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The idea of cable cars in London might seem foreign to many. After all, “where are they?” we hear you ask. You’ve never really seen them and you certainly haven’t ridden them instead of the tube. Why would there be cable cars in an areas as flat as London, has some great hill or mountain sprung up overnight? Maybe you’ve just never been to that part of the city, and everyone is secretly enjoying their own little ski weekends whilst you’re not looking.

We’re afraid it’s nothing as glamorous or as secretive as that. In fact, it’s actually fairly simple and unassuming. So much so in fact, that many haven’t even noticed its existence or realised that they can ride it. That’s not to say it’s bad, far from it, but it didn’t exactly solve a pressing need or open to much fanfare. Compared to the bright lights and historical attractions it tends to fade into the background a little and get overlooked, after all it’s a London cable car, can it really be that special?

The answer is, without a doubt, yes. It’s actually somewhat magnificent, if not for the structure then for what it allows you to see. The Emirates air cable in London, the home of the cable car experience in the capital isn’t flashy or expensive looking. It’s clean, efficient and well maintained but it doesn’t catch your attention like the London eye or blow you away like the grandeur of Buckingham Palace. That’s what the view is there for.

To say that this is the best view in London isn’t an exaggeration. Perched securely above the Thames, the Emirates Air Cable Car offers unparalleled sights that many would have never even dreamed of seeing. Sitting at a different height to its nearest competitor, it provides a unique view of the city: not quite tall enough to be from above yet also far from ground level. It’s a thrilling prospect, seeing the centre of town from the level of a rooftop, staring across its varied architectures and seeing the details of life passing by.

The London eye can be a rather dehumanising viewpoint. When you’re that high up, you tend to see people as ants, and the great buildings as childrens’ block from your lofty vantage point. Great for observation, less so for admiration. We recommend the Emirates Air Cable Car in London because it offers something a little different, something that will no doubt blow your mind. You’ll be able to appreciate the busy workers buzzing into shops for lunch, be able to look in awe at the grand monoliths of steel and glass that they work in. You’ll see the river churn beneath you, and look out on to the masses of others in the city and realise just how busy it all is. Not in a negative way, but in a vivacious one: the streets are teeming with life and laughter and excitement. From your viewpoint in a London cable car, it all becomes so clear and you’ll fall in love with the city’s remarkable energy.

It also has the benefit of being incredibly cheap. Tickets can be purchased with an oyster card, and a single journey costs the equivalent price of a tube ride, so this isn’t some rare treat. It’s the perfect way for those that cross the river on a daily basis to get a bit of fresh perspective, to watch the others cross the bridge they usually tread and consider things anew. As a tourist attraction, the Emirates Air Cable Car is quick and simple: providing an excellent view for a few moments, a fleeting glimpse of the city as opposed to the longer one provided at a much higher cost by the London eye.



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