Everyone loves Christmas! This is one of the best days during the entire year, bringing us joy and happiness like no other days can. And let’s not forget the Boxing Day – if you’re not familiar with the term (which is probably the case if you’re not from the Commonwealth countries) this is the second day of Christmas, having this name because the employers present their workers with gifts, or in other words “boxes”. The Christmas is a great time of the year to spend in London, as this is one of those European cities where these holidays feel truly magical and make you come back every year if you’re not from the city. The United Kingdom’s capital is then filled with various events that take place both on Christmas and on the Boxing Day, which is exactly why we decided to create the Christmas and Boxing Day Events in London article – to help you choose which one of these events is worth paying a visit to. One thing is certain – whichever of them you visit, you will feel the Christmas spirit like nowhere else on our planet. The Christmas and Boxing Day Events in London are the following:

1.Hogwarts in the Snow (Christmas)

Hogwarts Castle appears to be covered in snow by giants at the Warner Bros Making of Harry Potter st

The first event on our list would be the Hogwarts in the Snow. The Hogwarts is, as you know, is the school of magic in which most of the Harry Potter books (and movies) take place, and the Warner Bros studios decided to let you see some of the most iconic sets of these movies, decorated for the Christmas. One thing that you really have to see here is the scale model of Hogwarts, covered with snow and looking like something out of the fable.

Address: WD25 7LS, Aerodrome Way

2. The Enchanted Woodland (Christmas)


The Syon Park, located west of the Kew Gardens, looks great during the summer, but it’s the winter when this park truly shines. It turns in the Enchanted Woodland, having the illuminated trees and providing the visitors with an unforgettable walk through the park. One of the coolest things here is that the Syon Park has an old, 18th-century lake in it, and the reflections of the illuminated trees in the water look gorgeous and you’ll certainly want to come back next year.

Address: TW8 8JF, London Road

3. Once Upon a WigWam (Christmas)


This is surely not something to be missed out on. Once Upon a WigWam is an event that is inspired by the tales of the Brothers Grimm, and is held on the rooftop of the Queen of Hoxton, which is a bar and a club on the Curtain Road. The whole event looks like a visit to a magical land, with vines, books, mirrors, and there’s even a treehouse. You’ll be able to drink all sorts of ales and eat some pretty tasty meals.

Address: EC2A 3JX, Curtain Road 1

4. The Sales (Boxing Day)


Let’s not fool ourselves – there is nothing better to do on the Boxing Day but to go – shopping! Everyone knows that the sales are the first association when it comes to December 26, and it’s one of the best days during the year to go on a hunt for the slashed prices and good bargains. And when it comes to London, the best places to check out are the famous Oxford Street, the Covent Garden, the Camden Town, and the Nothing Hill.

Address: Citywide

5. The Little Feast (Christmas)


The Shepherd’s Bush Yard is going to be transformed into the Scandinavian Forest, bringing you some of the best warming drinks and the seasonal street food. Coming here on Christmas Day is surely a good decision, as the event will provide that magical atmosphere that everyone likes so much – wooden huts, bark floors, fir trees, the ivy-covered pergolas, and there will also be some live music provided by bands and choirs. What more could one want? Be sure to pay a visit!

Address: W12 8HA, Goldhawk Road

6. NatWest Winter at the Southbank Center (Christmas)


The magical winter season of the Southbank Center makes a comeback, bringing entertainment for all ages and the true Christmas atmosphere that everyone is looking for. There will be unforgettable pathways filled with twinkling lights, the riverside markets with lots of food, drinks, and gifts, as well as some seasonal events taking place at it. This is a real magical landscape similar to the Little Feast but having its own, unique spirit. The event is sponsored by the NatWest bank.

Address: SE1 8XX, Belvedere Road

7. The Boxing Day Bash (Boxing Day)


What better way to spend the day after Christmas then paying a visit to the Boxing Day Bash? This event is especially great if you’re in love with the cars, bringing you a seductive stench of burnt rubber, oil, and the sound of cars crashing into each other. This might seem to be a bit too far from the spirit of the Christmas holidays, but a bit of the old mechanical violence can’t hurt. The event takes place at the Wimbledon Stadium.

