Top 10 luxury shopping destinations in London

London, Paris, New York. The fashion capitals of the world and home to the chicest of the chic. There’s little doubt in anyone’s minds that these cities represent some of the most stylish and well known brands around today, and it’s the first name on that list that has become one of the hottest shopping destinations around. Inevitably entwined with the fashionable brands that it has created and nurtured, the capital is home to countless examples of high end shops that offer only the finest products.

Of the luxury shopping destinations London offers, there are some that simply stand head and shoulders above the rest. The very best of the best, these elite boutiques and department stores have proven themselves to be some of the hottest names in high end consumerism. This is our pick of the top 10 luxury shopping destinations in London. To make the list, they needed style, glamour, uniqueness and something that made them really special. Every destination on it comes highly recommended and was assembled by our team having visited dozens of possible locations before narrowing it down to this chosen list.

Luxury shopping destinations in London

Bond Street


BOND street

The face of fashion in the capital, Bond Street comes with prices as stunning as its architecture. The very best designers dream of having their work displayed along its clean, white streets one day and achieving that goal is a surefire sign of success. Offering everything from art to fashion, it’s the playground of the rich and the famous, unrivalled by almost any other destination.

Whole-Foods: Kensington High Street



The place where racking up a £200 bill for a weekend’s food is easily done: Whole Foods offers the very best of luxury food brands, as well as localised suppliers. Buffalo meat and lamb sausages mix with imported ricotta and the iconic blue pots of La Fermiere sitting in neat rows. A US import, its inclusion on this list is somewhat controversial due to its parent company being a large, transatlantic chain but the London branch goes above and beyond the others and reaches a sort of food nirvana that can only be achieved by incorporating luxury brands with local produce.

Whole Foods is located at: The Barkers Bldg, 63-97 Kensington High St, London W8 5SE

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Fortnum & Mason



One of London’s famed and much acclaimed department stores, it offers the very best of a wide variety of products. Best known in modern times for its excellent selection of teas, it’s doing well to distinguish itself against its competitors by championing some unusual products.

Fortnum mason is located at: 181 Piccadilly, London W1A 1ER

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Harrods is the defining department store of London and an automatic inclusion for many on their list of top 10 luxury shopping destinations in london. We’re certainly fans, although there are some murmurings of discontent about its modern service. Experts are still employed at every counter, but a certain brusqueness has crept into the staff that many find distasteful given its history. Regardless, it still represents the creme de la creme of the capital’s shopping and attracts countless visitors.

Harrods is located at: 87-135 Brompton Rd, London SW1X 7XL

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King’s Road



The oligarch’s paradise as it’s sometimes known, the King’s Road is full of high end boutiques that cater to wealthy locals. Offering the luxury of Bond Street without the crowds, it’s often preferred by the super rich for its relative discretion.




A list of luxury shopping destinations in London wouldn’t be complete without Liberty. The V&A to Harrod’s British Museum, it’s somehow cool, stylish and highly respectable all at once, no mean feat for such a historic brand. In terms of class and fashion, no other department store comes close.

Liberty is located at: Regent Street, London W1B 5AH

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A favourite of Monopoly players, Mayfair is an odd case. It’s effectively Bond Street, in a less busy location but few seem to realise it. If they did of course, the area would be considerable more hectic, which would rather defeat the point…

The Royal Exchange



Home to luxury shops like Hermes and Tiffany, the Royal Exchange is known for it’s incredible quality and for the sheer selection that it offers. It’s one of the very best luxury shopping destinations London can offer, as shown by the names it carries.

The Royal Exchange is located at: St Anns Square, Manchester M2 7DH

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St James’s



Exclusive, expensive and expansive. What more could you want?

Savile Row



The only place in London to get a suit. The stylish tailors on this road have been making top end menswear for centuries, and it remains one of the top luxury London shopping destinations to this day.

Westfield London



The last of top 10 luxury shopping destinations in London is also the newest. Created as part of the summer games, it’s a shining beacon of wealth and luxury in the East End. Offering a vast array of shops and restaurants, it’s by far the capital’s best shopping centre.

Westfields Stratford is located at: 2 Stratford Place, Montifichet Road, London E20 1EJ

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