Placed over the site of a former Millbank Prison at Milbank. Tate Britain is the dwelling house of British art. The construction of the gallery was undertaken by Hill and Higgs and was completely erected in the year 1893 and was later opened on 21st of July 1897 and although it was opened at the National Gallery of British Art, it was normally addressed as the Tate Gallery after its founder who was Sir Henry Tate however it has taken on its official name as Tate Britain in the yr 1932. The building towards the front was designed by Sidney R. J. Smith that has a classical portico and a dome, the central gallery sculpture was designed by John Russell Pope. James Stirling, who designed the Clore Gallery that is being regarded as the most important exemplar for post-modern architecture basically for the use for contextual irony at Tate Britain houses the largest works of J. M. W. Turner.

Tate Britain collection is the largest British Art in the world from the 1500 to our present day and there are over 5.4 million Visitors every year as you will find amazing masterpieces by Hogarth, Gainsborough, Whistler and Hogarth, you will also find the most superlative contemporary and modern artists like Lucian Freud, Francis Bacon and Damien Hirst. The museum underwent a three phase renovation and completed in the year 2003 stayed open throughout while changes and additions were taking space in its building. The new sections were designed by architects of Caruso St. John which included a total of nine newer galleries, it has a reinforced floor that can accommodate have sculptures. The centrepiece is the reopening of the building entrance, which fronts the River Thames, previously the circular balcony of the rotunda atrium dome was closed to visitors since 1920s but it has now new spiral stairs beneath the rotunda. Beneath its entrance steps on Milbank the gallery holds a dedicated school reception and entrance and a new gallery of temporary displays for presentations.

What would you like to find here?

Maintaining the large comprehensive collection of its kind the Tate Britain houses the more recent artists such as Peter Blake, Francis Bacon and David Hockney. The workplace in the permanent collection of Tate collection display work of John Constable which has a painting of a conniption on the Navigable River known as Flatford Mill, J.M.W. Turner is known as Snow Storm, Steam, William Blake’s “Satan Smiting Job with Sore Boils”, Sir John Everett Millais’s work “Ophelia”, David Bomberg’s “The Mud Bath” and James Abbott McNeill Whistler “Nocturne: Blue and Gold ‘Old Battersea bridge’”. Tate Britain offers a coffee bar, a restaurant and a friend’s room, the restaurant features other work of art by Rex Whistler and the friend’s room is open to public on payment of an annual subscription. The core galleries in the administration offices houses rooms for prints and drawings, it also has an archive and library at the Hyman Reading Rooms. River Thames connects Tate Britain and Tate Modern by a high-speed boat, which is decorated with spots inspired by the painting by Damien Hirst and the lighting on the boat that is integrated on the pier’s structure is designed by Angela Bulloch. The boat sails from the Millbank Millennium Pier just outside Tate Britain.


The walk-through collection

The Tate Britain offers an unequalled assemblage of lap from its start to its goal, the walk through collection is set in a broad historical range from 1545 to the present day, which is perpetually open to public, though you will not find any designated theme or movements, but alternatively you would discover a range of artistry that was produced at any one instant of a casual conversational style. You would get dates on the base beneath the paintings as the circuit travels in an anti clockwise in the construction, as the gallery’s layout was redesigned to create around its outer perimeter, which is a hybrid section which represents the British Art that meets both less familiar and well-known works. In that respect are other amazing areas in Tate Britain, which introduces artists who deliver a really strong relationship with this gallery. The two galleries on the main floor are entirely dedicated to Henry Moore that has preeminent sculptors of Britain that explore the close and personal relationship with Tate.

Tate Britain Store and Shop

Tate Britain houses a gallery store that is next to the Manton entrance, which includes gift wrap, special designer crockery, stocks greeting cards, textiles, products, books and magazines for current exhibitions. The store, which is situated near the Tate Britain Millbank entrance on Atterbury Street has an unmatched collection of books along the topic of British Art, culture and history throughout the historic periods. You will find amazing souvenirs and gifts which features of the collection work along with bills, postal cards and prints. The most popular art materials which have the imaginative selection of selection of gifts, plans and books for children.

Admission and Location

The Tate Britain is an amazing place to be as you will experience and watch the wondrous works of various artists, which will get you inspired, as you will bring out the creative and artistic side inside you by visiting this amazing gallery through Vlondoncity. Thither is a restaurant, a Cafe and a member’s room where you can refresh yourself and unwind at the Tate Britain.


Admission fee:
Free except for exhibitions

Opening Timings

10:00 – 18:00



Tate Britain
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United Kingdom

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