Free Entrance to Top Museums in London

London best attractions are not all that pricey, but even they are accessible for free. The top ten London free museums such as the British Museum, which is occupied with arts and culture, Natural History museum that is abundant in collection of spectacular artefacts and all those fabulous galleries of art and natural actions for kids. You will learn new things that have been unknown as you would discover the design and art from the Science Museum to the V&A museum which are all totally gratis. The whole museums of London are seen by over 42 million visitors altogether, by which, amongst them are the free museums in London that houses an incredible range of collections. Because you will meet the dinosaurs, the creepy crawlers, see the Darwins walking stick, gaze at the Tudor monarch portraits and the 18c century Gold Coach of Lord Mayor without even shelling out a penny from your pockets as they are all completely free to watch.

British Museum

The amazing steel roofs and the glass designed by Sir Norman Foster is a piece of exhibition by itself. Most of these galleries in the museum will get you awestruck as you will keep on gazing over its splendid collections. There are so many of these collections of the British Museum in London that they are stashed away underneath the museum due to space deficiency. There are around seven million objects and details that consist from all over the world which form the impressive displays of human culture and its chronicle. This magnificent home of the British Museum was founded in the year 1753 that displays, exhibits dating back from the prehistoric times till our present, these spectacular collections were of a famous scientist and physician Sir Hans Sloane. The collection includes the Rosetta Stone, the Portland Vase, Mildenhall and Sutton Hoo treasures and the Parthenon Marbles along with these wealthy discoveries you can even sign up for events which are gratuitous as they take home more frequently takes place such as some performances, motion pictures, discussions and talks. So, come Join us at Vlondon on the great outings at the British Museum as everything is hardly free to observe here.

Bank of England Museum


This money museum is situated deep down the Bank of England itself, which holds its history from its very foundation in the year 1694 by Royal Charter which is the national central bank at present. In the museum you will see gold bars which date back to the ancient days of the market bar to the present day market bar, along with the unparalleled collection of banknotes and coins. You will likewise find the muskets and pikes that were utilized as protection for the bank in the past you will also obtain documents which belonged to famous customers like George Washington, Horatio Nelson and the Duchess of Marlborough and the Roman mosaics and pottery which were applied to embellish the bank which were recovered after the The Bank Museum was rebuilt in the year 1930.

The British Library


Situated in London, the British Library is the Largest Library in the world which consists of over 150 million items, every copy of the publications of the United Kingdom as well as of Ireland are stored in the Library. The collections include Eduardo Paolozzi and Antony Gormley’s artwork along with a number of remarkable historical works such as the Gutenberg Bible, the Magna Carta, the First Folio of Shakespeare and the Gospels by Lindisfarne. The British Library in London is the largest constructed building the United Kingdom during the twentieth century and will make you demand for guided tours in its capacious spaces. This amazing Library was established in the year 1973 which was a result of the British Library ACT of 1972 and is occupied by over 1.5 million visitors every year to watch the significant exhibition galleries, special exhibitions, films, events, poetry and musical performances. There wouldn’t be a huge issue if you’re a first time visitor as you can be offered a well experienced guide to tour you through the building. You can even find items dated to the world’s earliest books such as the Diamond Sutra and the copy of Beowulf. With elegant architecture which includes over 65,000 printed volumes, forms the centerpiece of the edifice, is a three story glass tower that is named the Kings Library. This Library was donated by King George III and is also referred to him, as it was his personal collection which is on exhibit. So come become enlightened by visiting the British Library, which is absolutely free through VLondonCity.

Imperial War Museum


Established in 1971 the Imperial Museum is of 20th century conflict which occupies the former Bethlehem Hospital for the Insane or Bedlam. This museum contains a number of artillery with an in depth study of Social effects of conflicts such as the M4 Sherman Tank, the Polaris Missile and the V2 rocket, a recreation walk-through trench from the Somme. You will see all the facets of war and its aftermath. The museum chronicles World War I and World War II, which has thought provoking displays and displays of poetry and paintings great people like Sassoon and Wilfred Owen, an air raid shelter that was reconstructed and 1940 Blitzed street. The real life experience can be felt very good as the recreated sounds, smells and sights will be felt. You will also find in here 120 million feet of cinema film, 15,000 paintings and 30,000 posters which make up a very unique collection. So through VLondonCity come and feel the passion and the fight of both the world wars in London without the need to pay a cent.

The Museum of London


With a collection of over 1.1 million objects you will experience the absolute flavors of the city of London since the prehistoric days till present. Most of the Archaeological findings have been rescued by cutting into or found during construction works in London. You will find an arrangement of chronological galleries of this ancient city which consists of 47,000 objects from Roman London such as buckles, belt fittings and brooches to the medieval London. The museums glassware from the 17th century which has evocative Victorian street scenes along with store fronts and interiors. You will also find astounding artifacts like the skull, which were assumed that have been annihilated by Queen Boudica, Duke of Willighton’s Boots Parliamentary Robes of Queen Victoria and the Suffragettes’ Movement’s paraphernalia along with the history of London’s people which has been fetched back to life with intensified and startling displays. Come and be a part of the London’s history of the lifespans of its residents through VLondonCity.

