Since London is one of the biggest cities of Europe, it certainly offers a great number of activities to participate in when it comes to Christmas. This annual event brings loads of people to London, as they know that the atmosphere that this great city offers on Christmas is unforgettable. London is decorated with thousands of Christmas lights, filled with fair that have mulled wine, good food, and live performances, people go ice-skating in the rinks that are decorated with Christmas trees and lights, there are numerous shows and displays to see in theaters, museums, and comedy clubs everywhere around the city, Christmas carols can be heard in all the major streets of the city, and one can relax from all of this by drinking a Christmas tea in one of the many restaurants. As you can see, London has a true Christmas feeling in the holidays season and there are many activities to participate in, causing us to make the Things to do for Christmas in London list. We bring you fifteen great things about this city on Christmas with some of them being are absolute favorites, like the Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park. Things to do for Christmas in London are these:

1.Visit the Winter Wonderland


As you can guess from the name, the first place on our list goes to one truly amazing festival that takes place in what is probably the most beautiful of the Royal Parks in London. It brings long rows of the market stalls that will be selling all sorts of things, and this includes the popular mulled wine, sausages, as well as candies and souvenirs. There will also be an ice rink, the fairground rides, and the favorite of kids – rotating carousel.

Address: The Hyde Park

2. See Elf the Musical


Visiting this show at the Dominion Theatre is certainly a good way to spend your Christmas – it is the stage adaptation of the popular 2003 movie which starred famous Will Ferrell. It will feature Joe McGann, Ben Foster, Kimberley Walsh, and Jessica Martin, and it will be directed by the genius who was behind the Chitty Chitty Bang Bang – Morgan Young. Expect an entertaining show that just might be even better than the movie – the tickets start at around £30.

Address: W1T 7AQ, Tottenham Court Road

3. Pay a visit to the South Bank Festival


Much like the Winter Wonderland, which took the first place on our list, the Winter Festival that takes place at the South Bank is also a great opportunity for one to experience the true Christmas feeling, It is a fantastic fair that’s filled with delicious food, drinks, decorations, and everything else that people want to see at a place like this one, with the addition of the roller disco, as well as the evening of festive music that will be played by Philharmonia Orchestra.

Address: SE1 8XX, Belvedere Road

4. Go and see the Carols by Candlelight


Everyone knows about the Royal Albert Hall – it is a concert hall that can be found in South Kensington, hosting almost 400 shows every year. The event that we’re talking about will take place on Christmas, bringing you a fantastic atmosphere with classical music, sing-along carols, and festive readings, with all of this being performed in the old costumes of the 18th century. This is probably the finest of all the carol shows in all of London so be sure not to miss it.

Address: SW7 2AP, Kensington Gore

5. Ice-skate at the Somerset House


If you love ice-skating, you have to see the ice rink at the Somerset House! The whole event will be decorated in the Christmas style, with loads of lights and with a huge, 40-feet tall Christmas Tree. There will also be classical Christmas music as the soundtrack to the whole thing, and when you get tired, you can visit the Fortnum’s Lodge to have a cocktail and good food to warm you up. The tickets range between £8.85 and £16.10.

Address: WC2R 1LA, Strand

6. Visit the Ski Lodge


The next place to pay a visit to on Christmas Day would be the Ski Lodge, which is opening once again in order to bring the alpine atmosphere to our doorstep, with things like the fairy lights, falling snowflakes, pine trees, and reindeer. This great atmosphere will be spiced up with the things like the usual mulled wine, the hot-spiced cider, and all sorts of the seasonal European food. Reservations are essential here, so hurry up and reserve your place at the Ski Lodge.

Address: WC1B 5BJ, Montague Street 15

7. Have a look at the Christmas exhibition at the Geffrye Museum


The Geffrye Museum is one of those museums that specializes in the history of the domestic interior, and it can be found in Shoreditch, where it opened more than a hundred years ago. This Christmas, the museum will be holding an exhibition with “Christmas Past” as the theme, bringing displays of stockings at the fireplace, sending cards, Christmas Trees decorated in the old way, and other things. It is a nice way to see was this holiday celebrated in the past.

