Cafes can be found everywhere around London, with each of the districts having a great number of them. But, since there is more to a nice coffee than just milk and hot water, we went around the city to find the top cafes in London, visiting each of them to try the coffee and have a good look at the interior and the service. We found that going to just a few of these cafes during your lifetime is a huge mistake – London has plenty of these places that should definitely be visited, as each of them provides the customers with coffee that has a bit different flavor and with the unique atmosphere, and just might make you come back for more. Drinking coffee, with the onset of the Hipster culture, become very popular in London, and there are more and more cafes and coffee shops in this city with each passing year. This is probably (after tea, mind you) the most popular drink in the city, which is exactly the main reason why both Londoners and the tourists can enjoy a good cup of coffee wherever they find themselves in England’s capital. These are the top cafes in London:

1.Flat White


The Flat White is not only one of the best cafes of the Soho area but one of the best in the entire city. It is located on the Berwick Street, serving both the artisan coffee and some light snacks. It opened back in 2005 and makes coffee from the Ugandan beans while the food menu might be small but all the meals are pretty tasty. We should also mention that the place can be very busy sometimes, and it’s no wonder why.

Address: W1F 0PT, Berwick Street 17

2. Ziferblat


This place runs on donations, and that alone is enough to make it stand out on our list of the best London cafes. It is located on the Old Street, close to the St. Leonard church, serving the guests with very good coffee and light snacks, just like the Flat White. The Ziferblat is of the Russian origins, and is not just a cafe – it is a combination of the Victorian social club and of the secret society. Pretty interesting, don’t you think?

Address: EC1V 9LT, Old Street 388

3. Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium


What would you say if we told you that there is a London cafe which is full of cats that wander around the place while the guests enjoy in their coffee and cakes? This is one of the most unique places in all of London, located on Bethnal Green Road and the ultimate choice when it comes to relaxation. There are 12 cats inside the cafe right now, each of them carrying a pretty interesting name, like Artemis, Romeo, Carbonelle, Wookie, and others.

Address: E2 6DG, Bethnal Green Road 152

4. The Proud Archivist


The next place on our list is located on the Regent’s Canal, very close to the Haggerston station, where it stands as an interesting combination of a cafe, bar, restaurant, and an event space, serving both the impeccable coffee and food, with all of this happening in the most beautiful setting, filled with interesting pictures that are hanging on the walls, minimalistic wooden tables, and wooden ceiling. The Proud Archivist is open seven days a week and has regular exhibitions of various works of art.

Address: N1 5SH, Hertford Road 2

5. Milkbar


The Milkbar can be found in the London district of Soho, on the Bateman Street, serving on of the best artisan coffees of the city, together with breakfast, cakes (gluten-free), and various salads. This place has a very laid-back atmosphere and is a perfect choice for relaxation after a tiresome day of working. The decorations fit well into this atmosphere – there some interesting pictures on the walls, and chilled music is playing in the background. Be sure to visit it!

Address: W1D 4AG, Bateman Street 3

6. New London Café


This place is located on St. Paul’s Road, south of the Highbury Fields, where it opened in summer 2011. The cafe has a very nice retro atmosphere, as well as the fantastic coffee and also sells some organic food. There is also a garden, which is pretty nice since it allows the guests to have a look at the district of Islington while they’re drinking one of the best coffees of North London. Be sure to try their pancakes – they’re delicious!

Address: N1 2LL, St. Paul’s Road 216

7. The Haberdashery


The list of the best London cafes simply can’t go without the Haberdashery, which is a fantastic place serving both the coffee and some of the best sandwiches in all of London, together with some tasty cakes. The place has an incredible vintage feel to it, with some quirky details like the mismatched tea sets. Grazia reckons this cafe as the best one in the entire area of Greater London, and we found that this statement is pretty close to the truth.

Address: N8 8PL, Middle Lane 22

8. Prufrock


The Prufrock cafe is situated on the famous Leather Lane, where its expertly trained baristas enjoy in making and serving impeccable drinks in an interior that has the minimalist design. The espresso that they serve here is perfect, probably the best in London and one other good about the Prufrock Cafe is that it’s pretty affordable. There is also a small but interesting selection of daily dishes written on the blackboard, and we found the staff to be very friendly, just as expected.

Address: EC1N 7TE, Leather Lane 23

9. Look Mum No Hands


Located on the famous Old Street, this place has both the very interesting name and a very fine menu, as it serves both coffee, wine, various dishes and cakes in an interior that’s dedicated to – bikes. Yes, as the name suggests, this place is actually a bicycle shop, with the big room being decorated with a cycling theme on the mind. Most of the beans come from the Square Mile, but there are also some guest coffees, which is pretty nice.

Address: EC1V 9HX, Old Street 49

10. The Fields Beneath


Situated on the Prince of Wales Road, this cafe serves the gourmet coffee and some light snacks in a room that’s located underneath the arches of the station, having a pretty interesting location. This place also sells brew kits, grinders, and beans, which means that you can easily buy everything you need here to make your own coffee at home. But there’s no reason for that – the expert of the Fields Beneath know what they’re doing and you’ll surely like their hot beverages.

Address: NW5 3LN, Prince of Wales Road 52a

11. Climpson & Sons


The next place on our list will go to Climpson & Sons, which can be found at the Broadway Market, where it stands as the flagship cafe of one artisan coffee roaster, serving both the coffee and food. This place was opened back in 2002 and is certainly one of the places where the London coffee revolution started. Once you sample their signature brands, you will simply want to stay here forever – these guys surely know what they are doing.

Address: E8 4PH, Broadway Market 67

12. Arlo and Moe


If you like the look and feel of the 1950s, you will certainly like this place. This retro cafe can be found on the Brockley Road, standing as one light and spacious cafe, featuring the high chairs and even the baby-changing facilities. It is a very relaxing place, serving one of the best coffees in this part of London and offering the guests to try the sausage rolls, sandwiches, and various Italian meals, like the gazpacho that comes with olives and garlic.

Address: SE4 2BT, Brockley Road 340

13. The Attendant


The last cafe on our list, the Attendant, has a pretty interesting history – it was once a Victorian toilet, built somewhere at the end of the 19th century. Now, the Attendant is one of the most loved coffee shops in all of London, serving both the impeccable hot beverages and some light meals. The restored urinal setting is definitely one of the most unique when it comes to London cafes, and the friendly staff only makes a visit to this place more memorable and pleasant.

Address: W1W 6DY, Foley Street 27A