Compiling a list of the top 10 Romantic Hotels in London is an interesting task. The idea of what composes romance in a hotel is one that varies from person to person: some want a fairytale location, full of elegance and pastel colours. Some want all out glamour, with dark wood and gold trim. And some just want to be left alone together, with great facilities and a sense of privacy.

We’ve chosen hotels that excel in each of these areas, to present a wide ranging selection that should cater to most people’s desires. Every hotel on this list is known for its general excellence as well as its romantic atmosphere, so you can sure that your trip will be, at the very least, thoroughly enjoyable.

Rosewood London


The Rosewood is something of a favourite for us, as readers of our other articles will know. It’s a gorgeous and utterly impressive space, one that just screams of class, sophistication and overstated elegance. It’s certainly not subtle, but what it lacks in bashfulness it more than makes up for in sheer presence. Spend a weekend here with a lover and you’re likely to find yourself feeling like the centre of the world, which is often the point of such trips.

Rosewood London is located at: 252 High Holborn, London

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Egerton House


Egerton House is, well, a bit posh. Situated in the heart of Knightsbridge and sporting a union jack above the entrance, this redbrick hotel isn’t exactly the modest type. Staying here makes you feel like a somebody, and that sense of self importance can be a giddying way to start off a weekend of romance.

Egerton House is located at: 17-19 Egerton Terrace, Knightsbridge, London SW3 2BX

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Hotel 41


With all this grandeur on offer from the first 2 entries on our list, you might be looking for something a little more modest. If you are, then look no further. Hotel 41 is elegant but understated, a great example of how to be stylist without making a huge deal out of it. The dark wood and excellent lighting contribute towards an almost fairytale esque atmosphere: it seems more like a hotel from a film or a story than reality. This is a good thing.

Hotel 41 is located at: 41 Buckingham Palace Road, London‎

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The Chesterfield Mayfair


A stunning tea room might seem an odd thing to look for in one of the best Romantic Hotels in London, but it really is rather enjoyable. Full of couples’ laughter and happiness, there’s something remarkably silly about its formality. The coat and tails, the prissy plates and teacups that resemble thimbles more than a satisfying drinking vessel can all seem rather amusing when enjoyed with your partner. A smile will no doubt touch your lips when you see the silver service and the faffy cakes.

The Chesterfield Mayfair is located at: 35 Charles St, London W1J 5EB

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Charlotte Street House

A modern, hip and trendy hotel, this represents something a bit different on our list. Previously, we’ve focusses on old world charm: dark wood, delicate china, opulent wealth. For some however, that kind of luxury is just off putting, which is where Charlotte Street shines.

Charlotte Street House is located at: 15-17 Charlotte St, London W1T 1RJ

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The Ritz

When it comes to fancy hotels, there’s only one real answer. Going all out and treating yourselves to this kind of unrelenting luxury can be the experience of a lifetime, and all you’ll have to worry about that weekend is each other. Everything else is taken care of, with style and precision, by the staff.

The Ritz is located at: 150 Piccadilly, London W1J 9BR

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The Langham

The Langham’s reputation is enough to make most people giddy. Well known throughout the world, the mere idea of staying here is often enough to get many people excited.

The Langham is located at: 1C Portland Place, Regent Street, London W1B 1JA

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Knightsbridge Hotel

This stucco fronted hotel in Knightsbridge is the embodiment of West London charm: simultaneously grand and understated at the same time. It’s a wonderful building in a wonderful location, and you may well find yourself enchanted within moments of arriving.

Knightsbridge Hotel is located at: 10 Beaufort Gardens, London, SW3 1PT

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One Aldwych

A great location sets this hotel up for success, but what really takes it over the edge are the excellent staff. Attentive and passionate, they’ll make your time away truly special by caring to your every need. You and your partner will feel blessed to enjoy that kind of treatment, and it can leave you with plenty of time for romance.

One Aldwych is located at: 1 Aldwych, London WC2B 4BZ

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The Hide

The Hide is perhaps one of the best entries on this list, and has been recognised as such by many community awards and continued popularity. Yet it remains relatively unexposed to the world through the world of journalism. We get it: a place in Northern London doesn’t seem the best location for the top 10 london Romantic Hotels. Hidden away in Hendon, most wouldn’t give it a second look. But they’re missing an atmospheric, friendly and incredible B&B that offers something that few others do: privacy. When you’re at the edge of the world (relatively speaking, for Londoners at least) the one you get is a sense of truly being alone. Sometimes, that’s just what you want in a romantic trip together.

The Hide is located at: The Hide London, 230 Hendon Way, London, NW4 3NE

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