Address: E2 8EA, Kingsland Road 136

8. Go alternative – visit the Hyper Japan Market


One of the best alternatives to the usual Christmas markets of London is the Hyper Japan Market, taking place in Wapping, and bringing a load of Japanese goods while entertaining the guest with things such as live music, and fashion & anime shows. The market also has a food hall that allows the visitors to eat sushi, drink sake or hot tea, and there are also the workshops where once can learn how to create some delicious dishes – like the ramen, for example.

Address: Wapping, Tobacco Dock

9. Even more skating at the Canary Wharf


As it is the case with the ice rink at the Somerset House, the one at the Canary Wharf also brings a load of the Christmas decorations that make ice-skating unforgettable. There will be a row of the fairy-lit trees, samples of rum and cheese fondue, with all of this being surrounded by glittering skyscrapers.  One of the best things here is that you don’t even have to skate – even as a spectator, you will surely enjoy the Christmas magic of this place.

Address: E14 5AB, Canary Wharf

10. Visit the Winterville


The East London has an answer to West London’s Winter Wonderland, and its called the Winterville. It is the magnificent fair with the most creative atmosphere, bringing things like ice rinks, club nights, cabarets, and comedies. There are also the circus acts for some good laughs, the cinema showings, as well as the opportunity to drink things like the whiskeys, rum, and spiced punches. There will also, of course, be some street food that comes from everywhere around the planet.

Address: E3 5TB, Grove Road

11. Head to the Hampstead Christmas Festival


The next event on our list would be the 8th Hampstead Christmas Festival, taking place on the Hampstead High Street and featuring 90 stalls that will bring food, drinks, and souvenirs. There will also be some interesting additional events, like the grotto for the children, the free cinema screenings, and some live performances. In the evening, the whole event will be lit by the Christmas lights, making this little village a place definitely worth paying a visit to.

Address: NW3, Hampstead High Street

12. Visit the Cockpit Arts Open Studios


If you find yourself in a need of buying a Christmas present for someone, the open studios of the Cockpit Arts are the places to go. This social enterprise will allow you to browse through a humongous collection of crafts that are created by 170 designers, nurturing the talent of young creators from the United Kingdom. The studios will be opened at two sites, selling everything from silver crockery to ceramics, furniture, and fashion. You will certainly find what you’re looking for!

Address: W1CN 2NP, Northington Street and SE8 3DZ, Creekside 18

13. Drink the Christmas Tea at the Claridge’s


Claridge’s is one of the most famous luxury hotels of London, dating all the way back to 1856. If you’re looking for one luxurious afternoon tea, head over to this place and enjoy drinking and eating in an incredible ambient that will be decorated with the usual Christmas decorations. You will be able to choose from a menu of 40 different teas that from different parts of the planet, and also to take a look at Claridge’s own Christmas tree, one of the prettiest in London.

Address: W1K 4HR, Brook Street

14. Go and see the Christmas tree at the Trafalgar Square


Every year, the Kingdom of Norway presents the United Kingdom with a huge Christmas Tree for the help that it gave in the Second World War. In most of the cases, this tree is over 20 meters tall and at least 50 years old, which means that it looks absolutely stunning and very pretty when decorated with the Christmas lights. These lights are switched on every first Thursday of December, creating one incredible scene that surely has to be seen – it’s unforgettable.

Address: WC2N 5DN, Trafalgar Square

15. Attend the ballet Christmas season shows


The Christmas season of the English National Ballet is something truly fabulous, creating some amazing performances that include the likes of the Nutcracker, which has been shown here ever since 1950. The Nutcracker is definitely a number one ballet play to see here, since it has that Christmas magic and is set in the frosty Edwardian world, bringing the story of Clara, the Nutcracker, and the Drosselmeyer, the magician. This popular score by Tchaikovsky certainly comes to life here!

Address: SW7 2ES, Jay Mews 39