National Maritime Museum

national maritime museum

Situated in Greenwich the National Maritime Museum, which was a former hospital and asylum school, houses the most important collection of objects are interrelated to the great historic sea expeditions of Britain at sea. This museum was a former The National Maritime Museum houses over 300 paintings, artifacts and paintings which dates back to the 1823 after the National Gallery of Naval Art was established. You will savor the best aspects of the River Thames from the elevation of the Museum which includes the views of the covered Neptune Court. This museum at London deals with topics which include naval exploits, Nelson and navigation, emigration, explorations and sea ecology, you will also enjoy the interactive area by sailing a ship and use a cannon to blow up a ship. You can still enjoy and feel the celebrated moments of majesty, romance and power of the sea through the paintings, photography and poetry or even explore the growth and maturation of the Empire. Be a part of this great expedition of a lifetime on knowing the history of London out at sea through VlondonCity which is free.

Natural History Museum


The National History Museum houses over 70 million items some of them such as, a Triceratops skeleton, a giant squid eight meters long, a huge life size Blue Whale, discovered from Hudson Bay is an overstuffed walrus by a taxidermist of London during the 1880s, and a sea cow that is all exciting and fun to watch which includes life and earth science museum home and interactive arena. The exhibition of the permanent galleries consists of creepy crawlies which will instantly make you feel itchy by watching them, the exhibits of prehistoric Dinosaurs, the gallery of the Human Biology which deals about our evolution of the species that we are now and the interactive earthquake experience at the exhibition of The Power. The museum also houses displays of the permanent exhibition of meteorites and gems which are historic priceless jewels at the veranda of The Vault and you can still see the Darwin Center and its spectacular Cocoon where scientists and visitors can interact and partake in each of their excitements of studying, maintaining and exploring our Natural Earth. So come be a part to gain vast knowledge and excitement without shelling out a single penny and to know about how our planet has worked up through VLondonCity.

Science Museum

Science Museum

The Science Museum in London is home to the worlds most awe-inspiring collections and interactive museums in London, the magnificent collection consists of Industry, science, medicine and engineering. This large museum is self, aided through the winnings from the Great Exhibition of 1851 and it came into being as a division of Prince Albert’s magnificent scheme that allowed to promote industrial technology and was previously a part of the Victoria and Albert Museum. At present the museum has its own place and houses over 300,0000 objects that cover the subject of the entire story of the Western medicine, scientific discipline and applied science as these spectacular displays are designed and contrived to encourage specific age groups with interactions of different levels respectively. For instance the Launch Pad consists of interactions that allow visitors to acquire knowledge about motion and forces which make physics fun and entertaining for kids at the age between 8 to 14 years. The Science Museum has abundance scientific things that you will find out and you will also encounter the way how aircrafts are made to fly as you can hear how your future face would look like after 10 years from now. This museum is an awesome position to be in as you can discover and uncover the story of scientific discipline and its discoveries through VlondonCity completely free of monetary value.

Sir John Soane’s Museum


The disordered collection of valuable treasures of artifacts which are extraordinarily located on the Lincoln’s Inn Field is worth to explore the unsystematic arranged order. Skulking in the recess and corners within the lounge’s halls and rooms of this amazing neoclassical building which was the residence of Sir John Soane are these stunning architectural antiquities and drawings which total over 30,000 collections such as the works of Piranesi, Canaletto and Turner, who are attributed to painting collections and also found is “A Rake’s Progress” which is the work of William Hogarth’s forms the centerpiece. Every place of this spectacular museum has its own identity and profound meaning, such as the domed upper interior of the Breakfast Room and the Gothic library, the two courtyards that is met with ancient stonework and the Roman architectural remnants, this amazing museum is the abode for its diverse architectural excellence. The best spot in the museum is the Picture Gallery where you can find Canaletto’s magnificent Riva degli Schiavoni as it contain the center stage in the verandah. You will also find in the museum the Sarcophagus of Seti I that dates back to the 1370 BC, which is situated in the cellar of the Sepulchral Chamber.’

Victoria and Albert (V&A) Museum

victoria and albert museum

The Victoria and Albert Museum or known as the V&A Museum is the most dominant and powerful museums for its applied arts and decorative exhibits in the globe. The magnificent museum houses 145 galleries that contain over 4 million objects. This stupendous collection consists of Chinese, Indian, Islamic, European, Japanese and Korean artifacts which range of metalwork, sculptures and glass of armor, furniture, arms and costume. The founding of the museum was basically to educate the British people who are designers and architects in the year 1852. The museum also houses the worlds oldest photograph in its national collection of photography and art. The collection of dresses is really spectacular which features specimens from historical dress styling until the 21st century haute couture along with the most renowned crafts and art interiors of the Gamble and Morris Rooms. The museum puts up the most prominent collection of the Italian Renaissance sculpture out of Italy, in the British Gallery you will explore the British design from Adam to Mackintosh and from Chippendale to Morris. So do have a glance of this dramatic mixture of Victorian, Edwardian design that presents a formidable display without of paying a single penny through VlondonCity.