The world cup of 2014 has seen a huge rise in the number of people interested in combining alcohol and sport in the capital. It’s hardly surprising, with the sun shining and the locals all ready to watch some quality football, everyone wants to enjoy a cocktail or a pint. It’s staggering to see how many people are willing to splash serious cash chasing some of the best experiences in the city, and how far they are willing to go. A good sports bar will cause people to travel from end of the city to the other, a feat few others can match.

So where should you be drinking? With such a plethora of options, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by it all. There must be somewhere great, you think to yourself, but how do I find it? Luckily for you, we’re on the case. We’ve scoured the city and found some of the best attractions around, all in a bid to compose this list of the top 10 sports bars in London. So sit back, pour yourself a drink and get ready to enjoy a summer of fun and frivolity.

The Carlsberg Bar at the Empire


The huge casino that this bar is attached to is a great one. It made our list of top attractions elsewhere on the site, and it has excellent facilities. For those wanting something to do between games, there are few finer destinations than its hallowed halls.

This is a sports bar with class. It has that vegas razmataz, that extra element of showmanship that will amaze you. Drinking here feels like an event in and of itself and in many ways it’s just that. You come here for the game, but you stay for the atmosphere and the quality.

The Carlsberg Bar  is located at: 5-6 Leicester Square, London WC2H 7NA

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The Elk Bar


The Elks bar is something a little bit different. Ok, a lot different. Round the corner from the home of Chelsea FC, it’s a cocktail bar that loves sports. Juggs of the stuff are consumed on the glorious decking out back, but inside there are plenty of screens. It doesn’t have the variety or the size of its competition but what it does have is a touch of something a little bit different, a little bit interesting.

Elk Bar is located at: 587-591 Fulham Rd, London SW6 5UA

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This chain is well known for its excellent sports bars, but what you may not expect is that it doesn’t just rely on reputation. The sheer variety of games on offer here is what makes it so renowned, as pretty much every televised sports event can be found playing on its walls

.Rileys  is located at: 16 Semley Pl, London SW1W 9QJ

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Bar Kick


When we first started our list of the 10 best London sports bars, we defined what we were looking for. Passion was a big thing, and that is what bar kick has in swathes. Primarily a footballing venue, it’s packed to the rafters on big match nights, and full of the kind of rocking crowds that few other bars draw in. If you want to go somewhere with high standards but all the atmosphere of a slightly less refined drinking spot, then this is the place.

Bar Kick is located at: 127 Shoreditch High St, London E1 6JE

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Clapham Grand


The biggest screen in the UK sits in this Clapham pub. A huge draw for many, the standards of the facilities are top notch and triumph above all competition. Reasonable prices and good atmosphere only add to the thrills.

Clapham Grand  is located at: 21-25 St. John’s Hill, Clapham Junction, London SW11 1TT

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The Albion


A pub themed around West Brom seems a little odd in London. It’s a couple of hundred miles in the wrong direction really, but the Albion is still rocking most weekends. Decked out in blue and white stripes, it’s one of the most lively bars in the capital. Why? Simple, because this is a place that values passion, and the regulars are all men that love their sport.

The Albion is located at:  2-3 New Bridge St, City of London, Greater London EC4V 6AA

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Roxy Bar and Screen


The name is a bit of a give away. Simply put, the bar and the screen really are the venue. Great drinks and a huge tv are the big selling points of this otherwise simple bar.

Roxy Bar and Screen is located at: 128-132 Borough High St, London SE1 1LB

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Famous 3 Kings


It’s enormous, easily the biggest bar on our list. Inside there’s room for a whole bus load of fans, so you’re always sure to find a sport. That might seem like a small benefit, but in the busy summers of world sport, that extra bit of space can mean the difference between cheering your team on and spending the night pressed up against someone’s elbow.

Famous 3 Kings is located at: 153 N End Rd, London W14 9NL

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The Slug and Lettuce


A leftfield choice for any list of the top 10  London sports bars, it does nonetheless satisfy all the criteria. It shows sport, even if the screens aren’t of the same gigantic proportions seen in other properties. What is noticeable however, is how much better this place is at being a bar than everywhere else. The drinks are top notch, especially their excellent cocktail range.

The Slug and Lettuce is located at: 5 Lisle St, Leicester Square, London

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The Roundhouse

This is a venue that has great architecture, great screens, great food, great drink. What more could you possibly want?

Roundhouse is located at: 2 N Side Wandsworth Common, London

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