Going out for a fine meal was never a problem in England’s capital – this humongous city has hundreds of restaurants serving the best dishes from all around the world, and one can have a pretty hard time when choosing which of these places to visit. We went around the city to find which of these eateries could be considered to be the best, bringing you the list of the top restaurants in London. One can find that there are many cuisines represented in the city – Indian, French, Italian, Chinese, Thai, and of course, the traditional British cuisine, among many others. And good food is not the only great thing about these places – they are also very cozy and have a great atmosphere, trying to make the customer feel as good as possible and enjoy his stay in the restaurant. The only downside here is that the best of these eateries are pretty expensive, but the money that you’ll pay is certainly worth it since they easily combine the memorable atmosphere, the friendly staff, and the dishes that will make you want to come back for more. These are, in our opinion, the top restaurants in London – enjoy!

1.Social Eating House


Our favorite London restaurant is the Social Eating House, located on the Poland Street, west of the Soho Square. The first thing to notice here is the beautiful dining room that features the mirrored ceiling, which is pretty unique when it comes to London eateries and makes a visit to this place memorable. There is also a cocktail bar upstairs, carrying the name of Blind Pig. And when it comes to eating, we advise you to try the smoked duck, as it’s delicious.

Address: W1F 7NR, Poland Street 58

2. Amaya


The next restaurant on our list is probably one of the best Indian eateries in the whole area of Greater London, situated in the heart of London district of Belgravia, serving the Indian dishes in the tapas-style, as well as some tasty cocktails. The atmosphere of this place is simply stunning, having that mysterious Eastern feel and the amazing mix of dark wood, modern art, black granite, and some modern art. Be sure to try the sausage-shaped kebab, made from lamb.

Address: SW1X 8JT, Motcomb Street

3. The Ledbury


The Ledbury is located on the road of the same name, between Ladbroke Grove and Royal Oak stations. Eating is great here – there are many fine meals to try at the Ledbury, and we would advise you to try the Cumbrian lamb or the smoked eel, as these two things are a fine representation of the skills that the Ledbury cooks have. There is also a very nice list of wines, as well as some good beers from the United States and Australia.

Address: W11 2AQ, Ledbury Road 127

4. Hutong


If you’re looking for a restaurant with a great view, search no more. Hutong is the place to go! This Chinese eatery has a stunning view of London’s skyline since it’s situated inside the Shard, which would be the tallest skyscraper of the European Union. Eating is, as expected, great here – there is a load of fine Chinese dishes to choose from, like the crabs, various sauces, and some meals that are pretty spicy – but still very soft and easy on the stomach when compared with the meals served in the original Hutong, based in Hong Kong.

Address: SE1 9RY, St. Thomas Street 31

5. Chiltern Firehouse


As the name suggests, the next London restaurant on our list is located on the Chiltern Street, which is in the district of Marylebone. It’s very hard to book a place inside this eatery, as the place is constantly populated with loads of customers, and it’s no wonder why – the Chiltern Firehouse serves some of the trendiest and tastiest meals in the city. The desserts are just amazing, and you just have to try their ice-cream if you find yourself there.

Address: W1U 7PA, Chiltern Street 1

6. Dinings


Just like the Chiltern Firehouse, this eatery is also situated in the London district of Marylebone and has a great reputation as well as the very comfortable atmosphere. The Dinings serves its meals in the cozy basement and on the ground floor, which is far brighter but is still a great place to eat. There is a load of things to try here – like the potato chips that are served with the minced tuna, or the sushi selection that tastes absolutely great.

Address: W1H 4HH, Harcourt Street 22

7. Chutney Mary


This Indian restaurant was established back in 1990 in the London district of Chelsea but has moved to St. James, which is in the heart of London’s West End. It has a very spacious and elegant dining area, filled with some pretty lavish decorations and featuring some of the best Indian dishes in the city, like the chicken wings that are served with dried fruits, as well as the usual grills and desserts, like the carrot soufflé, which tastes great.

Address: SW1A 1PH, St. James Street 73

8. Texture


Also located in the district of Marylebone, this time on the Portman Street, the Texture is one of London’s best Modern European restaurants, headed by the Icelandic cook Aggi Sverrison. The dining area of this place is one really spacious Georgian room, featuring some neutral colors, as well as the modern-art paintings and some flower arrangements. Seafood is great here, and one should definitely try the smoked salmon fillets and the Norwegian king crab, as well as the Icelandic soft cheese.

Address: W1H 7BY, Portman Street 34

9. The Clove Club


This restaurant can be found in the district of Shoreditch, on the Old Street, where it offers the daily-changing menu of the finest modern dishes. Their avant-garde cooking will bring you wonders such as the Ruby Red beef that comes together with the potato and wild garlic, and just might make you want to come back here again. You should also try the orange segments that are dried and then studded into the milk of the sheep, which is one of the best desserts that we ever had a taste of.

Address: EC1V 9LT, Old Street 380

10. Roka


The next eatery on our list is one award-winning Japanese restaurant, located on the Charlotte Street in the district of Fitzrovia and called Roka. This place serves many fine things, like the minced tuna combined with onions or the skewers of chicken wings and the charred salmon. You will also like the dessert – the chocolate and the sesame biscuit sticks. The service is also an impeccable one, and we really liked the atmosphere of the place. Be sure to pay a visit!

Address: W1T 1RR, Charlotte Street 37

11. The Typing Room


This is where we come to the Typing Room, a fine restaurant that can be found in Bethnal Green, at the Patriots Square. There are some pretty exquisite dishes to try at the Typing Room, like the beef that come together with the smoked beetroot and panko breadcrumbs. The service is professional and warm while the dining area consists of teal walls, some touches of white marble and feels very stylish and sleek, and when combined with the great food, the Typing Room stands as one of the best East London eateries.

Address: E2 9NF, Patriots Square

12. Yauatcha


Located in Soho, on Broadwick Street, the Yauatcha is one of the best Chinese restaurants in the city. Its dining room is located in the stylish basement, featuring a long bar and the black tables, as well as the signature symbol of the Chinese eateries – the illuminated fish tank. As expected, the Yauatcha has a load of fine Chinese meals on the menu, and we would recommend you to try the scallop and the sea bass, as well as some of their light snacks.

Address: W1F 0DL, Broadwick Street 15

13. The Restaurant Story


Behind this interesting name hides a restaurant that’s very close to the London Bridge, located on the Tooley Street. The interior of the Restaurant Story has a Scandinavian look and feel to it, having some natural wood decorations and the minimalist design. The food is absolutely great, with some of the best meals being the scallops and some of the best desserts that we had a chance to try in London. This place also has a fine wine list and the good service.

Address: SE1 2UE, Tooley Street 201