As far as niche hotel features go, a river view is definitely one of the most requested and understandable of all the choices. Nothing beats looking out of your window on a warm, sunny day and seeing the sun reflect back off a beautiful surface of water. It can be just what you need to relax after a hectic day of sightseeing, or the perfect backdrop to an early breakfast before you head out to see the wonders of London.

Composing a list of the top 10 river view hotels in London is a rather difficult task. Not because there is any shortage of contenders, but because it’s hard to define what is most important: the view or the hotel. Is an average view of the Thames from a great hotel room enough to make the list. On the other end of the scale, is a great view in a mediocre room really sufficient?

In the end, we chose a balance between the two. There were several examples of great hotels offering very average views of the river, and one striking example of a magnificent view with little else to praise. The hotels that made our list however, balanced the two perfectly, and so we had no problem with declaring them great river view hotels.

The Savoy


The Savoy isn’t exactly a great unknown. One of the city’s most famous spots, it’s perhaps best known as the home of luxury. The best of the best stay here, and the prices reflect it. The river view rooms they offer are in line with the hotel’s high standards, so expect nothing less than the best. Excellence comes at a price here.

The Savoy is located at: Strand, Savoy Way, London WC2R 0EU

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Apex Temple Court


A trendy hotel in a well liked spot, it watches over the river from a distance. You get a great view, but the trade off is watching from quite a distance away. Those looking for bankside views should look elsewhere, but Apex Temple Court does compensate for the distance with relatively reasonable prices.

Apex Temple Court is located at: 1-2 Serjeants’ Inn, Fleet Street, London EC4Y 1LL

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Corinthia Hotel London


Glamourous, atmospheric and situated right beside the river, the Corinthia is a truly easy inclusion on this list of the top 10 river view hotels in London.

Corinthia Hotel London is located at: Corinthia Hotel, 10 Whitehall Pl, London SW1A 2BD

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Apex City of London


Another branch, another river view. A great look at Big Ben and the houses of parliament are its main selling points, although it does also place you right in the middle of the city, a very desirable location for some.

Apex City of London is located at: 1 Seething Ln, London EC3N 4AX

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Hilton London: Tower Bridge


The prestige of the Hilton hotel chain has diminished somewhat in recent times. Opening lesser branches and a certain heiress’ antics have caused some major PR dents for the American brand, but this hotel really is exceptional.

Hilton London: Tower Bridge is located at: 5 More London Place, Tooley Street, London SE1 2BY

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The Chelsea Harbour Hotel

Chelsea harbour is no stranger to high class luxury. The local inhabitants are some of the richest in the city, and they’re certainly known for splashing the cash. So it’s little surprise to find that one of the best river view hotels in London here, situated in affluence and prosperity. It really is a case of “you get what you pay for”, as the features in this hotel are amongst the best in the city, but they come at a serious price. One for the trust fundees.

The Chelsea Harbour Hotel is located at: Chelsea Harbour Dr, Fulham, London SW10 0XG

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The Royal Horseguards

If you’ve ever been to southbank, you know the Royal Horseguards hotel. A vast, imposing building carved from white stone, it’s a classic riverside sight that just screams sophistication and finesse. Those are the cornerstones of this historic hotel, and it retains its place at the very top of the capital’s hotel industry with an ease that few others could manage.

The Royal Horseguards is located at: 2 Whitehall Ct, London SW1A 2EJ

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London Bridge Hotel

London Bridge and Tower Bridge are not the same entity, which is something we need to state before we begin. Far too many people make this mistake, and it only leads

London Bridge Hotel is located at: 8-18 London Bridge St, London SE1 9SG

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Radisson Blu

A luxury hotel situated in Canary Wharf, Radisson Blu are doing their best to change popular perceptions of the area. Generally associated with working in the financial sector, CW has undergone major development in the last decade or so and is now an incredibly pleasant place to stay.

Radisson Blu is located at: 5 Fairmont Ave, Canary Wharf, London E14 9PJ

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Hotel Verta

Even 5 years ago, a Battersea hotel would not be filling you with excitement. Few areas in the capital have undergone such incredible rejuvenation, but the change here is startling. Hotel Verta is a perfect example of the area’s changing fortunes: elegant and stylish, it’s modern aesthetic speaks of an area that has found itself thrust to the forefront of London property trends.

Hotel Verta is located at: Bridges Wharf, London SW11 3RP

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