Built between the year 1886 to 1894 the Tower Bridge started its construction work on April 22, 1886 and was opened to public on 30 June 1894 which took around eight years to build with 432 men, 119 years ago, its design is a combination of a bascule and suspension that crosses the River Thames. Credited as the world most famous Tower Bridge at London is located close to the The Tower of London from which the Bridges name is derived, it carries the A100 Tower Bridge Road, towards the North you will find the Tower Hamlets and to the south you will find Southwark. The total length of the bridge is about 801 ft which spans the longest of 200 ft in between. Consisting of two towers which are tied together with two horizontal walkways and the upper level is a suspended sections of the bridge to withstand the horizontal forces towards the landward sides of the towers. the Bridge opens and closes 1000 times a year for passing of warships, vessels, cruises and sailing barges


What you will find?

At the walkway of 42 meters you can admire the stunning panoramic view of London as the east walkway is the home for photographic exhibition of the Great Bridges of the World that speaks about the breathtaking feat of engineering. Towards the south walkway you will find a short video that shows the construction of the bridge, then towards the west walkway you would come across a brand new exhibition which is called This is London that is in partnership with Southwark Arts Forum, as you will admire copies of over 60 iconic illustrations and excerpt from painters and illustrators, you will also experience the virtual bridge lift which provides you with an unique experience. You may also visit the Gift Shop before leaving home for some memento of your day.

Tower Bridge

A Unique Venue

Being named as the Best Unusual Venue at the 2012 UK Awards and winning the 2011 Event Magazine Award for Event Space of the year, the Tower Bridge at London is incredibly unique place for venues like weddings, corporate and private events as the Bridge has three venues areas as each one give a memorable and unique experience fun and enjoyment for a various kinds of celebrations. You can even experience a best time by drinking and dining at the Victoria Engine room which provides an atmospheric setting, The Bridge’s Master’s Dining Room is also a place for an evening event, wedding ceremony or an intimate lunch.

Olympics and The Tower Bridge

Olympic rings and Paralympic Agitos were hoisted on the London Tower Bridge to mark the 2012 Olympics at London for 45 days as there were energy efficient lighting system setup, these lightings lighten up the bridge which enhances its architectural features that replace the static lights, as the new lighting can vary in colour and intensity and also cutting energy consumption considerably. The lighting also gleamed white for the celebrations of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee.


Adult joint ticket price to both Tower Bridge Exhibition and Monument (open ended):
£9.00 per ticket
Adult ticket price to Tower Bridge (open ended):
£8.00 per ticket
Child ticket price  to both Tower Bridge Exhibition and Monument (open ended):
From £4.00 per ticket
Child ticket price  to Tower Bridge (open ended)
£3.40 per ticket
Senior joint ticket price  to both Tower Bridge Exhibition and Monument (open ended)
£6.19 per ticket
Senior ticket price  to Tower Bridge (open ended)
£5.60per ticket
Student joint ticket price to both Tower Bridge Exhibition and Monument (open ended)
£6.19 per ticket
Student ticket price  to Tower Bridge (open ended)
£5.60per ticket
Disabled/Carer Tower Bridge Ticket (open ended)

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