As it is the case with many other cities great cities of Europe, London is a superb destination for the couples in love. A visit to England’s capital city can certainly be romantic – there is a load of things to do in this city, from taking long walks through the beautiful royal parks to having an amazing view of the city from the top of the famous London Eye. You and your beloved one will surely get hungry from all these things, and that’s when you will wish to visit a restaurant that has the romantic feel to it. And there is a great number of such eateries in the city, which is the reason why we made the list of the top romantic restaurants in London, presenting you with thirteen best of them. You will like these places – they have great food, drinks, and service, and they, most importantly, provide their guests with the most impeccable, romantic atmosphere. For example, taking your girlfriend to Clos Maggiore simply can’t be a mistake – this place is a true paradise for those in love! Come with us on the journey of finding the top romantic restaurants in London:

1.Bob Bob Ricard


The first romantic restaurant on our list will be the Bob Bob Ricard, which is certainly among the top romantic eateries of London since it has a beautiful dining room that combines the Art Deco style with some Russian elements of the interior design, creating a pretty unique atmosphere. And when it comes to food, this Soho restaurant can offer you some pretty fine meals, like the venison tartare or the delicious roasted chicken. Coming here won’t be a mistake!

Address: W1F 9DF / at the Upper James Street (1)

2. Hakkasan


Let’s take a look at one of the best Chinese restaurants of London, which has a pretty romantic atmosphere and is a great place to take your loved one to if you like the Asian cuisine. Here, one can expect the amazing interior, filled with wooden lattices and featuring the low lighting, as well as some typical Chinese decorations. Food is, as expected, great, and the Hakkasan also has some fine teas and wines on the offer, and can be found in the district of Fitzrovia.

Address: W1T 1HD / at the Hanway Place (8)

3. J Sheekey Oyster Bar


If you really like to eat the oysters, search no more. This is probably the best eatery of London that offers oysters that are cooked and served with care, with the guests being able to choose from few different types of this magnificent seafood. There is also a fine selection of wines – the bottles start at the price of twenty pounds, and you could even bump into someone famous here since the J Sheekey Oyster Bar is a favorite restaurant of many celebrities.

Address: WC2N 4AL / at the St. Martin’s Court (28)

4. Galvin Bistrot de Luxe


It’s pretty easy to guess which cuisine is featured in this restaurant – the Galvin Bistrot de Luxe is one of the best French eateries in the city, featuring a truly romantic interior with the dining room that will surely make your dinner unforgettable as there are red flowers everywhere around the place. The Galvin Bistrot De Luxe serves both the French and the Italian food, and can be found on one of the most famous streets of the city – on Baker Street.

Address: W1U 7DJ / at the Baker Street (66)

5. Opera Tavern


When one says “opera” in London, he is pointed to the district of Covent Garden, known for theaters and the vibrant market. Here, you and you beloved one can head to the Opera Tavern, which is located on Catherine Street and features both the Italian and the Spanish dishes on the menu, as well as the cozy atmosphere. There is also a small bar on the lower level, and we just have to recommend you the venison that comes with artichoke.

Address: WC2B 5JS / at the Catherine Street (23)

6. Claude’s Kitchen


The first thing that we have to say about this restaurant is the fact that it’s easily accessible from all parts of London since it’s situated very close to Parsons Green station. Other than that, the Claude’s Kitchen has some very fine meals on the menu, serving them in the stylish interior that has the most amazing Victorian ceilings and the retro posters hanging on the walls. The people who work here are very gentle and friendly, which is always a big plus.

Address: SW6 4JA / at the Parsons Green Lane (51)

7. Clos Maggiore


This is one of our favorites! The Clos Maggiore is a truly romantic place, and the main reason behind that is the fact that it has a fake forest of blossoms in the interior, making the couples feel like they’re dining in the magical forest. Pretty romantic, wouldn’t you say? There are also some beautiful flowers everywhere around, as well as the candles and the old fireplaces. Of course, the food and the wines that are on offer are of the highest quality.

Address: WC2E 8JD / at the King Street (33)

8. Wild Honey


This is one of the newer eateries in the city, as it opened in 2007. It can be found on St. George’s Street, where it stands as one of the most romantic restaurants in the area of Mayfair. A few years ago, this place had a complete redecoration, which removed some elements of the design but also brought some new ones. Here, one can order the best dishes of the Modern European cuisine, like the organic salmon or the chicken that comes with risotto.

Address: W1S 2FB / at the St. George Street (12)

9. Yauatcha


The couples can never make a mistake by choosing the Yauatcha as their destination for the romantic dinner, as this place has the superb Asian atmosphere in its interior, featuring things like the sleek black tables and the large fish tanks that make the place look really interesting and, above all, romantic. We should also mention that the Yauatcha offers some really good food, like the scallops, the sweet corn, or the signature meal of the Chinese cuisine – the roasted duck.

Address: W1F 0DL / at the Broadwick Street (15)

10. Bel Canto


As you can see from the name of this place, this is an Italian restaurant, featuring the best dishes of this famous Mediterranean cuisine. It can be found in the London district of Bayswater, where it offers one of the most unique eating experiences in the whole city – here, the staff is trained in singing, and will often stop in the middle of the room and perform some of the most famous operas of the world. It doesn’t get much more romantic than that!

Address: W2 3LG / at the Lancaster Gate (1)

11. Les Trois Garcons


This place can be found on Club Row, and the first thing that you’ll notice upon entering this fine eatery is how great the atmosphere is – there are huge chandeliers and the most comfortable furniture, making this restaurant a very good choice for eating. The dishes that can be ordered here are those of the French cuisine and are created by the combination of old and new technique, which means interesting meals that both look and taste amazing. Be sure to visit it!

Address: E1 6JX / at the Club Row (1)

12. Berners Tavern


This place is simply a good choice for any occasion, and that also goes for the romantic dinners. Upon arriving at the place, you will notice the comfortable interior that has huge chandeliers, interesting paintings, as well as the staff that is dressed in the most elegant way. The main cook of the Berners Tavern is Phil Carmichael, a guy whose skills are something to praise – and you will know why once you try his amazing dishes. The Berners Tavern is located in the London district of Fitzrovia.

Address: W1T 3LF / at the Berners Street (10)

13. The Ledbury


The last place on our list will go to the Ledbury, a restaurant that’s headed by Brett Graham, who cooks some of the most innovative meals in London, paired with amazing wines and all of this being served in the very sleek, modern ambient. The Ledbury was opened in the recent times – in 2005 and holds 2 Michelin stars, which is a guarantee that you won’t leave this place unsatisfied. And let’s not forget the fact that the prestigious magazine “Restaurant” puts this place among the 50 best eateries on the planet!

Address: W11 2 AQ / at the Ledbury Road (127)