The days of cheap little holiday holes are over. You may very well be staring at the screen with incredulity right now, but it’s true. Most people have no time for those overly cheap but generally low quality hotels, the ones that were little more than roofs over your head. It’s good news though, because those types of hotels have been replaced by a new generation of incredible budget hotels.

Just 10 years ago, a list of the best budget hotels in London would have ranked them on price and whether or not you got bedbugs. These days, you can expect a level of quality and care in even the cheapest of options, and the bar has been raised considerably. For the everyday consumer, this is great news. It looks to be the dawn of a new fusion: competitive pricing and great service. That’s one particular mix that we’re certainly excited to see more of!

Church Street Hotel

church hotel


A Spanish themed spot in trendy South East London, Church Street Hotel offers a kind of indie charm. Its unique rooms and stylishly understated decor all give the impression of a much higher level of quality, an illusion maintained but excellent service. It’s a trick of course, a sleight of hand meant to replicate the atmosphere of an expensive hotel in a much smaller one, but it’s a ruse that we’re more than happy to fall for.

Church Street Hotel is located at: 29-33 Camberwell Church St, London, Surrey SE5 8TR

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Avo Hotel


Dalston, East London, Shoreditch. Those three words tell you all you need to know about this place. Achingly hip, it’s the perfect launch pad for those wanting to explore the capital’s uncharted areas. A great alternative to a central London stay.

Avo Hotel is located at: 82 Dalston Ln, London E8 3AH

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The Hoxtonhoxton


The name tells you where this hotel is, and if you know London little more needs to be said. For the uninitiated though, Hoxton is one of East London’s great darlings, the poster child for a less formal side of the city’s greatness. The hotel itself is clean, friendly and generally comfortable.

The Hoxton is located at: 81 Great Eastern St, London EC2A 3HU

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Arosfa Hotel


A high ranker on social media and aggregate sites, there’s one thing about the Arosfa that sticks out: service. Everyone talks about how good the staff are, how friendly everything is and how accessible the hotel is to everyone. From couples to families, everyone seems to love staying here.

Arosfa Hotel is located at: 83 Gower St, London WC1E 6HJ

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Hillspring Lodge


Clean, modern and neat, Hillspring Lodge is a perfect example of the budget hotel revolution. It’s a great place to stay when money is tight, offering a solid base without compromising on the essentials or location.

Hillspring Lodge is located at: 233 Willesden Ln, London NW2 5RP

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This chain specialises in helping groups find large bookings without spending a fortune. It’s an invaluable service, allowing your group to stay together in jumbo sized rooms or in the immediate vicinity of each other, something that many hotels struggle with. One of the top 10 budget hotels, it’s reputation for finding room for everyone has seen them maintain excellent feedback in both professional circles and on the web.

Safestay is located at: 144-152 Walworth Rd, London SE17 1JL

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Aberdeen Guest House

On the outskirts of the capital, this is the perfect place for those who want to get away from it. It offers a perfect balance of London location and tranquility, all thanks to excellent rail links in the city.

Aberdeen Guest Hotel  is located at: 14 Argyle Rd, Ilford, Essex IG1 3BQ

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Britannia Inn Hotel

A boutique hotel on a budget, this little gem is tucked away out in Ilford. As we’ve already mentioned, that area is great for those wanting to stay away from the busy centre of the city, and here that is embraced: staff are on hand to offer advice on the best way to enjoy the city without stress and hassle.

Britannia Inn Hotel is located at: 54 Mansfield Rd, Ilford, London IG1 3BD

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Cardiff Hotel

Set in one of the beautiful stucco houses surrounding Paddington and Bayswater, this hotel really does offer a beautiful location for anyone looking to get to grips with central London. It’s an ideal spot for tourists, offering great location and relative peace in the same area.

Cardiff Hotel is located at: 5-9 Norfolk Square, London, Hyde Park, Greater London W2 1RU

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Twenty Nevern

An Earl’s Court hotel with a twist, Twenty Nevern Square is a surprisingly glamorous base of operations that’s ideally suited to those that want to explore the city without being stuck in the centre of the action. Good tube links mean you’re only minutes away from central, but the majority of the people in this area are residents, so you’re not going to be kept up until the early hours by a constant barrage of noise from rowdy European teenagers.

It was an easy inclusion of our list of the best budget hotels in London, due to the high standards of decor and general friendliness of staff. At this price, you would struggle to find a better deal anywhere in the capital!

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