s it self defeating to plan for failure? To decide that before you’ve already begun, these will be your safety nets, these will be the places you will seek refuge if you need to? The horrors of the world already realised in your imagination before they’ve had a chance to appear at all. After all, in many cases, those same horrors are actually joys and are never realised at all. They are simply irrational fears that keep you up at night over night in particular really. The biggest one of all being money, but mortality is another popular one, as is love and popularity. What if you lost your job tomorrow? Would you be ok, or would you be out in the street, wondering how on Earth you were going to make ends meet this month? For most of us, the answer is that we don’t have much of a backup.

We have a rainy day fund sure, and that’s it. Many people will tell you that this isn’t enough, that you need to have funds available just in case, that if you don’t then you can easily end up in a tricky situation where it’s impossible for you to keep on living in the way that you want to. And why would you want to risk that? After all, you’re doing plenty to ensure that you have a life that’s amazing right? And now you’re gambling it all on the roll of the dice? That seems awfully risky doesn’t it?

The answer to that is quite simply yes, it is risky. But risks are not the enemy. You miss every shot you don’t take is a common quote, but one that resonates mainly because of how relatable it is. After all, you have to keep taking some chances if you want to get anywhere in life. Crossing the road is a chance, there is always the odds that you might get ill and pass away suddenly, as morbid as that might sound. We bet the last time you felt a little twinge or pain, you didn’t run to the doctor to find out if it was some awful disease or the first signs of a cancer. No, you accepted the vast probably that it would be ok, and went with it. If you didn’t then you’d spend your entire life in-front of men in white coats, either in doctor’s offices or in a psychiatric ward.
Which leads us to wonder, why do we then worry about risk? In truth, it’s all a matter of scale. Running out into traffic based on the chance that you will get across unscathed is a stupid risk. Getting up each day and driving to work is not. One is likely to go badly, one is not. That balance is the key to many things in life and you will need to understand it if you hope to really get yourself into a good place. The thing is to take risks when they make sense, and not to when they seem to be pointless.

Not that it’s all a matter of chance of course. It might be foolish to run out in front of those cars but what if someone you love is standing in the middle of the road. Is it worth it? Sometimes, to win big you need to take big, somewhat foolish risks. For love, you might move yourself to another country entirely, might uproot your entire life and go elsewhere. The risks are big, what if you break up and end up stuck in a different country without the thing that lured you there in the first place? Most people would consider you something of a fool.

But for the affections of someone who means the world to you, it can be worth getting on that plane. It can be worth diving headfirst into the unknown, making compromises and taking risks. The only one that can answer that question is you, and to do so you have to be willing to just go for it. Seriously, we can’t stress this enough. All it takes is for you to really be bold and to dive into the unknown.
Will it be worth it? No one can say but you and you’ll only know in hindsight. The thing is though, if you don’t go for it then you will simply never ever know. It’s something that might haunt you forever, or you might be eternally grateful. The truth of knowledge and indeed the truth of truth is that it is so often personal. You make your own perception of reality, and your own happiness. There are those that have everything in life but a smile, and those that have suffered unspeakable hardships, yet are happy with their lot in life. All you can do is take a leap of faith