The capital city of the United Kingdom has, as you already know, hundreds of restaurants everywhere around the city. One can choose between the best cuisines of the planet when he feels hungry – there are Thai, Indian, British, French, Italian, and of course, Chinese eateries, in every district of this great European city. The Chinese restaurants are very popular in London – they’ve been around for quite some time now, and people are used to paying a visit to them if they want some good food. And the good food is definitely something that you’ll find inside these places – the Chinese cuisine is well-known for meals that are both simple and delicious, and in most of the cases – very affordable. This is why we decided to make the list of the top Chinese restaurants in London, going around the city and checking out which ones of these places have the greatest food, the best atmosphere, and the impeccable service. On our list, you will find both the most luxurious of the Chinese restaurants in London, as well as some pretty inexpensive places, perfect for bargain hunters. The top Chinese restaurants in London are the following ones:

1.Café TPT


This place is located on the Wardour Street, and this street is definitely one of the best destinations in the city if you’re feeling hungry – it’s filled with restaurants of all sorts! The Cafe TPT is one of the most famous Chinese restaurants on this street, well-known for its extensive menu that brings some pretty delicious dishes, like the famous roasted duck or the stuffed tofu. There are, of course, also some drinks, and we would recommend the Taiwanese tea.

Address: W1D 6PN, Wardour Street 21

2. Princess Garden


The next Chinese restaurant on our list can be found in one of the poshest districts of London – in Mayfair, on the Audley Street. The first thing to notice here is definitely the polished room that sports the simple but functional minimalistic design, with tables that are pretty far from each other and with the walls that are lined with windows. The food is, of course, great, and the same can be said for the staff that is both friendly and elegantly dressed.

Address: W1K 6ZD, N Audley Street 8

3. Shikumen


This particular Chinese eatery is situated inside a hotel – the Dorsett, which can be found pretty close to the beautiful Shepherd’s Bush Park. It is a fine restaurant that offers the guests to have a taste of baked, fried, and steamed dishes, all of which are made with great care and taste pretty delicious. The dining room of this place is pretty big and has some beautiful decorations, creating a pretty nice atmosphere for the guests while they’re enjoying their Chinese meals.

Address: W12 8QE, Shepherd’s Bush Green 58

4. Royal China Club


Behind this luxurious name hides one of the best Asian restaurants in the whole area of Greater London, featuring the posh interior and the most impeccable Chinese meals. The Royal China Club is located on the famous Baker Street, featuring dishes that managed to make us come here once again – we really liked their noodle roll that comes together with rice and scallop, and all of this being bathed in tasty sauce. You should definitely pay this place a visit!

Address: W1U 7AJ, Baker Street 40

5. Hutong


One thing is certain – of all the Chinese restaurants in this city, you find one that has a better view than the Hutong. The spectacular view of London is achieved with the fact that this place is situated inside one of the newest symbols of England’s capital – the Shard skyscraper. Of course, the great view is not the only good thing about this place – the meals originate from Sichuan and Northern China, and the staff that serves them is friendly and professional.

Address: SE1, St. Thomas Street 31

6. Yauatcha


A list such as this one simply can’t exist without mention of the Yauatcha, which is, like the Hutong, also one of the most famous Chinese eateries in London. It is a place located in the London district of Soho, on the Broadwick Street, and you will definitely be amazed by the stylish interior of this restaurant – it is located inside the basement! The selection of the meals is, as expected, brilliant – there are fish, carrot morsels, scallops, and many other fine things.

Address: W1F 0DL, Broadwick Street 15

7. Opium


The next restaurant on our list is great for all those people who like the late eating – the Opium works until 3 o’clock in the morning. It can be found on Gerrard Street, and features one of the best atmospheres that we saw – everything is thoroughly Chinese, with ancient vases, antique Chinese chairs, burning incense, and the background soundtrack that is guaranteed to relax you. The food is great, and the same can be said for their magnificent cocktails.

Address: W1D 6JE, Gerrard Street 16

8. Yipin China


The food that is served in the Yipin China originates from the Chinese province of Hunan (with some of the dishes coming from the neighboring province of Sichuan), which is pretty great since it brings even more variety of the Chinese cuisines to London. The Yipin China is situated on the Liverpool Road, and has the simple interior that doesn’t have any luxurious decorations, but still feels pretty cozy and relaxing. We would advise you to try the minced pork that comes with the beans.

Address: N1 0QD, Liverpool Road 70

9. Hakkasan


Let’s take a look at the next Chinese restaurant on our list -the Hakkasan. This place is located on the Hanway Place, serving the most delicious of the Cantonese dishes, with the addition of the tasty cocktails. It is a restaurant with a very stylish dining room, featuring beautiful decorations such as the lattice screens and the cozy mood lighting. One thing that you really should try here is the pork – it is magnificent and will make you keep coming back to this place.

Address: W1T 1HD, Hanway Place 8

10. HK Diner


As you can see from the name, this restaurant serves best meals of the street food of the former British province of Hong Kong, and it can be found on the Wardour Street, like many other eateries of London. But be careful – you can easily miss it since it looks pretty small from the outside. Once you head inside, you will notice that the dining room isn’t small at all! We liked both the food and the service, and would recommend this eatery to everyone.

Address: W1D 6QQ, Wardour Street 22

11. Silk Road


The next Chinese restaurant on our list carries the name of Silk Road, being situated on the Camberwell Church Street and featuring the interior that has very long tables, made of wood. Here, one can choose from a large menu of pretty affordable meals, originating from the north of China. Be sure to try some of their Xianyang meals, like the lamb combined chilli, or the dumplings that are combined with all sorts of vegetables, and taste delicious. There are also some drinks, too.

Address: SE5 8TR, Camberwell Church Street 49

12. Phoenix Palace


The Phoenix Palace is located on the Glentworth Street, not far from one of the most famous and most interesting attractions of the city – the Madam Tussauds museum of wax figures. It is a place that has a very large dining room with some stunning decorations, featuring meals like the crispy duck pancakes, the scallops that are done with professionalism and care, or the har gau that tastes simply delicious. It is a perfect choice for a nice weekend lunch.

Address: NW1 5PG, Glentworth Street 5

13. Min Jiang


To conclude our list of the top London Chinese restaurants, let’s take a look at the Min Jiang restaurant. This place can be found on the Kensington High Street, on the tenth floor of the high-end hotel and featuring the beautiful view of the Kensington Gardens. The dining room feels very serene and has some beautiful decorations, like the old Chinese vases, with the menu’s highlight being the Beijing duck, one of the best in the city. There are also some tasty desserts.

Address: W8 4PT, Kensington High Street 2