Being the capital of England, it’s unsurprising to learn that London has a bit of a football culture. When we say a bit, we meant that it’s virtually impossible to walk 5 feet in this city without running into someone wearing a football shirt or talking about the beautiful game. It’s in the blood around here, it’s just something that’s enjoyed by everyone in the area and with good reason. There are sports bars galore, the best of which you can find on this site, and wherever you go you’re sure to notice something football related no matter how minor.

In recent years, the London teams have been having varying degrees of success. Arsenal and Tottenham have been disappointing, failing to really win anything other than the odd bit of silverware. Chelsea on the other hand have been slightly more successful. Their Champions’ League win was a huge moment for the club, and that night the streets of the capital were buzzing with excited fans. That brings us rather neatly to the first entry in our list.

Stamford Bridge


The home of Chelses FC and one of the most legendary stadiums in the city, this place has seen it all in recent years. Relative middlemen Chelsea have had success in the past, but they hadn’t quite made it to the top. With legends like Zola and Osgood gracing the pitch, the Bridge was a place of genius tampered with a sad realisation of unfulfilled potential. Then, it all changed. A new owner came in, one who had serious funds. He took a young manager with lots of ambition and set him loose with a wad of cash. The result was domestic dominance, and ever since Chelsea FC has been one of the main powers in both Europe and the Premier League.

Stamford Bridge is located at: Fulham Rd, London SW6 1HS

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The Emirates


London’s 2nd biggest club, Arsenal just can’t seem to shake off their current malaise. Manager Wenger has been overseeing the club for many years now, but his stubbornness is costing them dearly. His refusal to use the money at his disposal is leading to other clubs simply outclassing the North London outfit with their cash alone.

The one area that they did spend big on however, is their stadium. The Emirates is a bright, modern space with serious potential. As a stadium it eclipses all other club grounds in the city, although we were almost a little reluctant to place it on this list. It’s picked up the nickname “the library” due to its seeming lack of atmosphere on match days. Obviously any entry on a list of the top 10 football stadiums in London needs atmosphere so we were hesitant to include it. Ultimately though, it’s the fans that are causing the issue, not the stadium itself.

The Emirates is located at: Hornsey Rd, London N7 7AJ

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Craven Cottage

craven cottage

Fulham relegation from the premier league has ensured that Craven Cottage will be a quieter place in years to come. Renowned as something of a gentle ground, the Fulham FC home is a place where the crowd get behind the team but don’t have the same fanaticism that others in the capital seem to show. This can only be a good thing for neutrals, who often choose it as their favourite ground to watch a game that they have no investment in. Let’s just keep any thought of a certain statue far from our mind though.

Craven Cottage  is located at Fulham, London, SW6 6HH

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Wembley Stadium


What needs to be said about this legendary stadium? It’s played host to so many of the greatest games in the country’s history and it’s a place of utter legend.

Wembley Stadium  is located at: Wembley, London HA9 0WS

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White Hart Lane


Tottenham’s ground is an odd one, situated beside greasy chicken shops in a worn out high street. Get inside however, and it’s clearly a top class arena, and one that’s worthy of its place in the premiership.

White Hart Lane is located at: 748 High Rd, Tottenham, London N17 0AP

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The Boleyn Ground


West Ham have been trying to relocate recently, which would appear to say little for their current stadium. In reality though, the Boleyn Ground is a great stadium but it suffers from a lack of space. The atmosphere is rocking there though.

Boleyn Ground is located at: Green St, Upton Park, London E13 9AZ

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Selhurst Park


Crystal Palace have a dedicated following like none other. Their sheer passion is known throughout through the capital.

Selhurst Park is located at: Whitehorse Ln, London SE25 6PU

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Loftus Road


The ground of the latest pretender to the throne, Loftus Road is a very odd place. Like the team that play here, there is an obvious effort to fit in with the big boys but the quality isn’t quite there. It’s quirky and odd and easily one of the best football stadiums in London due to its character.

Loftus Road  is located at: Loftus Road Stadium, S Africa Rd, London W12 7PJ

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Brisbane Road


The home of the mighty Leyton Orient, this ground is hidden away in the back streets. An urban stadium made by the people for the people and nestled amongst the people, few others can boast its connection to the community.

Brisbane Road  is located at: Brisbane Road, London E10 5NF

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The Den


What list of the top 10 London football stadiums would be complete without the Den? The edgy home of hardmen Millwall, it’s a place that can make even the most seasoned of pros feel a shiver run down their spine.

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