The National Gallery in London was established in the year 1824 which houses over 2,300 paintings belonging to the world of the United Kingdom that dates back to the mid 13 Century to 1900. It is an exempt charity and non-departmental body of the Department for Culture, Sports and Media. The main entrance is free of monetary value and evaluated as the fifth most visited in the world. The Gallery came into existence after the British Government bought 38 paintings from the legatee of John Julius Angerstein who was the Lloyd’s underwriter and a London man of personal business, he was also a patron of fine arts and a collector. Later the Gallery eventually was shaping up from its early conductors, Sir Charles Lock Eastlake with private donations that comprised of two of three equal parts of the ingathering. Though the collection is small in size compared to many European National galleries, its encyclopaedic in scope with a most major advancements in Western painting from Giotto to Cezanne and are represented along with important works. The National Gallery of London present building’s third house was designed by William Wilkins in 1932. The elevation of the building that faces the Trafalgar Square remains unchanged till date though the building underwent many expansions gradual throughout its history. The Director at present of the National Gallery, London is Nicholas Penny.

What you will find?

The Gallery is open on Fridays until 9pm, as you will be exploring the paintings and enjoying an exhibition while having a chit chatter and having a bite to eat at the National Cafe accompanied with hot music, guided tours and talks, you can even loosen up at the stripe in the Sainsbury Wing Foyer. There is much to watch in the National Gallery that will fascinate and will let you relive the story of the yesteryears with some of the best famous arts showcased at the Gallery. Amongst the Famous arts are these two famous works mentioned below.



Displayed next to other major works that are loaned by artists of European and American museums that form 50 works on display is the Ten owned paintings of Veronese by the National Gallery at London. You will enjoy Veronese’s paintings that have his magnificent visions such as “The Family of Darius before Alexander” and “the Allegories of Love” along with a series of four paintings which individually concentrates on the accepts of “Scorn, Respect, Unfaithfulness and Happy Union”. His deeds are most sought for by collectors and posses a big studio to artists on 17th and 18th Centuries.

Strange Beauty: Masters of the German Renaissance

A look at German Renaissance paintings in London National Gallery collections provides insights on the way these magnificent works were regarded and distinguished at their time and of the recent past to how they are perceived today. The gallery highlights the way of the value of the paintings, prints and drafts that were evaluated in the 16th century that are centred on the best known famous artist like Albrecht Dürer, Lucas Cranach the Elder and Hans Holbein the Younger that poses for qualities like inventiveness and expression. You will as well study the perceptual experience of German Renaissance art with the reasons and attitudes in the 19th and 20th centuries in the context of the collection at the National Gallery in London.


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1 January and 24–26 December



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