It’s difficult not being appreciative of beautiful and colorful flowers. The best florists in London offer some of the most majestic ones you could imagine, and they are experts at making the perfect arrangements as well. In the course if a single year that are numerous dates when flowers are the most adequate gifts. Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, or if a man needs to get out of trouble with his wife, which is something that occurs more than just once a year. As one would imagine, the city of London has some of the most beautiful specialized florist shops. The nicest florists in the UK’s capitol are packed with many types of flowers, some of the quite exotic ones. But have no worries, sometimes a simple rose will be enough to win over a woman’s heart, it doesn’t have to be fancy. Even if you’re not a big fan of flowers, it’s difficult not being completely blown away by the delightful smells that can only be experienced in florist shops and boutiques. The scents can something truly be mesmerizing and hypnotic. Here are our picks for London’s finest florist shops.


  1. Flor Unikon

Flor Unikon1

On top of the list is a wonderful London florist shop that’s designed to feel as Scandinavian as possible, but the flowers give this place an amazing warmth to it. The arrangements that the staff here can make are absolutely stunning! Some of the people that work here are from the Netherland, so you know they take their flowers seriously. The service is professional and punctual, if you decide to have the flower arrangement sent somewhere in the city of London.

Visiting address: Amwell Street 44, London, EC1C 1XS


  1. McQueens


McQueens is arguably one of London’s more popular florist shops, and it holds a high place on our list for good reasons. It’s located on the well-known Old Street, which practically guarantees it a certain amount of business. All of the flower arrangements here are made by the ambitious and passionate students who attend the floristry classes. If you’re looking to buy something luxurious and exotic at the same time, chances are you’ll find all kinds of flowers right here at McQueens.

Visiting address: Old Street 70, London, EC1V 9AN


  1. Dawson Flowers

Dawson Flowers 3

In the district of Bloomsbury on Lamb’s Conduit Street is where you’ll find a lovely little independently owned florist shop by the name of Dawson Flowers. It’s for good reason that this London shop has a very loyal fan base, because they constantly have on offer some of the most gorgeous flowers in the city. Rarely does a wedding take place in the city which isn’t decorated with flowers from this exact florist shop. The place is beautiful, and it might just be a shop you should check out if you’re serious about flowers.

Visiting address: Lamb’s Conduit Street 43, London, WC1 3NG


  1. The Flower Station

The Flower Station 4

If you are seeking out a bargain on a beautiful bouquet of flowers, you should probably look elsewhere, because The Flower Station tends to be pricey, but astonishing. It’s situated on the west side of Regent’s Park, and it’s marvelous that it works 24/7. So when a man is coming home late from a drinking binge, he can pick up flowers for his lady even at 3 am. Well, we assume that’s the reason why it’s open at nights too. On a serious note, the selection of flowers and arrangement are what put this florist shop on the map.

Visiting address: Rossmore Court, London, NW1 6XU


  1. Scarlet and Violet

Scarlet and Violet 5

Once you step inside the Scarlet and Violet florist place, you’ll immediately be taken away into a different universe of amazing scents and delightfully colorful scenes of the most stunning flowers known to man. The store has obvious hipster inspiration behind it, and it feels quite rustic with all the plants being held in old pots, jugs, milk bottles, etc. It’s quirky, and it has a lot of soul. The owner’s name is Victoria Brotherson who states that she’s very proud of what she has accomplished with the Scarlet and Violet shop.

Visiting address: Chamberlayne Road, London, NW10 3JJ


  1. Nikki Tibbles Wild at Heart

Nikki Tibbles Wild at Heart6

Wild at Heart most certainly isn’t your run of the mill London florist shop. It first started doing business in 1993 and the owners have managed to make their store into one of the more popular ones on the city. The staff always try to adopt unique ways of arrangements, which is one reason why Wild at Heart is unique. It’s nothing of not elegant, simple, warm, and downright charming, which is why we highly recommend Nikki Tabbles Wild at Heart florist shop in London.

Visiting address: Westbourne Grove 222, London, W11 2RH


  1. Vive La Rose

Vive La Rose7

London being the large and rich city it is, there are always high-end shops, no matter what they’re selling. And the Vive La Rose is situated at the Royal Opera Arcade, which is known to have the best florists in London. Sending someone a personalized hand-written note with a wonderful bouquet is easily done with the help of Vive La Rose. They can easily accommodate all of their client’s needs with different arrangements, as they are always open to their ideas.

Visiting address: Royal Opera Arcade 26, London, SW1Y 4UY


  1. Academy of Flowers

Academy of Flowers8

With a name like Academy of Flowers, you’d expect only the best, and it’s exactly what this florist shop offers. When it comes to arranging a wonderful and colorful bouquet, no one will be more precise and delicate than the people at the Academy of Flowers. In the building where it’s located, you’ll find the academy itself on the bottom floor, while on the upper floor is where they sell their flower arrangement, decorations, ornaments, and so on.

Visiting address: Slingsby Place 9, London, WC2E 9AB


  1. Dansk Flowers

Dansk Flowers9

If you find yourself in Islington London and you desperately need to buy flowers for your hot date, then Danks Flowers is on hand to help you out. This is another independently owned florist shop that offers a wide range of colorful plants. Whether it’s a small bouquet you want, or a grander and elaborate arrangement, Danks Flowers always has something to accommodate their customers. Potted plants are also something people can buy.

Visiting address: Upper Street, London, N1 2TX


  1. Orchidya


Located in the London district of Fitzrovia is another lovely florist shop that will most likely blow people away. Do you like orchids? If so, Orchidya is the only shop in London that will interest you. It specialized in dealing with this specific plant, and they clearly have a fiery passion for orchid plants. They mostly grow all of their plants in England, and customers often have the chance to buy some of the rarest flowers from this particular store. Over the years, the shop has won many awards for its astonishing orchids.

Visiting address: Store Street 42, London, WC1E 7DB