One of the best things about being a student in the United Kingdom is definitely the fact that there are so many discounts to get everywhere around the country. One just has to flash his student ID and voila! – he gets the lower prices for the object or service that he’s after. We should also, of course, mention the fact that the student life isn’t actually easy when it comes to the financial side of it – a student has to distribute his money on all sides, like food, accommodation, books, and other things, and getting a nice discount is always welcome. This is why we decided to check out where can one, as a student, get a lower price if he has a proper ID or the discount card (like the ISIC, UNiDAYs, or the NUS card), thus creating the Top student discounts in UK article. Here, you will find that it’s pretty easy to find a nice discount if you just keep looking for it – we managed to find discounts for technology, for various meals at the restaurants, for clothes, and many other things. These are, in our opinion, the top student discounts in the UK:

1.Free chicken at Nando’s


Have you ever heard about Nando’s? This would be the international chain of dining restaurants that originates from South Africa, where it was established back in the 1980s. There are over a thousand Nando’s restaurants all over the globe, and some of them can, of course, be found in the United Kingdom. And when it comes to discounts, Nando’s often has free portions of chicken that can be taken if you show your student cards – and believe us, eating at Nando’s can never be a mistake since these guys certainly know how to make a great meal. Bon appétit!

Address: Nando’s restaurants in UK

2. Meals discount at GBK


The second place on our list will also go to the food discount – this time, we’re talking about the Gourmet Burger Kitchen, which would be the UK restaurant chain known for the meals of the New Zealand cuisine (since the owners originate from that country). There is a 40% discount on the meals for the students here and is available in Gourmet Burger Kitchen restaurants in the university town of the United Kingdom. You definitely have to try a burger at one of these places – the burgers come with cheddar cheese, lettuce, are freshly baked and look just like on the pictures.

Address: GBK restaurants in the university towns

3. The Apple computers


Who doesn’t know about the Apple devices? The computers, smartphones, and tablets made by this famous American company are reliable and fast, which makes them a perfect choice for the students. Having an Apple laptop (or as they call it, the Mac Book) in your student days is truly a great help, and Apple has prepared the 15% discount for the laptops, and the 3% discount for the iPads. In this day and age, having such a device as the laptop is necessary especially of you’re a student, so go and get that discount and easily save a bit of your money.

Address: Apple stores in the United Kingdom

4. A new outfit at the New Look


The next discount that we’re going to take a look at will be the one given by the New Look, a famous chain of clothes shops that has the headquarters in the United Kingdom. This company was established all the way back in 1969 and ever since then it was known as a good choice when it comes to buying new clothes, which is pretty good to hear since they offer a 20% student discount for the each transaction that happens either in the store or online, and all that one needs to have is his/hers student card. Pretty great, isn’t it?

Address: New Look shops in the United Kingdom

5. Homeware for the student flat at BHS


The BHS stands for the British Home Stores – this is a company that owns a large chain of department stores that sells both the clothes and all sorts of household items. As of late, BHS has begun to sell the furniture, beauty products, electronics, and many other things, which is great if you’re a student and need to have your flat equipped with various household items – the BHS is offering 15% for the students. But, be careful – you just might use this to buy some completely unnecessary things – we were tempted to buy one of the darts games!

Address: BHS stores in the United Kingdom

6. Delicious pizzas at Fire & Stone


Those studying in Oxford and Portsmouth can easily get a nice discount in one of the Fire & Stone restaurants – a delicious pizza will cost you just around £4! The restaurant in Oxford is truly a great place to have a dinner at – it is completely relaxed and laid-back and serves many more meals of the international cuisines, not just pizza. And the greatest thing about the F&S in Portsmouth is that the eatery is really close to the sea, providing the guests with a beautiful view of the Portsmouth Harbor. Be sure to visit these places and get that discount!

Address: PO1 3TH / Gunwharf Quays (Portsmouth) and OX1 2BJ / George Street (Oxford)

7. Men’s clothing at Burton


When it comes to clothing, there aren’t many department stores chains that are better than Burton. The main reason behind this is the fact that Burton was founded all the way back in 1904, and ever since then perfected their products and became known as one of the best choices when it comes to menswear. The seat of the company is in London but there are over 400 stores in the country (and in Ireland), which is great since the students can get a 10% discount on clothes. And the online buying is even better – the discount rises to 20%!

Address: Burton stores in the United Kingdom

8. Fine meals at Bella Italia


As you can probably guess from the name, the Bella Italia would be the chain of Italian restaurants that serve only the best Italian (and other Mediterranean) dishes all over the United Kingdom. There are 80 of such eateries operating in the country, offering the guests to eat various pasta, pizzas, as well as some tasty grills and special dishes, along with the wines and other drinks. If you’re a student, you can get a 25% discount by showing your rail card, which is pretty great since you will not only save a good amount of money but also eat some unforgettable Italian dishes.

Address: Bella Italia restaurants in the United Kingdom

9. A discount on Spotify


What is Spotify? This is a video service that provides the users with music streaming and was founded in Sweden some 10 years ago. Students can get one truly fantastic discount if they’re about to take the premium subscription – 50% off! And if you’re wondering what’s the difference between the free and the premium version of the Spotify account, let us explain – the premium model offers the highest quality of the audio, as well as the uninterrupted listening and the ability to download the music and listen to it offline. The discount can be taken with NUS extra or UNiDAYs cards.

Address: The Spotify website (click above the image)

10. A Discount on Adobe Creative Cloud


Now, this is what you call a discount – if you’re a student, you can get a 60% off when purchasing the Adobe Creative Cloud! And what is that thing, you might be wondering – the Adobe Creative Cloud would be the program that offers the users a chance to use a collection of Adobe software – the ones for the video editing, for web development, for the graphic design, photography, and so on. Now, this is certainly a thing worth having on your computer, and you should definitely use the offer if you’re a student (supports OS X and Windows).

Address: The Adobe website (click above the image)

11. Cheaper tickets at the Odeon Cinemas

The Odeon cinema in Kensington which has been saved

The Odeon cinema in Kensington which has been saved

The Odeon Cinemas can be found all over the United Kingdom (on 114 locations in the country), offering the reduced prices for the tickets if you’re a student. Now, these places are very modern and certainly a good choice if you’re about to watch some of the newest flicks – why not paying a lower price? We should also mention that this company also has the mobile app, both for the iOS and for Android, and that it was founded all the way back in 1928, which surely means that these guys have perfected their job to the maximum.

Address: Odeon Cinemas locations in the United Kingdom