Address: SW17 0BL, Plough Lane

8. The Tree House (Christmas)


The Skyline Lounge is a bar that’s situated on the 12th floor of one of the Hilton hotels, located at the Pepys Street, and having a great panoramic view of the city. It is hosting a very special event this year – a transformation of the bar into the magical winter woodland! It is one truly calming retreat that will allow you drink champagne in the cozy environment and enjoy the fitting soundtrack. And let’s not forget the beautiful view of London!

Address: EC3N 4AF, Pepys Street 7

9. The View from the Shard (Christmas)


Since we’re talking about having a good view of London from above, there is probably no better place in the city to do this but the Shard, which is one of the new symbols of England’s capital and the highest skyscraper of the European Union. Spending your Christmas Eve here just can’t be a bad decision, as there is the 800-feet high panoramic view of London, as well the beautiful wintry decoration that features snow drifts, ice crystals, and the frost.

Address: SE1 9SG, Tooley Street 96

10. Taking a swim at the Hampton Pool (Boxing Day)


What better way to refresh yourself from the turkey and drinks but to visit the Hampton Pool on the day after Christmas? The pool will be opened from the Christmas Eve to the New Year’s Day, allowing you take a dip into the heated water and enjoy the relaxing swimming under the winter sky. There is also a special “Moonlight” dip for all those people who like to swim at night, and the tickets for this are around £10.

Address: TW12 2ST, High Street, Hampton

11. The Christmas at Kew (Christmas)


As it is the case with some previous events in our Christmas and Boxing Day London Events article, the Kew Garden also going through the metamorphosis for the Christmas holidays. The seasonal illuminations, which will light the Kew after dark, will turn this place into yet another magical place to visit on the Christmas Day, with the addition of the food, festivities and some vintage fairground rides.  The trail will open at 5 p.m. and will close at 8 p.m.

Address: TW9 3AB, Kew, Richmond

12. The Pudding Race (Christmas)


Everyone knows about the familiar egg & spoon race, but what would say about the Christmas version of it, which includes some tasty puddings? This event will take place at the Covent Garden Plazza, bringing at least 150 contestants will race on the trail filled with all sorts of obstacles while, at the same time, trying to balance a pudding on a plate! This race has been going on ever since the 1980s, raising money for the good causes and bringing some really good laughs.

Address: WC2E 9DD, Covent Garden Plazza

13. The Moriarty’s Game (Christmas)


Now, this is something really interesting. This event is inspired by the novels that were written by the famous Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, and will allow the participants to solve puzzles on the trail in order to find the hidden safe house. This trail is designed for the teams of four and will bring the interaction with chemical flasks, botanical books, code words, and many other things that will only spice up the whole adventure. The event will take place in the Mayfair Townhouse.

Address: W1B 1AD, Portland Place 66

14. The Rinse Boxing Day Party (Boxing Day)


Let’s not forget that the Boxing Day will see many great parties being held everywhere across the city, and the one organized by the Fabric, one of the famous London nightclubs, certainly catches attention. The three rooms of this dancing temple will be filled with deep house, dubstep, and electro that will be brought on by some of the finest DJs, like the Horse Meat Disco, Skream, Youngsta, and Ben Kenzo. The party will last at least until 7 a.m.

Address: EC1M 6HJ, Charterhouse Street 77A

15. The Peter Pan Cup Race (Christmas)


And for the end of our Boxing Day and Christmas Events in London list, we bring you something crazy – the Peter Pan Cup swimming race that will take place in the Serpentine Lake, which can be found in on of the most famous Royal Parks of London – the Hyde Park. Ever since 1864, the swimmers have participated in this incredibly cold race in order to win the Peter Pan Cup, which got its name as it was presented in 1904 by J.M Barrie, the creator of this fictional character.

Address: Hyde Park, the Serpentine Lake