for the changing history of the Earth, Green Zone is the discovery of amazing facts about the planet, the life on earth, our environment and evolution, Blue Zone is a curiosity of the diversity of life on our planet earth that displays from the smallest vertebrates to the big large whales that will completely fascinate you, Orange Zone will allow you to explore the wildlife and capture your brainwaves to the behind the scenes of the Darwin Center. So, take in your reservations to an awe-inspiring world of prehistoric to rarest species from the times of the dinosaurs to our humanity.

Science Museum

Science Museum

Established in the year 1857 and gained its independence in the year 1909 which forms a part of the South Kensington Museum is the Science Museum, which is renowned all over the globe for its awe inspiring galleries, Inspirational exhibitions, researches and collection. It has its origins from the Great Exhibition held in the Crystal Palace, which is a huge glass building at Hyde Park. The grand museum is committed and devoted mainly to science, earlier the older museums concentrated on static objects such as natural history, geology, palaeontology, industries and industrial machineries but the modern trends have extended a range of subject matter in the modern museology by introducing exciting interactive displays. Its all informative and inducing in the humans of science at the Science Center or Science Museum is a swell station to visit and to know the facts of the very existence of life and its survival from the view of the science world.

National Portrait Gallery


The National Portrait Gallery was the first ever portrait gallery in the universe when it was opened in the 1856. The gallery has portraits of famous British people of historical importance which are selected along the bases of the significance of the sitter rather than that of the artist. The gallery’s collection includes sculptures, drawings, paintings, photographs and caricatures, It also houses best known images of Chandos and the famous William Shakespeare portraits. The verandah is located on the site at St. Martin’s Place off Trafalgar Square, bordering the National Gallery and has been expanded twice since 1896. The National Portrait Gallery also consists of three regional outposts at Montacute Houses, Beningbrough hall and Bodelwyddan Castle. The gallery is sponsored by the Department for Culture, Sport and Media and is a non-departmental public body. VLondoncity will allow you to experience the artistry and civilization of our past to the present of images of smashing people up close who were a part of shaping up London’s history.

Victoria and Albert (V&A) Museum

victoria and albert museum

Standing as the world’s largest museum of decorative design and arts The Victoria and Albert Museum, which is often abbreviated as V&A houses a permanent collection of over 4.5 million objects. The Museum was established in the year 1852 which was named after Queen Victoria and Prince Albert. It is situated in the Brompton district of the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea the area that has become well known as Albertopolis due to its link with the major cultural institutions, Prince Albert and the Albert memorial with which he was associated. So come here and experience the best ever royal art and designs.

National Maritime Museum



The National Maritime museum is the world’s largest maritime museum that is completely filled with inspirational tales along with great amazing stories of adventures and discoveries at sea. You can explore the vast collections and also enjoy the WiFi services at the Compass Lounge and the Voyagers Lounge as you will hear its personal stories of island nations and you will also come across the interactive collection as you can burn down a cannon at a villainous pirate ship and Steer a ship into port. The Vast collection of the National Maritime Museum comprises of 2.48 million items and the public galleries display a thematically arranged selection and the remainder is accessible to public enquiry and involvement in divers ways, it also comprises a collection of small boats on display in the new National Maritime Museum, Cornwall at Falmouth. So, though you’re visiting the National Maritime Museum with your kin and children, loved ones or even merely a lonely visit, this plaza is really an enthusiastic atmosphere to be and your tykes will enjoy the best of entertainment through our fabulous services at Vlondoncity.

The Museum of London


Documenting the story of London from the very prehistoric age to the modern age the Museum of London is a large place of archaeology, research and the collection of historical particulars. This museum in London is situated on London Wall that is tight to the Barbican Center, which is a constituent of the striking Barbican complex of building that were created in the old age of the 1960s and the 1970s for innovative approach to the redevelopment within the bomb damaged area in London. With the great historical importance of the social history of London and the inhabitants throughout time come and experience the past generation’s way of life as it has shaped up a strong nation of the present and modern civilisation of London.

Tate Modern

tate modern


Forming a part of the Tate group, Tate Modern is a contemporary art gallery that includes artwork, figures, drawings and painting of the present generation artists works from throughout the globe. This contemporary art gallery is the most visited in the whole wide world with 4.7 million visitors per year and holds a national collection of the British art the from the 1500s to the present time with the contemporary and International modern art from the 1900s – till date. Its current position is a reconstruction of a former Bankside Power Station in the Bankside area, London Borough of Southwark. You will truly love this magnificent contemporary art as they are entirely innovative and creative as they are the deeds of the best creative people around the globe.

Somerset House

Somerset House

Standing as a large neo-classical building originally the site of a Tudor Palace overlooking the river Thames to the east of Waterloo Bridge is the Somerset House designed by Sir William Chambers in the year 1776 which was expanded further with Victorian wings facing towards the North and South as the eastward wing is a portion of King’s college London. Being at the heart of London, Somerset house is the major cultural and art centre that houses programmes such as presentations, complimentary guided tours, family workshops, contemporary design and art exhibitions. In the summer months the Somerset House’s 55 fountains dance in its court and during winter it turns into London’s favourite ice rink where you can skate along the meth. Be a part of this exciting experience which will entertain you at whatever time you visit London through VLondoncity.

Design Museum


Located in the centre of London, England near the Tower Bridge by the River Thames the Design Museum was set up in the year 1989 which covers Industrial, fashion, merchandise, and architectural designs and in the year 2007 it was listed in the top five museums as the number two museums by the Times News paper. The Design Museum was founded by many designers, benefactors and companies and its current site were a former banana warehouse of the 1940s and its conversion, modified it beyond recognition which resembles an International Modernist style of in the 1930s.0s. You will find amazing, beautiful creative architectural, fashion and industrial designs which will leave you awestruck by visiting them through VLondoncity.

London Transport Museum

london transport museum

The London Transport or LT Museum seeks to preserve and explain the transport heritage of London is operated from two situations which are Covent Garden and Acton. The LT Museum at Covent Garden, located in a Victorian Glass and iron building which originally forms the Covent Garden Market of fruits, flowers and vegetables, it was planned to be dedicated to be a flower market by William Rogers in the year 1871 and after a two year refurbishment it has been reopened to the public every day since 22 November 2007.The other site of LT Museum at Acton that is known as the London Transport Museum Depot, which is basically a storage site that is opened in the year 1999 and the museum houses a majority of of its collection, which are not found in the main museum at Covent Garden and it is the base for the museum’s conservators and custodians. The London transport museum accommodates displays items that too large and is open to public throughout the year. VLondoncity will take throughout the insights about the way London’s transport system has developed which have been the source of travel from the past till present.

British Library


United Kingdom’s national library at the British Library, which holds over 150 Million items and 3 million new items get added every year. Most languages with many formats in both digital and prints such as stamps, patents, Playscripts, manuscripts, magazines, books, journals, maps, drawings, prints, newspapers, videos, music and sound recordings and database. The library has over 14 million collection of books with considerable holdings of historical items and manuscripts which date back since the 2000 BC. After the Library of Congress in the USA the British Library is the second Largest Library in the world. The Library is so vast that it spans over 625 KMS of shelves which expands by 12KMS every year, so, If you will watch 5 items a day it will take about 80,000 years to completely see the whole collection. So, be a part of history of your future by coming and witnessing this amazing British Library through VlondonCity.