Wine Bars are undergoing something of a renaissance. Once a cultural staple, the early noughties saw them become desperately uncool. They were seen as pretentious and silly, the sorts of places that few would go to if given a choice. When the work parties starting happening there, it looked as if they were dead in the water.

Then something magical happened. Some great creative mind had an idea: why not just make it about the wine. A place where people could drink well, for a sensible price, with an excellent selection and a pleasant interior. As it turns out, going back to its roots was all the winebar needed to become incredibly relevant again.

Bar Pepito


Whether or not one can define this as one of the best wine bars in London really does depend if you would consider sherry to be a type of wine. For you see, that much maligned drink holds court here like nowhere else in the British isles. With pride and aplomb, it rules the stainless steel and the dark wood, rising to prominence once more: a former ruling house come back to reassert its claim to the throne.

The Spanish monarch may seem like an old lady’s drink, or something for trifles but Bar Pepito is your best bet of ever getting away from that stereotype. They stock the standard tooth suckingly sweet varieties, but there are also ones so dry you’ll wonder if someone has snuck a fine white into the bottle.

Bar Pepito is located at: 3 Varnishers Yard N1 9DF

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Charcuterie is the selling point here. Cuts of beautifully cured meat hang from the walls, and it could easily be a delicatessen were it not for the copious amounts of ruby red liquor flowing at every table. Pairing classic meats with classic wines, 28-50 reminds us that wine is best enjoyed beside a fine plate of food, where their harmonious relationship can be experienced  in its fullest.

28-50is located at: 140 Fetter Ln, London

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The Sampler  

A merchant as well as a winebar, The Sampler is a bit of an odd one. When you can buy wine for a decent price, why would you pay to have it with a markup from the same place? The atmosphere and the expertise are the answers. Not only is this a great place to drink, but if you suddenly decide you want to sample a fine merlot, the staff will be happy to pick one out for you and decant it immediately. The convenience and the service more than make up for the price difference, making this a no brainer for our list of the top 10 London wine bars.

The Sampler is located at: 35 Thurloe Place Mews, London SW7 2HP

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One of the top wine bars in London, Gordon’s is also one of the oldest. Hidden away in a cellar, it feels like an atmospheric relic from a past age rather than a 21st century staple. Yet it remains popular with drinkers precisely because of how outdated it is: Gordon’s speaks of a simple time when glass and steel were not an obligatory part of getting a glass of wine.

Gordons is located at: 47 Villiers St, London WC2N 6NE

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One of the top wine bars in London, Vinoteca isn’t fancy. It hasn’t earned the title with sumptuous luxury, despite what one might imagine from a venue in Mayfair. If anything, it’s the opposite. Their laid back attitude is a great representation of the shift that has made the drink seem less stuffy and formal, and helped the wine bar to regain its rightful place.

Vinoteca is located at: 15 Seymour Pl, London

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The 10 Cases

10 cases


Unpretentious, novel and rather special, The 10 cases operates under a simple philosophy: wine first. They only have 10 bottles to choose from at a time, but the list is always carefully tailored to ensure a satisfying selection. The name alone assures it should be considered for any list of the top 10 London wine bars

The 10 Cases is located at: 16 Endell St, London WC2H 9BD

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The Green Man and French Horn


Celebrating the very best wines from one of the country’s greatest riversides, this excellent cross channel offering is a huge hit with Londoners. The pairing of excellent wines with informative staff is the icing on the cake.

The Green Man and French Horn is located at: 54 St Martin’s Ln, Covent Garden, London WC2N 4EA

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Sager and Wilde


High quality goods, passion and knowledge mingle nicely in this exquisite blend made by a couple who really care about wine. A pop up bar gone mainstream, it’s all the best parts of the hipster movement in one place.

Sager and Wilde is located at: 193 Hackney Rd, London E2 8JL

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Italian wine is rightly known for being fantastic, as it should be considering that this is a country that is both perfectly suited to its manufacture and rather enamoured with the grape. Dego’s funky interior hides a rather more traditional set of excellent Italian reds, although there are some bold choices there too for those feeling a little adventurous.

Dego is located at: Portland House, 4 Great Portland St, Market Place Area, London W1W 8QJ

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Vertigo 42


As the name suggests, this is a bar with a view. There are few things better in life than looking out across the city with a glass in hand, and Vertigo 42 offers both the best view and the best wine to fill that glass. Although it’s often named as one of top wines bars in London, it’s worth noting that their champagne selection is particularly excellent.

Vertigo 42 is located at: Tower 42, 25 Old Broad St, London EC2N 1HQ

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